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Small Household Appliance Market Week In Review (2009.2.16

New Year's heat still lingers, Valentine could not wait to joined in the fun. Learned from the store, and unlike in previous years, this year's flowers and chocolate lovers will not be the first choice for gifts, emotions, men with a razor, a girl with the steam beauty instrument, eyelash curling devices and other small appliances as Valentine's Day the market's new favorite.


Electrical Sales, said: "At present, beauty, health, fitness and small electrical appliances is very hot, up to 30%, Suning is stepping up publicity efforts of small appliance category, and sales accounting."

States United States

Said, "very optimistic about sales prospects for small electrical appliances."

Crisis, bullish on store sales of small household appliances market

In black

Home Appliances

Further market saturation, white goods with the overall profits hit by environmental degradation, saw household appliance market is not much gold to be tapped, so more and more giants begin to enter the kitchen and relatively high profits

Small appliances

Market, seeking breakthrough.

Kitchen appliances open up competition for misplaced small home appliances market

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Export situation in 2008 still show relatively good shape overall. Data show that 1 in November 2008, the Chinese appliance exports nearly 3.4 million units total, more than 33% growth in 2007 over the same period, total export value of more than 100 million U.S. dollars, up 23%. In the market, Southeast Asia and further to become the main export market of China induction cooker, induction cooker in China in 2008 accounted for 70% of export markets, compared with the previous year increased by more than 10%.

2008 ~ November 1 export of the appliance

2008 ~ November 1 accumulated data,

Water Heater

Retail sales account for

Water heater

Overall market share of 55.03 percent, while

Gas Water Heater

Is occupied 36.61% of the market. From the price point of view, in recent years, with water heater technology and raw material content and gradually raise the price rose sharply, the overall upward trend in the average market price, which increased the average price of gas water heaters the fastest, more than the industry average price.

"Electricity", "qi" water heater "show" with their own charm at one end able to play the market. 1 November 2008, the cumulative data show retail sales of electric water heaters, water heaters accounted for the overall market share of 55.03 percent, while the gas water heater is occupied 36.61% of market share.

08 from January to November water heater market: the brand to each other

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In just the last in 2008, mainly to rice cooker small appliances export Zhanjiang new heights year, exporting more than 15.15 million pieces of 134,000,000 U.S. dollars value, year on year growth of 34.7% and 63.8%, the highest high.

Rice cooker production base in Zhanjiang in China last year, affected by the financial turmoil, Zhanjiang, rice cookers and other small household electrical appliances production of export prices of raw materials and production costs. But with the rice cooker brand Zhanjiang more and more foreign clients are aware, an increasing number of foreign orders, add to rice cookers are sold in Southeast Asia based in Zhanjiang, Zhanjiang rice cookers export less affected by the financial turmoil.

Last year, exports of small household electrical appliances

Zhanjiang new heights year on year by 6 percent

Israel has released G/TBT/N/ISR/250

bulletin. The first modification relates to water heating and electric kettle boiling mandatory standards SI251, amended to change the reference standards and radiation, risk of toxicity and similar testing requirements.

Israel issued safety standards for electric kettle notified amendments

2009 1 6, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and VikingRange company announced four slots on the Chinese-made electric toaster Viking voluntary recall.

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