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The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China, one of the most awe-inspiring man-made projects in the world, lies across the northern part of China like a great sleeping dragon, winding its way through China's vast northern territory. With a history of over 2,500 years, the Great Wall attracts visitors from all over the world. In 1987, the Great Wall was listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The Great Wall of China was selected as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World in a global poll announced on July 7, 2007. It is often said "If you haven't climbed the Great Wall, you haven't seen China." Most people in the world have seen photos of The Great Wall, but photos are but poor imitations of the beauty and grandeur that is China's Great Wall. No China tour is complete without seeing the Great Wall. Visiting it is the experience of lifetime.

The construction of the Great wall began during 770-476 BC. During that period Ducal states built walls to defend their territories. In 221 BC, Qin Shi Huang conquered the six kingdoms and unified China to become its first emperor. To consolidate the country and ward off invasion by the ethnic minority tribes in the north, he had the separate walls joined together and extended to form a united defensive system. Construction continued up to the Ming dynasty (1368–1644), when the Great Wall became the world's largest military structure. The current measurement of The Great Wall, which stretches from Shanhaiguan Pass in the east to Jiayuguan Pass in the west, is 7300 kilometers (4300 miles). Its thickness ranges from about 4.5 to 9 meters (15 to 30 feet), and at its highest point is 7.5 meters (25 feet) tall. Most of the walls we see today were built during the Ming Dynasty. The watchtowers are built at intervals of 1,500 feet except where the terrain is more complicated, and then they are even closer. In ancient time, everyday thousands of soldiers were stationed there to make sure the whole nation was safe. At night, they slept inside the towers.

Its historic and strategic importance is matched only by its architectural significance. It is constructed of locally available materials – stone, rammed earth, large blocks of granite and bricks. The Great Wall is comprised of not only the walls, but also gates, beacon towers, watchtowers, castles and fortresses. Along the 7300 kilometers (4300 miles) long wall, there are countless beacon towers that were used as signal tower to deliver messages from one place to another. When the enemy invaded in the daytime, heavy smoke was used as a signal; while at night, a large fire would be lit, because fire was easy to see at great distances. The scale of the smoke and fire signals could reveal the number of invading enemies. The beacon towers were set at regular intervals along the Great Wall, and each tower upon seeing a signal from the previous one would light their signal to signal the next tower. A signal could be sent from one end of the Great Wall to the other, a distance of 7300 kilometers (4300 miles) in just over one hour.

The Great Wall was constructed using the Chinese people's sweat, blood, and muscle. Ancient records show that at least one million slaves and prisoners of war were conscripted to build the great wall which followed the contour of the land, taking advantage of the natural landscape. As many died from exhaustion and starvation while working on this colossal task, the Wall was also known as "the longest cemetery in the world." The bricks, rocks and lime used to build the wall had to be carried up the mountains on bare backs. Those who succeeded in climbing the wall today are often regarded as "real heroes", but as visitors realize the difficulty in climbing the wall, they should try to imagine how difficult it must have been to build the Great Wall without any modern machinery.

The legend of Meng Jiangnu bringing down a section of the Great Wall with her tears
Many legends have survived about the construction of the Great Wall. Among them, the most popular is the story about Lady Meng Jiangnu.
On the night of their wedding, Meng Jiangnu's husband was conscribed to work on the Great Wall by the Qin soldiers. Before he went away, Lady Meng broke her white jade hairpin in two and gave her husband one half as a token of love. One day, lady Meng dreamed that her husband was constantly yelling "Cold, cold". She recalled that her husband was wearing very thin clothes. She made some padded clothes for her husband and left home to look for her husband. She didn't realize that her husband had already died of exhaustion. Upon hearing this, she burst into tears. The Great Wall was moved and more than 20 Kilometers collapsed, revealing the body of her husband and many others. On seeing this, she committed suicide by jumping into the sea. A temple can be found at Shanhai Pass near the sea in memory of this loyal lady.

A statue of Meng Jiangnu at Shanhai Pass
A statue of Meng Jiangnu at Shanhai Pass

The statue of Meng Jiangnu is eternally looking for her husband

The statue of Meng Jiangnu is eternally looking for her husband

Sections of the Great Wall

The Great Wall Near Beijing
Factors, such as season, accessibility, safety, health condition, should be taken into account when visiting the Great Wall. The view as you climb to the top is stunning. Badaling and Juyong Pass is the most visited and most easily accessible part of the Wall. The section between Jinshanling and Simatai requires more physical stamina to climb. The scenery of Mutianyu Great Wall is extremely beautiful in autumn when the trees covering the mountainsides have turned golden.

Badaling Great Wall
The best-preserved and most imposing section of the Great Wall is at Badaling, which is located 72 kilometers (45 miles) away at the northwest of Beijing. In Chinese, 'Bada' means 'giving access to every direction'. The name itself suggests its strategic importance. This section is made of large blue bricks. The wall has an average height of 7 meters (24 feet) and a width of 6 meters (19 feet) at the bottom, and 5 meters (16 feet) at the top. It is wide enough to allow ten soldiers to march side by side along the wall. The highest point here is more than 731 meters (2,400 feet) above sea level.

Badaling, the most visited site of The Great Wall
Badaling, the most visited site of The Great Wall nearby Beijing

The Badaling Section is one of the most picturesque locations on The Great Wall

The Badaling Section is one of the most picturesque locations on The Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall
Mutianyu Great Wall is located 70kilometers (43 miles) from the center of Beijing. It is much steeper than Badaling Great Wall, and a more challenging climb. This section, older than Badaling, is considered by Chinese and foreign tourists as the best part of the Great Wall. There are fewer people here because the location is less accessible than Badaling. Surrounded by woodland and streams, this section takes on a different look in each season. Blossoming flowers in spring, flowing streams in summer, red leaves in autumn and white snow in winter make this one of the Great Walls most photographic spots.

Suggested Beijing tours including Mutianyu Great Wall

A guard tower stands quiet sentry over the surrounding hills
A guard tower stands quiet sentry over the surrounding hills

The Mutianyu Section of the Great Wall

The Mutianyu Section of the Great Wall

Simatai Great Wall
The Simatai Great Wall is located 120 kilometers (74 miles) from Beijing. It is often described with the following three words: perilous, diverse, and peculiar. This section has not been restored as much as Badaling and much of the section is in a state of ruin with exposed bricks and the ruins of watch towers. A famous specialist of Great Wall history has stated: "The Great Wall is the best of the Chinese buildings, and Simatai Section is the best of the Great Wall." This section has been named as one of the most "excellent cultural relics of the world" by UNESCO.

Steep climbing at the Simatai Section of The Great Wall
Steep climbing at the Simatai Section of The Great Wall

The Simatai Section of The Great Wall has not been restored

The Simatai Section of The Great Wall has not been restored

Jinshanling Great Wall
The Jinshanling Great Wall is located 140 kilometers (87 miles) northeast of Beijing. It features complicated and well preserved fortification systems. The walls are more solid, the watchtowers are taller and it retains its original Ming Dynasty appearance. Here you can see the Wall relatively undisturbed and in its original condition. The wall follows the contours of the mountains, and stretches off into the distance. The wall has not been restored, so it has a special beauty. It is the section that foreign visitors like the most.

Suggested Beijing tours including hiking route of Jinshanling-Simatai Great Wall

The Jinshanling Section of The Great Wall follows the mountain's contours
The Jinshanling Section of The Great Wall follows the mountain's contours

The Jinshanling Section is unrestored and a challenge to visitors

The Jinshanling Section is unrestored and a challenge to visitors

Juyong Pass
Juyong Pass, located in a valley more than 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Beijing, is one of the three greatest passes of Great Wall. (The other two passes are Jiayu Pass and Shanhai Pass) The wall we can see today was built in the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The valley where Juyong Pass lies is steep and precipitous, giving Juyong Pass the reputation of being the most steep and dangerous pass. Juyong Pass and Badaling in the south are vital gateways in the northwest region of Beijing.

The mountains of the Juyong Pass of The Great Wall are extremely steep
The mountains of the Juyong Pass of The Great Wall are extremely steep

Juyong Pass is famous for being the steepest and most dangerous section of The Great Wall

Juyong Pass is famous for being the steepest and most dangerous section of The Great Wall

Jiayu Pass
Jiayu Pass, located in northwestern part of Gansu Province, was a pass of strategic importance on the Ancient Silk Road. This section, first built in 1539, is the representative of the Great Wall in western China, and is also the western starting point of the Ming Dynasty built section. It has been called: "the most important pass in the world" and "the most strategically significant pass in Hexi".

Jiayu Pass a particularly beautiful section of The Great Wall
Jiayu Pass a particularly beautiful section of The Great Wall

Hidden amongst the foliage, the Jiayu Pass lies partially hidden

Hidden amongst the foliage, the Jiayu Pass lies partially hidden

Shanhai Pass
The Shanhaiguan Great Wall, locates at Qinhuangdao which is in Hebei Province, is the east starting point of the Great Wall. It was first built in 1381 in Ming dynasty. It has the reputation of "the first pass in the world". The walls are 14 meters tall and 7 meters thick. It has very complete defense system. Standing on the Great Wall can command a panoramic view of the grand ocean and the winding Great Wall. This section is known as the Old Dragon's Head because it is the easternmost end of the Great Wall.

The Old Dragon's Head in Hebei Province
The Old Dragon's Head in Hebei Province

The First Gate Under Heave in the Shanhai Pass

The First Gate Under Heave in the Shanhai Pass

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Be a performer in an Interview

Preparation For Performance

Write your resume effectively. Describe your skills, experience and objectives like a summarized story so that the HR can evaluate your skills in short time.

Organize and categorize your portfolio and it should blend to your resume.

Do some stuff under your privilege by using your unique art & style e.g. illustrations, Presentations

2d/3d show reels etc.

Try to forward your resume direct to the companies or job consultancies on their available e-mail address. You are also open to ask directly to your friends in your network also request them for recommendations.

Performance at Interview Call

If you receiving any interview call be polite and answer the questions calmly. By chance if you confused with any word or interview related question you can request the caller to repeat by saying pardon and blame yourself that "I couldn't hear you clearly".

Get Ready to Perform

It is recommended to collect information in advance about the company's market values, major players, objectives and status so that you can frequently answer the question during interview process.

Dress well when you go for interviews and practice to answer the unexpected questions that may be put out by the employers. Don't let them consider you as unyielding, or violent, let them feel you are easy going, Flexible, skilled, knowledgeable and deserving candidate for the job.

Performance for Evaluation

At the scheduled interview, try to fill all the fields in the query form and try to match all information according to your resume. HR will consider you by judging similarities between query form and your resume. Don't pass wrong information and say no if you don't have right information related to the question.

When you receive documents related to your online interview process make sure that the listed themes are relevant to your criteria. It is quite possible there could be much content listed in your received document regarding to your online skill performance. Don't be bothered, concentrate on an particular content, sequence or theme and try to do best and on maturity level so the concerned person can evaluate your performance

Always be in negotiation when employer asks to know about your salary expectations don't tell them directly your desired amount and confirm yourself what is their decided range for this post you can also negotiate your salary by describing your advance knowledge and skills bring into their knowledge how these skills beneficial for the company's system process and future progress.

Though we can't define any fixed theory how to get a job but it is totally depend on individuals and company's requirement, situation, policy or circumstances. By being habitual to attend seminars, events, job fairs enhance your chances to win a job.

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How To Dance The Tango In Eight Moves

If there's one dance that people consider romantic and sexy, that would be the tango. It comes as no surprise that many people show a lot of interest in learning the famous moves they've seen in movies. Not to mention the sultry dresses women wear! As they swing and move their legs to the beat of the earthy and dramatic music, the swish of the skirt is a mesmerizing site indeed. Unlike the other ballroom dances, the movements involved in tango can either be slow and smooth, or sharp and strong. It is distinct in its own right and is easy on the eyes. A quick leg flip and a head snap usually signals the beginning of the dance.

Tango is a dance made for lovers. While it has the same circular flow as most other styles have, there is a sense of need emanating for both the man and woman. It seems as if they crave for the touch of the other person while their feelings of passion radiate all throughout the dance. And although it looks very complicated, the basic choreography involves alternating movement of the feet. The man starts and the woman mirrors what he does. Some people prefer to learn the tango with the help of the instructor. While studios can be found practically anywhere, you can equip yourself ahead of time by learning the most basic steps:

1. Stand up beside your partner and hold him close.

2. As he moves his right foot back, you step forward using left foot. The foot moves to where the body leans. Keep your heel off the ground while your leg trails smoothly. Avoid bouncing at all costs. Allow your heel to touch the floor only when you take a step back.

3. As he brings his left foot to the side, do the same with your right. This lateral movement begins with the leading foot extending to either direction that is quickly followed by shift in weight. Your feet come together soon after.

4. Switch sides and mirror his movement.

5. As he pivots his right foot to the left, do the same with your left. The leading leg should pull your body weight.

6. Switch sides when he does.

7. Add toe-taps and a variety of other movements only when you've grown comfortable and familiar with the dance.

8. Think like a cat and try to move like one all throughout. And remember, some people believe that it is actually the women who do the first move. However it will be for you, you shouldn't act like a ragged doll being dragged around.

Tango is very much like walking with your partner. The major distinction here is that you face and hold each other close as you traipse your way through the floor. For those who feel the need to challenge themselves, the dance does get complicated. As for those who live in a world of self-reliance, there are those who believe that you can add your own personal movements to the dance. Just know that as an active participant, you must exude passion. After all, what good is the tango without the emotion?

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Even The Littlest Things You Do Can Become A Major Turning Point For Someone

Relationship is one of the most effective tools for spiritual evolution because we're always in relationships. Think of the web of relationships you have at any time—friends, parents, children, colleagues, teachers, lovers, even enemies. All are, at their heart, spiritual experiences.

Where would you be without all those lessons learned through relationships? Could you have grown into the person you are today? Could you have known the things you know today?

If you think back to all the little things we do for each other, and pay attention to some of the events that have unfolded as a result of them, you'll learn to recognize the impact we have on one another, everyday.

I want to take this time to remind you that you all matter to many, in more ways than you know. I see this everyday and everywhere, and am grateful for it. Let me give you an example.

In the late 80's soon after my move from Malaysia to Canada, I found myself being antagonized by a group of students I barely knew at my high school. Maybe I didn't quite understand their culture; perhaps my English wasn't perfect; or maybe my clothes didn't suit their taste. Who knows? But they seemed to enjoy tormenting me. They often threatened me, called me names and threw things at me and laughed.

I dreaded recess because I knew I would bump into them. I was afraid of them. I was afraid of getting in trouble and I was afraid I would disappoint my family if I retaliated or hurt anyone. Most of all, I was angry with myself for feeling so weak.

Feeling scared, sad and angry all at the same time, I kept my composure when I asked my art teacher, Ms. Kroeker, if I could spend my lunchtime in the art studio to practice my artwork. I even convinced her to lock the door so I could "keep a better eye on all the art supplies." She never questioned me. She was always very good to me.

To this day, Ms. Kroeker doesn't even know the truth about what she's done for me just by doing me that "little" favor. You see, while I was locked in the art studio each day during lunchtime, I came to realize that I was a good artist. I soon understood why Ms. Kroeker always praised my work. She believed in me long before I even believed in myself.

Learning to appreciate my own creativity was just my uncovering a piece of the puzzle. There was more. Being locked in at lunchtime gave me a safe place to be, to think, and to do some soul searching.

And with this opportunity to reflect, something inside me began to change. I was sick of feeling scared; sick of being locked in; sick of allowing others to have so much control over the way I felt. I knew that sooner or later I would have to face up to my fears and stand up for myself.

I had to unplug from a negative belief pattern about myself that had no truth but nonetheless had "power" over me. I knew I had to stop judging myself and give myself permission to do what's right for me.

I was ready. I gave myself permission to be free – to have lunch like everyone else. It wasn't long before my tormentors spotted me in the cafeteria. I felt something bad was going to happen but I kept my cool and went about my business until one of them decided to creep up from behind to attack me. That was when I lost it. I detonated.

In that little moment in time, every social grace I've ever adopted went out the window. I had to do what came naturally—defend myself. Though I held a black belt in Karate at the time, I must admit fighting for real was very different from fighting in a ring. In the ring, we had to follow the rules. In this case, there were no rules. Anything goes.

I was striking moves I didn't even know I was capable of just to fight not one, but three people off me. After a taste of my "temporary insanity," all three of them scattered off like mice running away from a cat. I was in shock. Did I hurt someone? Was I hurt? Was I the cat? (Like I said, I was in a little bit of a shock.)

To make a long story short, from that day onward, things were never the same. No one tried to bother me anymore.

I learned something else along the way as a result of all this. I used to think that doing my best means I have to be in the best mood or else I'm just not doing my best. Or my best has to be this awe-encompassing deal, or else it's not good enough. I'm glad to say I was wrong.

The truth is that your best is going to change from moment to moment, and that's okay. It will be different when you are healthy as oppose to sick, happy as oppose to sad. Under any circumstance, simply do your best and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.

Doing your best means doing the most natural thing for you in each moment – making decisions to move away from what you don't want and more towards the things you do want. And if this means you have to take a few steps back in order to move forward, that's okay, too.

Doing your best also means making each moment for yourself a little better than the last. This does not necessarily mean that the next step you take will put you in an ideal place right away. It may not even make you happy in that moment. But nonetheless it is a necessary step in order to move towards your ideal outcome.

And if those steps you take should somehow lead you to fall hard along the way, that's okay, too. Just know that sometimes we have to fall in order to rise again—stronger than before.

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An Introduction To Pilates

Over the last decade Pilates has become increasingly popular among dancers, athletes, models and celebs. Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Liz Hurley, even John Cleese. These are just a few of the big names who swear by Pilates and have helped to fuel the ever growing popularity of this “wonder workout”. But what is Pilates, what are the benefits, and how do you choose a Pilates instructor?

What exactly is Pilates?

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates during the First World War to help rehabilitate returning war veterans. He recommended a few, precise movements emphasizing control and form that help to strengthen, stretch, and stabilize key muscle groups. These movements focus particularly on what he called the “powerhouse” – the abdomen, lower back, hips and bum. Fitness professionals call this part of the body “the core”, and as any Pilates instructor or personal trainer will tell you, it is the starting point of all strength, balance and posture.

Unlike gym workouts
that focus on repetition, Pilates exercises focus on fluidity of motion as you perform each pose with slow, graceful movements, starting from the mid-section and moving outward. Breathing, concentration, muscle control and precision of movement are central principles of the Pilates method, making it slower and less aerobic than other fitness classes. For this reason Pilates is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, and is recommended for those suffering from osteoporosis, as well as those who are overweight.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Muscle Toning- the flowing and controlled movements of Pilates help to firm up and lengthen the muscles, resulting in a sleeker shape and more toned look to the body.

Body Control - the emphasis on precision of movement helps to improve your mind-muscle connection, which means better control over your body in day to day life.

Core Stability- by targeting the mid-section Pilates helps to strengthen the core muscles, which not only improves balance, but also flattens and tones your waistline.

Injury Rehabilitation- the low impact nature of Pilates helps to develop strength and flexibility without straining the muscles, making it ideal for rehabilitation.

Improved Posture- by correcting muscle imbalances and strengthening the back and spine, Pilates improves posture and lessens the risk of back injury and neck pain.

Increase Wellbeing - In a similar way to yoga, Pilates is a balanced, holistic approach that relieves stress and anxiety by working on the mind as well as the body.

Getting started…

Before starting a Pilates class it's a good idea to book a home or studio session with a private Pilates instructor. Ideally look for a REPS Level 3 Pilates Instructor, or one who is registered with The Body Control Pilates Association. A one-to-one Pilates session will give you an idea of what a Pilates class feels like, but with a lot more personal focus. Your Pilates instructor will be able to show you where your body's strengths and weaknesses lie, and give you some exercises you can try at home. If you enjoy and feel the benefits of the exercises then you might want to join a local Pilates class, or combine a class with one-to-one sessions.

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How to Heal Cuts in the Corner of the Mouth

Those of us who experience awful cuts in the corner of the mouth called Angular Cheilitis know that it is painful and embarrassing and often extremely hard to get rid of.

Cuts and lesions that appear at any part of the body that constantly moves around such as the inside of the elbow, finger joints and the back of the knees are very hard to heal because the skin expands and retracts as we move about. The mouth is probably the worst of these cases however as it is in constant use talking and eating and is often wet and many substances pass by it such as food and our hands that may contain problematic bacteria that can infect it. Angular Cheilitis in fact usually becomes much worse because the cuts become infected often with Candida albicans also known as thrush which causes the corner of the mouth to become inflamed, itchy and often covered in sores and crust.

To understand how to heal your cuts and stop them coming back you must understand the cause of this condition. Angular Cheilitis is typically caused by a lack of vitamins within a person's diet focusing mainly on vitamin B and iron deficiencies that have a marked effect on your skin and especially the corners of your mouth. This is sometimes initiative of a poor diet and malnutrition but can also because by a number of other reasons why your body may be deficient in these things.

Making up these deficiencies in your body is of prime importance to keeping the cuts from reappearing but will not solve your immediate skin problem. Most doctors recommend certain types of lip balm and anti-fungal creams but many patients report little success with many of these and using them becomes very difficult as you often end up licking the substance which tastes terrible and makes it useless as the bacteria thrives on moisture which is readily available at the corners of your mouth.

So what is the best way to heal cuts in the corner of your mouth if it is such a good place for infections to grow? The need is for a treatment that deprives the affected area of moisture and will not be washed away during the natural course of the day.

If you need a natural treatment to heal your Angular Cheilitis that puts all pharmaceutical medicines to shame and is guaranteed to work click below to find out the secret!

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How to Have Soft Healthy Skin Naturally

Are you looking for an anti aging skin care formula that provides you with everything you need for achieving smooth, soft healthy skin naturally? Although all natural compounds are the answer to achieving the firm, wrinkle free skin you desire, it is extremely difficult to find one that features the right combination of ingredients to help you achieve your goal. The truth is that it is difficult to find an all natural anti aging formula period.

Despite the fact that it is common knowledge that all natural compounds are the most effective for reversing skin aging, very few manufacturers use these compounds in their products. This is primarily due to the cost of using such ingredients in their products, as natural compounds require special processing in order to retain all their healing properties. Cost is the issue that keeps you from having the healthy, effective ingredients you need.

In order to achieve smooth, soft healthy skin naturally there has to be compounds such as Babassu wax, Maracuja passion fruit extract, grape seed oil, and nutrients like natural vitamin E. These compounds will provide adequate moisture to the skin, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. All of these things are necessary in order for you to reduce your wrinkles, and revitalize the skin.

Even though they are natural byproducts of petroleum refinement, you should avoid products that include moisturizing compounds like mineral oil, petrolatum, and paraffin wax. These supposed moisturizers offer no nutrients to the skin, and no antioxidants. They cannot even penetrate the skin effectively, clog your pores, and eventually cause your skin to become drier than it was before.

For achieving smooth, soft healthy skin naturally you need ingredients in your products like Jojoba oil, which like Maracuja extract regulates the production of sebum so that your skin never becomes too oily or too dry. Active Manuka honey is an excellent antibacterial compound, restores and rejuvenates your skin, and stimulates the creation of new collagen. There are other compounds that will stimulate collagen creation as well.

For optimum tissue development you need a combination of two all natural compounds put together by man. Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 is a nano-emulsified for of coenzyme Q10, and Cynergy TK is a fusion of protein complexes and enzymes. These two ingredients have the proven ability to help you to produce an abundant supply of new collagen, and they encourage the production of elastin as well.

I mentioned grape seed oil as an ingredient for producing smooth, soft healthy skin naturally, but I didn't mention what it does. Grape seed oil has been proven to inhibit the destructive behavior of the collagenase, elastase, and hyaluronidase enzymes that break your tissues and polymer down. By adding Phytessence Wakame kelp extract to the picture, you will give your hyaluronic acid two sources of protection.

Make no mistake about it. You simply need to have the right mixture of the most effective ingredients possible in order to achieve your goal of attaining smooth, soft healthy skin naturally. With the right ingredients anything is possible.

To learn more about unique ingredients for healthy skin, and other incredible substances you've probably never heard of, visit my website today.

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Athlean X Diet

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want a athletic look? Of course, your answer is yes. You have tried many programs or gym workouts in order to realise your dream. But some of them have hard rules and you don't have enough willpower to follow. Some of them can only help you become thinner and thinner. That's not your final target. Take it easy. Athlean X is absolutely right for you.

Athlean X is a nutrition and workout program developed by Jeff Cavaliere who is one of the most famous coaches in the USA. Athlean X is suitable for everyone. Many athletes and celebrities have considered it as their closest friend. So you can rest assured.

Athlean X can help you get a more athletical and fit body. Most peope strive for the athletic look. If you also want to, you must follow a special kind of diet and workout routine step by step. Athlean X is a 12 week program which involves a lot of movements. And these movements which contain every muscle group, multi-jointed, functional development and so on are in order, so you can carry out them from the beginner ones to the advanced ones. Unlike other bodybuilders which run after the bigger muscles, Athlean X pays attention to improving your athletic ability such as your agility, flexibily, reach and so on. If you follow it regularly, you can get the attractive body as well as a better performance.

Athlean X is easy for you to learn. All the 141 exercises in the program is explained in great details and each exercise has a picture which shows you how to do it clearly. So you can learn them easily.

Athlean X can also give you a 12 week nutrition plan. Unlike other dietary programs, it doesn't have any rigid rules and supplys you with the fundmental elements your body needs. So you don't worry about your health.

In one word, Athlean X dose help you realise your dream. As long as you do your utmost to follow it, you will get more surprises soon. Try it yourself quickly.

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Joey Atlas Lower Body Makeover

From ‘too fat, heavy and flabby' to ‘very lumpy, unshapely and covered with cellulite' – the female leg, butt, hip, thigh and tummy areas can be the toughest problem areas to fix.Grab A Copy Click here

But armed with the right information and a tiny bit of energy you can make definite, visible and permanent improvements. By the time you finish reading this article – you'll know exactly what to do, to start fixing your worst body areas that cause you embarrassment and frustration every day…
Are you desperately unhappy with the unattractive condition of your lower body? Out of sheer embarrassment do you try to hide your problem areas and trouble spots (sometimes your whole body) behind big, baggy clothing?

Are you afraid of what's going to happen to your body as you continue to get older?

Do you depressingly avoid social situations, like the beach or poolside gatherings, that require exposing parts of your body that make you feel extremely self conscious, as if others are staring at you in disgust…Grab A Copy Click here

Do you absolutely hate clothes shopping because of the pain and humiliation which comes from not being able to buy the latest sexy fashions? Do you hate settling for frumpy, ugly outfits that can cover all the fat layers inside and hide the nasty flab & horrible cellulite…

Are your relationships affected – especially with your man and the intimacy you share? Is your sex life basically withering away – and if "it" happens – do you only make love in the dark to avoid being 'seen'?

Is your self confidence and self esteem slowly wearing away? Does it feel like your personality
and spirit are getting smothered into non-existence because of the poor self-image you have of yourself?

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Embroidered Dress, Another Fashion Queen

Have you ever seen the embroidered dress? As the development of the world is getting faster and faster, fashion of clothing is the most typical representation. Women's dresses are not designed familiarly, embroidered dress is really a surprise of fashion.
Add a dash of elegance and spark to your collection of dresses with our array of embroidered dress. This has gained huge popularity for its unique look and exotic elegance rendered to it through embroidery. Embroidered dress is done in a variety of ways by craftsmen and these outfits provide stunning looks to the wearer.
Catering to the requirements of fashion conscious clients, designers manufacture an enticing array of embroidered dress. This dress displays outstanding embroidery work, color combinations, styles and patterns incorporated by our experienced designers and skilled craftsmen. embroidered dresses can be worn on any occasion and are highly appreciated for innovative prints, designs, perfect finish, elegant styles and the comfort.
Manufacturers and exporters of embroidered dress are always trying to design quality fabrics the dress has gained wide appreciation for enthralling embroidery, skillfully stitched and color fastness. The embroidered dress can be customized as per the client requirements and can be availed from us at competitive prices.
Some comprises of designer embroidered dress, chiffon hand embroidered printed dress, embroidered v-neck dress, strapped dress, hand embroidered dress and hand printed embroidered dress are the most popular dresses for women. Usually, dresses feature the embroidered logo of the company or organization. Companies and institutions, both large and small, can avail of this since embroidery is possible for both large and small quantities. Clients may also ask for color changes using the same design. This could be a means of differentiating staff categories of year levels of students, for instance. When used in this manner embroidery becomes both functional and flexible, and not merely decorative.
Women's casual dress can also be designed with embroidery. We can see a lot of women wear the embroidered dress on the street or other public places. It seems that embroidery has become a vital fashion element in the contemporary world. There are many kinds of embroidered dresses for you to choose, just as you like it.
You can also opt for screen printing in lieu of embroidery. More complex images can be transferred by screen printing on to uniforms and promotional items like towels, aprons, tote bags, backpacks, fanny packs, caps and even umbrellas. The requirement would also be a high resolution digital file or print out from the client. If the client does not have an image available, some suppliers can create one based on the your needs.
It is indeed very easy to find sources of you embroidered dress, when you go outside for a trip, the resort casual dress with embroidery is your best choice. It is fashion and convenient for you. Just think of the colorful life of your trip, the dresses are important for you to take with.
As the embroidered dress has become more and more popular of the world, you should followup with the publics if you are fashionable enough. Here you can come to www.topons.com to shop online. There are a lot of dresses for you choose, just appreciate them at ease.

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What Can Multiplayer RPG Do For You

If you are looking for a way to get away from your every day life, and enter a realm of magic and killing monsters, then check out what multiplayer rpg's are available online. A multiplayer rpg, is a a game set in a different world. rpg stands for role playing game, and involves you as a central character being developed and you yourself playing out their role. There are literally thousands of user created multiplayer rpg's actively running online, so finding the right one for you may take a little sifting through the masses. The most popular online rpg that offers a nice gaming experience for free, or a even more in depth experience for five dollars a month is Runescape. Runescape is the game that catches on in middle school for most kids, and continues into their first couple years of high school, but the game is open for any person of any age. The game consists of you living in a middle age based time period where you develop various skills through activities such as mining, chopping wood, and killing monsters. Runescape is the golden boy for online rpg's, in the fact that is easy to run on any computer, has hundreds of thousands of users, and offers a free get to know the game option that never pressures you into buying a membership. So overall if you are looking for a great way to get away from your everyday mundane life, check out the online multiplayer rpg's made available to you. There's no reason you should run around WOW aimlessly. Click Here [http://product-advantage.com/wowlevelingguide/] to get the information you need to become a higher level. If you're ready to read more about becoming a level 80 and dominating WOW, visit our WOW Leveling Guide page. Join the thousands we have already helped and visit us now

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Will IE9 change the way we use the web?

By Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor, Telegraph

The internet of the future is likely to look very different from the distinct pages and sites we visit today – that was the message as Microsoft launched the latest version of their much-maligned Internet Explorer web browser. And while every major manufacturer always claims that theirs is a revolutionary product, the company that remains best known for Windows and Office might just be on the right track this time. Headlines around the world greeted IE9 as Microsoft's most ambitious yet, while others called it revolutionary. Respected British website Techradar.com went so far as to call it "ie-mazing".

Almost since it launched Internet Explorer in 1995, the browser has been troublesome for Microsoft. Even when it was in use by 95 per cent of all web users in 2002, a tech-savvy audience maintained that it was not the best option available. Firefox, the now-defunct Netscape Navigator and more recently Google Chrome have set the pace for speed and ease of use. With usage now down to less than two-thirds of the online population Microsoft has staged a fightback that, for once, appears to be winning many experts round, even if browsers are all starting to look more similar anyway.

At the heart of IE9, however, are two key features: the first is a bid to make websites more like applications, which means that the depth of features of, say Microsoft Word, could also be available to any site where developers have sufficient resources. In practice a chunk of that is largely cosmetic, but it's a visual change that makes a genuine difference to the way people use the web. In the words of Microsoft's Leila Martine, head of Windows in the UK, "it's making web pages first class citizens". Given that users spend around half their time using a computer online, some might argue this is rather overdue.

Secondly, however, is the integration between hardware and software: with the advance of new web programming language HTML5, Microsoft is now able to offload much of the burden of processing graphics onto computer hardware that's built for the job, the graphics processing unit (GPU). This means that web pages are rendered at significantly greater speed – in a demo, the company showed IE9 to be at least five times quicker than Google Chrome.

It's the combination of these two features, primarily, that Microsoft hopes will have a transformative effect on the internet: the download site for IE9 is called "beautyoftheweb.com", and in some of the company's demos there clearly are new possibilities. Amazon, for instance, has built a site called Bookshelf, which combines the best bits of browsing in a bookshop – looking at covers, getting a sense of what else is around – with providing useful additional information about titles and genres. The effect is genuinely unlike anything else that other browsers can produce successfully.

All this is not to say, however, that the web will change instantly. And anyway, Google, Firefox and other browsers are all heading in the same direction. But what's certain is that the development of applications, both for the web and for the iPhone and other mobile devices, has made many companies notice that the internet on a desktop or laptop PC was starting to feel strangely limited: Microsoft has tried to solve this by tightly integrating IE9 with Windows 7, as Google will when it launches its equivalent Chrome operating system. What that means is that, in future, the line between being online and simply using a computer may become indistinguishable – but broadband, mobile phone and wifi providers will have to sort out getting us all connected first.

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Henry Liu News Profiteer

That's right! Forget about all of the technical analysis and how to control your emotions... and forget about money management rules and risk to reward ratios and everything else you THOUGHT was important to trading Forex.

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The plain fact is... and this is what separates great traders from Gurus-that-can't-trade-so-they-teach... every currency pair, every price action, and every order placed, are results of Fundamental News releases.

Take two traders, both just beginners, both took the same beginner's Forex course and learned the basics of trading. Both have similar education and background, and both love trading and their goals are to trade for living for the rest of their lives. Let's call them "John" and "Henry".

John spends all his time studying the chart, he experiments with new indicators, new parameters, and constantly trying out new trade ideas. He gets his emotions in line. But he never realizes the fundamental factor to Forex trading... as a matter of fact, he purposely ignores news releases and he never makes the simple correction that will make his trades profitable.

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John, later in his life, is the guy you might find frequenting discussion forums, public online trade (chat) rooms, posting some amazing trades, but never ever show you his live account statement... that is, if he even have a live account at this point.

Henry, on the other hand, early on senses that there must be more to Forex trading than just looking at the chart. He may not understand the fundamental news effect to the world economy, but he makes a simple adjustmentin the way he looks at trading. Despite the warning from die-hard technical traders to ignore the news, he trusts his intuition and does what's right... not what people told him.

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News Profiteer Torrent

That's right! Forget about all of the technical analysis and how to control your emotions... and forget about money management rules and risk to reward ratios and everything else you THOUGHT was important to trading Forex.

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The plain fact is... and this is what separates great traders from Gurus-that-can't-trade-so-they-teach... every currency pair, every price action, and every order placed, are results of Fundamental News releases.

Take two traders, both just beginners, both took the same beginner's Forex course and learned the basics of trading. Both have similar education and background, and both love trading and their goals are to trade for living for the rest of their lives. Let's call them "John" and "Henry".

John spends all his time studying the chart, he experiments with new indicators, new parameters, and constantly trying out new trade ideas. He gets his emotions in line. But he never realizes the fundamental factor to Forex trading... as a matter of fact, he purposely ignores news releases and he never makes the simple correction that will make his trades profitable.

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Forex MegaDroid - What Does Forex MegaDroid Robot Have to Offer to Forex Brokers?

An attractive programmed Forex automaton sent for Forex MegaDroid was taken into the trading world by The Ivy League which directly reached the repute of being the most honest Forex golem in the industriousness. This automaton has in spades portions to volunteer the forex agents. It was developed by two late Forex dealers adverted Albert and Grace. Their main aim in making this golem is to be capable to come up with an exact, profitable, consistent, user friendly mechanism to gain the stakeholders. It must leave real good backing to end users. It is the first automaton to habituate the RCTPA engineering so it was impertinently got down having lots of propaganda among the bunch of bargainers and the grouping last 30 Master of Architecture 2009. Consequently the public presentation was 340.33 %. Manifestly, this curiosity machine has performed enormously substantially designating its lucrativeness in today's market place ensuing to a final amplification of 583.11 % as of early Whitethorn 2009, which is an step up of 242.78 % in a bridge of a month.

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When we talk about Forex trading, we have to reckon the accurate and consistent answers this auto has to offer. Forex MegaDroid but made 100 % profitable crafts for the past calendar months and in reality accomplished over 95 % succeeders annual for the last 8 classes. Ideally, factors in the Forex industry never need their money go down the drainpipe indeed if they mark a proved profitable golem being applied by the bulk, then patently they will do everything within their powerfulness to cease it from aching their ending resultant role. This would fee tail shutting explanations or broadening pastes, or not countenancing explanations to be opened to sell with the golem. Hence, having a automaton that has user money is not plenty, you should be capable to trade in it with any factor of your option without any outcomes or other troubles to take on. King John and Albert were cognisant about all theses scuffles and that is why Forex MegaDroid is the alone golem on the market place that has an in-built mechanism which makes it near insensible to agents. This would entail that they can never do anything about its effectivity when it comes to turn a profit.

Another cistron to reckon is the dependableness of this machine when it comes to technological support required by nodes. It is understood that Forex MegaDroid node support is given tending considerably since the day it was plunged because every e mail or support ticket from nodes were replied by developers to the best of their power. 4 peoples were employed and directed considerably to do by node support and render back-up for the personal help they render to the point of not reposing until the customer's consequence is broken up. And ultimately, the best part is, there is absolutely no danger in buying the Forex MegaDroid due to the fact that it as well comes with 60 days money back

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News Profiteer Download

That's right! Forget about all of the technical analysis and how to control your emotions... and forget about money management rules and risk to reward ratios and everything else you THOUGHT was important to trading Forex.

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The plain fact is... and this is what separates great traders from Gurus-that-can't-trade-so-they-teach... every currency pair, every price action, and every order placed, are results of Fundamental News releases.

Take two traders, both just beginners, both took the same beginner's Forex course and learned the basics of trading. Both have similar education and background, and both love trading and their goals are to trade for living for the rest of their lives. Let's call them "John" and "Henry".

John spends all his time studying the chart, he experiments with new indicators, new parameters, and constantly trying out new trade ideas. He gets his emotions in line. But he never realizes the fundamental factor to Forex
trading... as a matter of fact, he purposely ignores news releases and he never makes the simple correction that will make his trades profitable.

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News Profiteer Ebook

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The plain fact is... and this is what separates great traders from Gurus-that-can't-trade-so-they-teach... every currency pair, every price action, and every order placed, are results of Fundamental News releases.

Take two traders, both just beginners, both took the same beginner's Forex course and learned the basics of trading. Both have similar education and background, and both love trading and their goals are to trade for living for the rest of their lives. Let's call them "John" and "Henry".

John spends all his time studying the chart, he experiments with new indicators, new parameters, and constantly trying out new trade ideas. He gets his emotions in line. But he never realizes the fundamental factor to Forex trading... as a matter of fact, he purposely ignores news releases and he never makes the simple correction that will make his trades profitable.

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Sabtu, 18 September 2010

Meeting UID Compliance

If you are a manufacturer with a Department of Defense (DOD) contract you must meet the minimum requirements of MIL STD 130N enacted on December 17, 2007. Part of this standard is dfars 252.211-7003(Item Identification and Valuation.) Dfars 252.211-7003 requires products to be UID (Unique Identifier) compliant. The purpose of this document is to give you a brief overview of UID compliance and provide a resource to help you to understand and meet these requirements. (For a comprehensive explanation see http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/pdi/uid/attachments/MIL-STD-130N-20080111.pdf)

UID COMPLIANCE MIL STD 130N dfars 252.211-7003

The UID is a system unique and unambiguous identifiers to distinguish a an item from all other like and unlike items.

Marking specifications of dfars 252.211-7003 for UID compliance for items procured by the DOD require:

1. A two dimensional Data Matrix with machine-readable data elements of the UID marked on all items. The data elements of the UID include: the enterprise identifier (a code that is uniquely assigned to a manufacture or vender); the part number; the lot or batch number; and the serial number

2. A metal or stiff plastic identification plate, identification band, identification tag, or identification label containing the UID securely fastened to the item or applied directly to the surface of the item itself

3. Placed in a location where it will be visible and easily read during normal operation and use of the item if possible

4. Permanent throughout the entire life expectancy of the item and can withstand normal environmental conditions; including cleaning and rebuilding.

In order to meet the dfars 252.211-7003 specifications you need a way to mark your product and a way to read the markings. Marking the UID may be done by dot peen, ink jet, laser etching or chemical etching. A number of scanners are available to read the markings. Your scanner must be able to read the 2D data and validate the UID.

Talk to the experts at ID-Integration for more information on the complicated subject of dfars 252.211-7003 ,UID compliance and for help finding the right marking system and scanner to meet your needs. Go to http://www.id-integration.com; email info@id-integration.com.

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HP Pavilion DV4 Series 2164US Notebook

The notebook doesn't weigh a lot when compared to other notebooks in its category, we are able to express that it is rather light. Along with long hours of battery life, it will be possible to use this notebook as you may wish all day long. I could truthfully say this particular notebook that we're analysing may be a nominee for the most powerful 2010 notebooks. Despite the fact that it has potential rivals, DV4 2164US even now amazes me with its elegant style as well as everything else.

It's very interesting to possess this particular technology mainly because HP Pavilion invested numerous new technologies on this notebook. I'm confident that every person definitely will love this notebook since it is excellent in every aspect. New DV4 2164US notebook coming from HP Pavilion goes on impress all of us using its awesome style, enhanced overall performance in addition to fantastic transportability. Since HP Pavilion announced DV4 2164US we had been anticipating this particular minute and now it's here, lastly we can easily set our hands on brand new HP Pavilion DV4 notebook.

The cpu used on HP Pavilion DV4 2164US notebook is probably the greatest between latest processors. With the latest cutting edge engineering utilized on this specific processor it is easy to perform multi-tasks without difficulty, of course considering the huge support of RAM that brings torque to this monster notebook. Audio system attached to 2164US notebook tend to be slightly weaker, nevertheless they're very good for just a notebook. The graphics cpu applied to this notebook permits you to work more like lighter games -I mean it might not handle the most recent games- without having troubles.

The keypad of HP Pavilion DV4 2164US notebook is an chiclet-style version, the keys feel totally stable on the fingertips. Personally I do not like chiclet-style keyboards, yet I must acknowledge they appear fairly sleek. If you like the look and feel of the chiclet-style keyboards, you will be satisfied with the DV4 2164US. The touchpad typically is responsive that has not much lag. The touch pad is certainly a glossy one having some assist for multitouch gestures. They've got shallow feedback in addition to demand reasonable force to activate that is certainly in fact more comfortable. The touch pad keys are convenient to push while using side of your thumb and give off a little click once pressed.

Thermal management within the HP Pavilion DV4 2164US appears to be considerably less than regular when under load. The machine cooling fan
, while effective under various occasions, appeared to flow a lesser amount of air than needed to keep the notebook cool under intense needs.

We won't point out the significant pixel density (the actual quantity of pixels for each millimeter of screen) causes it to become particularly complicated to work with, it provides a perfect resolution intended for this kind of measurement of screen. That's a notch above likewise costed notebooks. Moreover much better is the caliber of the actual display itself. Good details within films and pictures tend to be produced out remarkably, a fact additionally improved via the sharpness of this resolution on the comparatively small display as well as deep blacks. Horizontal viewing angles are definitely fairly bad by common standards, although these are a lot more than built with regard to by the remarkable color manufacturing as well as contrast generated.

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Smart Electric Guitars for Children

Millions of families all throughout the United States spoil and pamper their children by buying them tons of toys. This is a good thing, especially because children need to experiment a lot, and they need to see as many aspects of real life as they can while they are still young if they are to get a head start in life. And since toys are usually miniature representations of stuff in the real world, they are perfect if you want to prepare your little one for adulthood. Many homes have special storage places for mountains of toys, each more interesting than the others. One type of toys has particularly sparked my interest: electric guitars for kids.

Well, sure, I admit, it is because I play the guitar too. I played in many bands, even participated in a large concert once. That's why the guitar is special for me. Now let's get to the point. What are these things? Are they worth having around? Do they add any value to your child's playtime?

Kids electric guitars come in various shapes and sizes, and they perform different functions. For example, there are the ones that are realistic, with chords, tone knobs, pickups, tuning pegs and the whole "shabang". The only thing is that they are child size, so a kid can easily wield them and carry them around. These are perfect for kids who are serious about learning to play the guitar.

Then, there are the guitars that are designed for younger kids. Those are plain old electronic toys. They look like real guitars, except they are really small, have no chords, and they play music on speakers. To a guitar enthusiast, they might look like they are worthless, but wait a minute. Actually, they are perfect to introduce the concept of guitar playing to very young kids, and so they can ultimately be the trigger that a child needs to fall in love with playing and with music in general. Playing with this kind of guitars is loads of fun even for adults, and the cool thing is that they teach you the basics. For instance, when you play a song in "learning" mode, the frets where you need to put your finger actually light up to have you learn play the song by yourself.

Electric guitars are definitely things your kid should have. Who knows? Your kid may be the next Yingwie Malmsteen and you don't even know it.

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Plasma TV Stands – A must for plasma Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/furniture-articles/plasma-tv-stands-a-must-for-plasma

It is a necessity. These televisions are not capable of being alone are very thin and usually not the legs or other devices to keep. It is one of the best options, there are also plasma wall mount, but when you mount your TV on the wall is just not an option as a plasma TV stand is the only waygo. Plasma TVs are available in three types, there are still stand plasma that are simple and less expensive. This is a plasma swivel to switch between pages and there are rotating TV is three hundred sixty degrees and turn, these are the most expensive. There are some who sit on furniture and there are some furniture. Some characteristics of storage and looks very similar to traditional entertainment center.The TV is usually suspended vertically two arms that will hold TV.
- Cheap tv stands


The cost of the booth is totally dependent on the stationary nature of art is the least expensive. It does not move at all and is usually quite simple. The species, which is hinged to the side of this page are a bit 'more expensive, and the most expensive of which will rotate the TV to page back and forth, and down to move and rotate three hundred sixty degrees. TVEstates range in price from close to a hundred thousand dollars.

Where to buy

You can purchase, which also sell electronics, furniture stores, discount warehouse stores and specialty shops.

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How to avoid problems when mounting the LCD-TV

After finally managing to make room to mount the new LCD television on the wall of my life, I sat back to admire my new toy. Beautiful as they hang in the air looked, I realized that I need to go do something about the dangling wires. The tubes blacks and reds that pop from the back of the TV were hanging like unwelcome snakes cream from a tree branch, right in the middle of my wall color and carpet.
- Cheap tv stands

After looking for my situationhalf an hour, I realized that I am one of two ways. Or I could learn to live with the wires, as (it might have been painted the entire living room in a darker color, in combination with the lines of rubber-like) or I could buy something stick to them.

I had already spent a small fortune on TV but I do not much fancy the task of painting my living room a whole different color just to cover a bit 'of unsightly cables. Take what I thought it was morereasonable of the two options that the computer jumping up to try to find some shelving and furniture that I could put in under the TV. It would be the wall of something big, is because the TV was above me, and I would take home box DVD player and DVB-T, then gave the Xbox and Playstation think.
- Cheap tv stands

After a week of scouring the web (I live in a rural area, so choose furniture stores are minimal), I finally found something that seemedalmost ideal. Measurements fitted perfectly and the color of the wood is perfectly in line with the rest of my living room furniture.

After purchase and payment for the work I've been waiting anxiously for their delivery. Taking a day off work for the estimated arrival I was sitting at the door and waited. A few hours later a truck pulled out and a huge hairy-looking man emerged from holding a clipboard. When the formalities were I helped bring the field on my door, thankedand left.

After a few hours after installing the new system I pushed on the carpet and under the TV. They fit perfectly and looked brilliant. The lacquered wood create a comfortable reflection from TV in it polished surface.

I sighed and stepped back to admire my work, a cup of tea and sat down with the remote. It 'was then that I discovered a problem

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Gateway EC Series EC1409U

I'm convinced that everyone will like this laptop because it is great overall aspect. It is very interesting to have this device given that Gateway used a great deal of new systems on this specific laptop. Since Gateway released EC EC1409U we all have been completely waiting for this time and now it is here, at last we could set our own hands on cutting edge Gateway EC laptop. The brand new EC EC1409U laptop by Gateway persists to surprise almost everyone featuring good style and design, enhanced efficiency and also wonderful flexibility.

Together with long hours of power life, it will be possible to work with this laptop as you may like all day long. The laptop doesn't weigh very much in comparison with some other laptops in its category, we can easily say that it is quite light-weight. Although there are potential challengers, EC EC1409U even now amazes us with its classy style as well as the rest. I really could state this specific laptop that we have been analysing is a nominee for the best 2010 laptops.

The system fan, whilst effective under a number of conditions, seemed to stream less air than needed to keep the laptop cool under intense requirements. Heat performance for the Gateway EC EC1409U appeared to be slightly under normal when under tension.

I probably would not state the high pixel density (the number of pixels for every centimeter of display) causes it to become extremely hard to use, it's a perfect resolution to achieve this measurement of display. In fact superior is the grade of the screen itself. It's really a notch above likewise priced laptops. Fine details within movies and pictures are delivered out exceptionally well, a fact more improved because of the sharpness of the resolution with a somewhat small screen as well as the deep blacks. Horizontal viewing angles are in reality somewhat weak by average standards, however they are more than made regarding by the brilliant colour production and contrast generated.

Sound system used on EC1409U laptop are to some degree not too strong, nonetheless they are really ideal for one laptop. The graphics cpu used on this particular laptop enables you to work more like lighter video games -I indicate it might not manage the latest video games- without having trouble. The processor used on Gateway EC EC1409U laptop is perhaps the best among latest cpus. With the new new engineering applied to this particular cpu it is possible to run multi-tasks very easily, naturally because of the massive support of RAM which brings torque to this monster laptop.

The touch pad on average is responsive accompanied by hardly any delay. The touchpad is simply a shiny one with some support for multitouch actions. The touch pad buttons are uncomplicated to push when using the side of your thumb and produce a little click once pushed. They have got shallow feedback in addition to demand average pressure to trigger which can be really more at ease. The keyboard of Gateway EC EC1409U laptop is actually an chiclet-style variant, the keys feel totally great on the tips of the fingers. Personally I do not enjoy island-style keyboards, however I need to acknowledge they look quite dazzling. If you like the feel and look of the island-style keyboards, you will be impressed when using the EC EC1409U.

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Breast Augmentation Financing - Easy Way of Financing

The cost of breast augmentation, which is the medical term used to explain a surgery to enlarge the size of breasts of women, is high. Therefore, the majority of people, who wish to have breast augmentation surgery, are turning towards extra financial help through the loan. Breast augmentation financing is offer the financial help who cannot afford this surgery in their own income.

The women, who are going for this treatment, she must understand that this is a long procedure. You must consult with your doctor before taking the decision. You need to go through the long medical treatment before you get into the room of the surgery.

Now the most important thing is finance. It is well known that these surgeries are not cheap. The whole procedure consumes lots of money and it is sure that everyone cannot afford the expenses. So for them these loans provide the extra financial help with no hassle.

These advances are very easy to avail if you are the UK citizen and an adult. You should have healthy financial status and must have a good paying job. The approved amount gets deposited in your account so you must have a valid bank account at your name. At the time of processing the loan application
lender demands these details for the verification purpose.

If you really worried about the suitable lender, then you need not to due to online availability of the lenders. Now it is very easy to choose the lender online just at the comfort of your home or office.

After selecting the lender, you just left with the form filling procedure. Once lender checks all the details provided by you, he allows the loan. You can avail the amount even with your poor credit status. You just need to show to your lender that you can pay back the borrowed amount on time. There is no matter that you have the credit tags like default, late payment, or bankruptcy. You will still be able to fetch the amount for your breasts augmentation.

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Overview of Dell Inspiron Series 1545-B64H32 Notebook

Along with extended hours of battery life, it will be possible to work with this notebook as you want all day long. The notebook doesn't weigh much when compared to other notebooks in its category, we are able to express it's rather llight weight. I could truthfully point out this exact notebook that we're looking at may be a nominee for the best 2010 notebooks. While there are actually potential rivals, Inspiron 1545-B64H32 even so amazes everyone with its stylish layout along with everything else.

I am sure that everybody can like this notebook since it is fantastic overall aspect. It is rather fascinating to own this specific product considering Dell used numerous new technologies on this particular notebook. The newest Inspiron 1545-B64H32 notebook by Dell persists to surprise everyone with their great style and design, superior overall performance as well as incredible transportability. Since Dell announced release of Inspiron 1545-B64H32 many of us had been expecting this moment and now it is here, at last we can place our own hands on brand-new Dell Inspiron notebook.

The machine fan, whilst working under various situations, appeared to stream a lesser amount of air than needed to keep the notebook cool under serious requirements. Thermal management of this Dell Inspiron 1545-B64H32 is to some extent less than average while under stress.

We probably would not state the good pixel density (the actual amount of pixels for each centimeter of display) makes it in particular complicated to work with, it's got an amazing resolution available for this dimensions of screen. It's actually a step-above similarly charged notebooks. In fact improved is the quality of the actual display screen alone. Horizontal watching perspectives are actually relatively inadequate by standard standards, but these are more than constructed regarding by the wonderful color creation and also contrast produced. Great details within films and images are generally produced out well, a fact additional improved because of the sharpness of the resolution with a relatively minor display along with the great blacks.

The touch pad is a glossy one with some support for multitouch actions. The touch pad on average is responsive that has almost no lag. The touch pad buttons are convenient to click when using the side of your thumb and emit a tiny click whenever pressed. They have got shallow feedback in addition to require reasonable pressure to activate that is definitely really more comfortable. If you like the feel and look of the island-style keyboards, you will be amazed using the Inspiron 1545-B64H32. The keyboard set of Dell Inspiron 1545-B64H32 notebook is actually an chiclet-style version, the keys feel too stable on the fingertips. In person I do not prefer chiclet-style keyboards, nevertheless I must confess they seem fairly modern.

Audio speakers used on 1545-B64H32 notebook tend to be rather cheap, nevertheless they're ideal for one notebook. The graphics processor
chip utilized on this particular notebook permits you to work more like lighter games -I necessarily mean it may not deal with the latest games- without difficulties. The cpu used on Dell Inspiron 1545-B64H32 notebook is probably the greatest between cutting edge cpus. Because of the new cutting edge science utilized on this particular processor you're able to run multi-tasks very easily, naturally considering the massive support of RAM that supplies torque to this beast notebook.

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Characteristics of what you are buying your next TV appearance

These days you might think, because TV increasingly sophisticated, it could always get the price. It's actually the opposite. 50 years ago, when commercial TV began to become popular before it can have cost about 250 pounds (and that was then!). Your average decent LCD TV today would cost about 150 pounds. But I do not want you to know about average, but the best. I want to explore the features to lookwhen you buy an LCD TV.
- Cheap tv stands


You may have heard, but you know what it means high definition. High definition is to increase the quality of your TV than 4 times brighter than an LCD TV images clear. It shows colors true to life itself and can Layout for widescreen home theater last destined to be one. It 'also compatible with Dolby Digital 5.1, adds the experience of home cinema sound.
- Cheap tv stands

PC input and SCART cableDimensions:

Most TV shows are able to, as such, be connected to a PC file, which means they can upload videos and DVDs on your PC or vice versa. If your PC to the TV monitor as possible. SCART cables are needed to connect to certain output devices (for example, to connect game consoles). The average amount that the TV is about 3 course, the more you have, the better. TV screen size is definitely a betterCinema as an experience to watch movies on the big screen as the cinema. Good size in inches will be about 28-35 inches.


pay £ 20-40 for Sky TV, DVB-T will be replaced, ready. This means that you can access 30 free channels. No contracts or hidden costs. Naturally, the selection is not as wide as Sky, but it is a very good base package. You can get a better quality picture and sound and a program of interactive TVGuide.

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Work at Home Jobs for Moms

What today's generation is like is really a lot different from the way it was a good couple of decades ago. The fact alone that more and more women now have their own careers is a sign that this society is a lot different from the ones before it. However, that doesn't mean that there are no traditional moms anymore.

On contrary to popular belief, there are still a good number of mothers who prefer to stay at home and look after their children and households. Of course, the recession did some harm in most families with this set up, which is why work at home jobs for moms are now making quite a name for itself as of late. With the opportunity to earn while still being able to watch after the kids, more moms are making bigger breakthroughs, allowing them to be more astonishing than before.

If you're a mom who's looking for opportunities like these, then you shouldn't fret. There are tons of opportunities that you can tap easily without any fuss.

For example, you'll definitely love data entry jobs. They're extremely easy to do, most won't even take up a lot of your time. Some great examples of thee work at home jobs for moms include taking surveys, completing offers, and writing articles to name a few.

Aside from that, business-minded moms can also find a good way to make money selling stuff online. May it be a couple of old stuff that has been unearthed from the garage or storage area, knitted stuff that you've done on your free time, or some products for retail, you'll surely find a pretty good business model online. You can sell them on your own through a blog, eBay, or Etsy, or you can sign up in a program like Zilo that will handle the sales and shipping for you.

With ample research, you'll definitely find the best work at home jobs for moms like you. Just make sure to go through them thoroughly, though, and be very careful in who you send money to, since the internet is not safe for anyone.

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Minggu, 12 September 2010

Many Details About HTC HD2

HTC HD2 is built for pure finger touch control. Zoom in and out of documents, Web pages, pictures or emails with just a simple pinch. Type up responses faster and more accurately on the large onscreen keyboard. The capacitive touch experience combined with an Interface optimized for the spacious display, lets you easily adjust the settings, set up calendar appointments, browse through photos, and navigate through menus with only the touch of a finger. Stylish, unique, and functional. BoxWave's Honeycomb Crystal Slip for the HTC HD2 (EU and Asia Pacific version) is an ultra low profile rubberized case that slips and grips onto your HTC HD2 (EU and Asia Pacific version). Precision constructed with anti-slip and cushioned material, the Honeycomb Crystal Slip case provides reliable protection from accidental bumps. It comes in your choice of various colors. This lets you customize the color of your HTC HD2 (EU and Asia Pacific version)!Designed with honeycomb debossed patterns on the back, the Honeycomb Crystal Slip accentuates and adds character to your HTC HD2 (EU and Asia Pacific version). HTC HD2 has you covered when it comes to taking and viewing pictures wherever you may be. The 5-megapixel Auto-focus camera is perfect for capturing the beauty of the great outdoors; combined with the dual LED Flash it's also ideal for capturing images in dim conditions. It's all at your fingertips in a compact phone that fits nicely in your hand. Ready to do even more with HTC Touch2 T3333 ? You can add games and applications from the Windows Marketplace to personalize your experience. And you can keep your stuff safe when you back up to Microsoft's My Phone servers without a PC. Call your colleagues or friends by finding a familiar face. Browse through incoming text and multimedia messages with just a flick. Pick out your day's attire by checking the weather tab. Read up on the hottest news from the browser. Check the calendar and get ready to be a star at your next meeting And when you're ready to move from behind the Lens and start sharing your collection, you'll dazzle your audience with the large beautifully displayed pictures in the new river-flow gallery. . All this and more delivered to you on the super intuitive interface that puts the most important content within your fingertip's reach. It's better to have all the ways to stay connected and not need them - than to need them and not have them. HTC is following up on its ultra-sexy touchphone, the Touch Diamond, with the new HTC Touch Diamond 2 which seems quite worthy of the title of successor. This time around there's much more room for screen, with a huge 3.2-inch 480 x 800 LCD up front, and around back there's a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus. The other main addition is a "touch zoom bar" below the screen -- just like on big brother Touch Pro2 -- which we presume provides expected (and welcome) functionality. There's also the new version of TouchFLO 3D running on Windows Mobile, but under the hood there's the same old 528MHz processor, and the whole kit is actually a tad thicker a 0.54-inches. Still, memory is up to 512MB ROM and 288MB RAM, and if HTC keeps hoisting pixels and sexy on us at this rate we can hardly complain. HTC Touch2 gives you all the options you ever need to stay in touch with your work and social life. Corporate and personal email set up has been made as easy as inputting your email address and password. Live Messenger for chatting and Facebook for tending to your social network are just a tap away. With the introduction of Windows Mobile 6.5 comes the long awaited Windows Marketplace for Mobile. What it means to you is that you now have a secure place to come and browse applications and games optimized for use on your phone. So the phone you buy today grows with you as you get more of the applications you need to help you get the most out of life.

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How High Are Furnace Prices?

When buying home appliances, many consumers will first take a look at the price and check if the item is within their budget. Bigger appliances can be costly and can be a very big investment especially for a starting family. Many of the major appliances you might want to buy is a furnace heater to help you feel comfortable and warm during the cold winter months. A new furnace costs more than a washing machine or a bathtub. But considering its importance and necessity, installing this in the house is what many families aim for.

A heating system uses a furnace to burn fuel and provides heat. The heat either transfers through the surrounding air or circulate through the house through steam pipes. The furnace uses electricity, oil, or natural gas for fuel.

On the prices, a furnace prices goes from $500 to $3000, depending on size and efficiency. This is indeed a huge sum of money, but think again of its benefits. While the price may be a main deciding factor, it is not suppose to be the only aspect to be considered. There are other several factors to think about.

For one, the type of the furnace is a major consideration. Gas furnaces are popular choices among conventional houses, while electric powered ones are for those whose local electric prices are lower. Oil furnaces are also preferable for large heaters because of the large heat output of oil fuels. The type of heat circulation must match the design of your house. For example, a forced steam circulation system can only be used for a house designed to contain high pressure steam.

Efficiency must also be considered when buying a furnace. The price usually depends on efficiency; the most efficient also being the most expensive. On the bright side, a highly efficient furnace will let you enjoy savings from less operating and fuel costs.

Overall, costs may be a large determining factor in buying a furnace, but don't forget about the other important considerations. It is also suggested that you visit a professional so you can pick the most suitable furnace for your house and lifestyle.

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Hcg Recipes Shrimp

All perfectly designed to be compatible with the low calorie "HCG Phase" of the original HCG Diet program. The HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook can add a little variety, spice, and a touch of gourmet to your weight loss journey. Grab A Copy Click here

As an added bonus, I'm offering a free 11 page Phase 3 report to help you stabilize your weight after the "HCG Phase" Featuring some delicious recipes and stabilizing tips to help you get started and help with Phase 3 and some helpful tips to help you be successful.

Are you absolutely bored with eating grilled chicken and salad? Are you having a hard time staying true to the HCG Diet because your meals are bland and tasteless? Do you want to lose weight
on the HCG Diet without giving up flavor and delicious food?

Imagine, eating delicious, tasty meals every single day. Recipes so good that you will want to enjoy them for many years to come. You won't believe you can eat food this good on the ultra restrictive and limited Phase 2 of the HCG Diet! Grab A Copy Click here

The recipes in The HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook can help. Flavorful, fun, recipes that will make every meal on the diet an absolute pleasure. Recipes so good, you might even have to fight off your family as they try to steal a bite off your plate. (Don't do it!!! you need and deserve every delicious bite)

And if you think you won't need or want the recipes in this cookbook after you finish the HCG Phase.... Well..... many of the recipes have Phase 3 modifications so you can continue to enjoy the delicious recipes in this cookbook all through the "Stabilizing Phase 3" of the diet, after you reach your goal weight, and long the diet is over.

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Healthy Urban Kitchen Amazon

hat if I told you that almost everything you have been told about nutrition and weight loss
is a LIE that's making us all fat, sick, depressed and diseased?Grab A Copy Click here

With all the conflicting nutrition info and diet scams out there, it's easy to see why so many people get confused and dont know the answers to these basic questions. Living in the Big Apple, I had to come up with answers and real world solutions that work fast. So I created the Ultimate Healthy Eating Guide and Recipe Book that shows you my secrets for Healthy Cooking Made Ultra Simple for Busy People Who Want to Lose Weight:

Most of the so-called ‘healthy' cookbooks are anything but healthy! They use unhealthy ingredients and cooking techniques that are downright dangerous!Grab A Copy Click here

* Most 'healthy' or 'light' cooking books & magazines use highly processed oils that cause bio-chemical imbalances!

* Even 'celebrity' chefs use cooking methods that destroy nutrients and promote cancer and heart disease...

* They don't come with real Nutrition or Fat Loss Guidelines...

* Most are written by people who love to cook and have awesome cooking techniques, but are not health and nutrition experts!!!

* Most cookbooks are way too complicated and use to many artifical or obscure ingredients!

* Many are loaded with processed foods and toxic snacks. Almost every single trendy diet program and cookbook today use common food allergens and like me, you just might discover....

Healthy Urban Kitchen is a an Eating and Fat Loss Recipe System that eliminates the most common food allergens (gluten, wheat, soy) & processed foods that wreak havoc on our bodies..the foods that make you bloated...trigger depression and give you skin problems!

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Manila, a treat for the visitor

Manila has been identified as the only city in Asia that resembles a Latin American city and this is not surprising considering that the Philippines was ruled by the Spanish for over three centuries. World War II was a tragic episode for the Filipinos and their capital city, as Manila was one of the most extensively destroyed cities in the war. Before this destruction Manila was considered one of the loveliest cities in the world. Today Manila has regained some of its lustre, offering many interesting experiences for the inquisitive traveller.

The major tourist attractions of Manila are concentrated along Manila Bay, making an excursion to the site almost mandatory for the visitor wishing to obtain a genuine taste of the city.

A visit to Rizal Park should be on the itinerary of every visitor to Manila. Also known as the Luneta, this park offers some of the city's best museums, an array of restaurants, a planetarium and an open-air theatre providing free of charge classical music performances. This was the site of execution of the Philippines' national hero, Jose Rizal.

Another historical site of note is Intramuros, the remains of the old Spanish walled settlement, which includes museums and churches such as the most significant church in the country, the Manila Cathedral.

Make it point to visit the magnificent Malacanang Palace, the official residence of the Philippines' President. The scenic route to the palace offers many visual delights and visitors may take a stroll in the palace gardens.

A variety of dining options are to be found in Manila, from upscale restaurants to mobile food stalls. Most international fast food chains are well represented in Manila, including Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Wendy's, KFC, Taco Bell and many more.

An interesting option is to sample the readily available street food sold from food stalls. Experience such highlights as Chicharon – fried pork rinds usually consumed with beer; Balut, boiled duck embryo, unusual but not for the squeamish; local Philippine barbecue; and Silog, a breakfast dish composed of garlic fried rice and fried egg.

Manila is a paradise for the avid shopper, with choices including everything from the massive SM Mall of Asia with its world class boutiques to street markets where many bargains are to be found.

The nightlife in Manila is renowned for its vibrancy and diversity, with a huge variety of bars, pubs and nightclubs on offer. Many feature talented Filipino bands which never fail to put up a rousing performance.

To experience delights such as these it is vital to select a suitable hotel in Manila. In this regard an obvious choice would be The Heritage Hotel Manila, a premier luxury Manila hotel that meets the expectations of its discerning clientele.

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Lithium War Over the World

Since June, a number of international auto companies and electronics companies are using large-scale lithium battery joint investment competition. This includes the Toyota and Matsushita, Nissan and NEC, the public and Sanyo, Bosch and Samsung, they believe that lithium batteries in the coming years will gradually replace the nickel-metal hydride batteries, lead the direction of development of hybrid vehicles. At a time when Chinese auto companies are working to develop the nickel metal hydride battery assembly of hybrid cars in order to focus on display during the Beijing Olympics.

According to report, the stability of lithium batteries due to fears from the "15″ begins, in the new energy vehicle development process, not to focus the direction of lithium, but chose Ni-MH battery.

June 26, the National 863 Program, "Energy-saving and new energy vehicles," major projects team leader Ouyang Ming Gao said in an interview, in lithium batteries, the domestic and foreign advanced level yet. Alone no problem in terms of battery materials, the performance of a single cell is not worse than the advanced international level. But the composition of the battery pack, its stability, consistency of production, service life, there are still big problems.

Lithium War

According to public reports, in order to reduce risks and improve technology industrial efficiency, a number of international car manufacturers and electronics manufacturers have chosen the way of co-energy lithium battery of new car development.

Toyota and Matsushita's Panasonic EV Energy joint venture company will build two hybrid battery manufacturing plant, from 2009 production of lithium batteries, and Toyota are scheduled to assemble the first car in 2010 sold plug-in hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid power car battery can be charged by domestic supply.

A global leader in lithium battery production – Sanyo Electric Co. will start mass production car by the end of 2009 lithium batteries, jointly developed with public control. In addition to the general public, the Sanyo is also with Ford and Honda to develop lithium batteries. Sanyo's goal is to 2015, occupation of the global car market with more than 40% share of the lithium battery. Sanyo also can be used to speed up the development of a plug-in hybrid electric cars lithium battery, and strive to begin selling the product in 2011.

Nissan and NEC announced joint production of lithium batteries, and plans to launch in 2010 assembly lithium battery electric vehicle.

General Motors and South Korea's LG Chemical Company's CompactPower companies and Continental Automotive Systems signed a contract two lithium batteries.

Japan's GS Yuasa, Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has invested 3 billion yen (about 190 million yuan) build a Japanese lithium Energy (LithiumEnergyJapan). Mitsubishi Motors will begin selling in 2009, hybrid vehicles, and in mid-2010, sales of pure electric vehicles.

With the formation of the capacity of these investments is gradually released in 2012, the lithium is likely to replace the nickel-metal hydride batteries. Vice president of Geely Automobile Research Zhang Tong told reporters, according to his understanding, this year, Mercedes will have lithium batteries for hybrid assembly of a type listed.

China line

Previously, the stability of the domestic industry are generally considered poor lithium use may occur because of spontaneous combustion temperature is too high, the actual trial in domestic enterprises, also have occurred in vehicles equipped with lithium burning case, therefore, not be lithium batteries as a key R & D direction, but chose Ni-MH battery. It is understood that "10

Five "period, the nickel-hydrogen battery R & D investment is much greater than lithium batteries. However, large multinational corporations mean that domestic investment in lithium-related technology may have to re-route options?

Domestic research and development of hybrid type, such as FAW Pentium hybrid, SAIC Roewe 750 hybrid Chery A5 hybrid, hybrid, etc. Long An Jiexun are using nickel metal hydride batteries.

However, even technical line to adjust the short term is difficult to catch up with international advanced level.

Zhang Tong said that according to his understanding, the international advanced level of control on the lithium battery has been sympathetically, about to break through the bottleneck stability. According to the business community to reflect the domestic lithium battery materials, batteries monomer / component processing technology, control of key technologies such as batteries still awaiting a breakthrough. Moreover, the issue of consistency of production has not fully resolved, does not have the production capacity.

So far, China has no battery joint research and development companies and auto companies situation. "Eleventh Five-Year" Plan 863 "energy saving and new energy vehicles," major projects, the participation of lithium battery research and development of enterprises and research institutions include: Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, Suzhou Star Constant Power Co., Ltd., Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd. and CITIC UNITA solid for the new Energy Technology Co., Ltd..

Zhang Tong said that in the lithium battery field, Chinese enterprises still have a chance. Because our country had to develop consumer electronic products for the lithium battery industry has laid a good foundation conducive to the development of battery in the field.

A welcome change, industrialization has become the "during" the main direction of development of lithium batteries. "Energy saving and new energy auto project," the general members of the Group, Tongji University Dean of Zhuoping car told reporters that the company take lithium battery R & D projects have also been asked in the "Eleventh Five-Year" end of the formation of a certain amount of production capacity.

Zhuoping that reliability will require substantial funding reform process, additional equipment. "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the central government will invest 60 million yuan Li-ion battery development, the company also asked to assume the project inputs in accordance with the ratio of 10 times the matching funds, so that the total investment will reach 600 million yuan. According to report, "15″ period, the lithium battery research and development on the national allocation of funds, only 800 million with local matching funds, only about 16 million yuan.

Although the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of the input greatly increased, but compared to the huge multinational investment, domestic investment remains low. It is understood that only a company's lithium batteries Sanyo project investment reached 800 billion yen (776.7 million U.S. dollars).

Cross or follow?

The face of new energy vehicles and the overall status of the development of the backward, the industry began to rethink some of China's automobile industry development strategy by leaps and bounds.

In 2000, just returned near Wan Gang told the State Council put forward the development of clean energy vehicles, China's auto industry to achieve leapfrog development strategy. The basis of this theory is: in the field of electric vehicles in this new and foreign in our starting line similar level of technology and industrialization gap between the relatively small, vigorously develop a new generation of industrialization as a vehicle to promote the domestic automobile industry by leaps and bounds development of strategic initiatives, there may be a new round of competition in the world automotive industry occupying high ground, to obtain a favorable position to improve the international competitiveness of the domestic auto industry.

Early 2006, when he was "15″ electric vehicle major science and technology projects of the overall team leader, said Wan Gang, Dongfeng, Chang'an, Chery and FAW hybrid electric car from 2006 onwards the market. Chery said in 2007 to achieve the industrialization of hybrid vehicles to achieve 30 000 production.

However, to date, our country has not a mass production hybrid vehicles. By this time, to hybrid Toyota Prius has been known in the global sales of 1 million.

June 26, the National Development and Reform Commission spokesman told reporters that the domestic development of the current line of cars followed the international advanced level is because we in this area beyond and innovative strength is still insufficient. While still upholding the direction of the simultaneous development of multiple technologies, when the direction of adjustment of international development, they can promptly adjust, and will not touch. The hybrid vehicles are on the domestic rate of industrialization is not optimistic.

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The direction of electronic Components Technology Innovation
by Meggie on Sep.06, 2010, under electronics news

The direction of electronic Components Technology Innovation

To speed up our pace of technological innovation of electronic components, electronic components, technology innovation to increase efforts to improve the level of technological innovation of electronic components, electronic components by the producing countries into power, we must understand our country and the world status of electronic components and technological development, market demand, the gap at home and abroad, borrowing from the successful experience. Explore the following key trends in innovation of electronic components.

Capacitors and resistors: chip-based, high-capacity, long life

Ceramic capacitor capacitor in the world market will remain dominant, small size, large capacity, high voltage, high frequency interference and the array of ceramic capacitors will be the development direction, while the products will be ceramic chip capacitors and tantalum capacitors mainstream.

Small size, large capacity, long life, high temperature, low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and other aluminum electrolytic capacitor is still the direction of development. Chip tantalum capacitor products continue to lead to smaller, high-capacity, low impedance, low equivalent series resistance direction, functional polymer tantalum capacitor production and application will be further expanded, tantalum powder CV value will continue to increase. Metallized plastic film capacitors demand will grow for the information and communications equipment, plastic film capacitor market will continue to expand. High frequency, to meet safety standards, high temperature, small size, chip type plastic film capacitor will be the direction of development.

Chip resistor resistor will continue to be the mainstream product, its size will continue to shrink, 0603 type (0.6mm × 0.3mm), will go into large-scale application stage. High resistance, low resistance and high voltage chip resistors needs to expand, the film chip resistor production and application will be further expanded with 2, 4 with a combination of type 1005 chip resistors to debut. High-power, small size, high stability, high precision metal film resistors will continue the development direction, while it will reduce the current noise and increase the added value of digital technology to the development of a metal film resistors, new applications, the precision type, ultra-precision products can not replace the chip resistors, and therefore, it will still have a certain market space. Wirewound resistors to the security of (fire), high precision, small size, direction and low resistance is the note of a trend.

Inductors and Transformers: Small, lightweight, high efficiency

Coils, inductors, chip products market will be driven, technological innovation should be very small, fine, composite direction, chip products should be winding type stacked-type developments in two directions simultaneously.

Electronic Transformer development should be small, thin, lightweight and high efficiency center. Pulse transformer in the field should be small size and surface mounting direction. In the product structure, ring core transformer demand will grow, EI-shaped core transformer demand has decreased, while the growing demand for ferrite core transformers, laminated silicon steel transformer type sharp decline in demand. Flyback transformer outlook, HDTV, large screen, wide screen TV and computer monitor flyback transformer used in the demand will steadily expand. Power | Regulator transformers bright future, computers and peripherals and communications products for the transformer to develop a large market.

Connectors: Small space, high-density, high frequency of

The development of the connector should be smaller, high-density, high-speed, high-frequency direction. Miniaturization is the central connector spacing smaller, high-density core to achieve a large number of. High density pcb (printed circuit board) connectors effective way to reach a total of 600 core items, special devices up to 5000 cores. High-speed transmission is the modern computer, information technology and network technology required time scale of signal transmission rate up to MHz frequency, pulse time to reach sub-millisecond, thus requiring a high-speed connectors. To meet the high-frequency millimeter-wave technology is the development of RF coaxial connectors have access to millimeter wave frequency band.

Switch should be small, thin, lightweight, surface mount, energy saving, high reliability, multi-functional, composite direction, and improve heat resistance, sealing, touch and environmental resistance.

Relay: portfolio, high reliability, small size

Relay in the size and dimensions should be continued miniaturization and chip type. Functions that a single relay switch to the combination of the traditional functions of relay development, assembly by the SMT (surface mount) to the micro-assembly (MPT), microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) direction.

Universal relay should continue to a small, thin plastic and direction. Low-altitude, high sensitivity, high reliability printed circuit board relay with a relay is still the common market mainstream. Reed Relay market continues to expand, the product should be open to the plastic-type direction. High I / O insulating plastic reed relays concern. Application of solid-state relay will be more extensive, the product should be highly reliable, small size, high resistance to shock and high inrush current interference direction. Relays should be dual-use military direction, compatible with IC TO-5 relays and 1 / 2 relay lens cover is still small sealed relay market focus, but should be of high environmental adaptability and high reliability direction development. Multi-contact group, there is still a heavy load of dual-use relay market.

Special Electrical Machines: intelligent, high torque, low power

Micro-motor should continue to the large torque, small size, Gao control accuracy, Di-power, low noise, long life and low cost direction, but also to the Ju You control Gongneng the intelligent direction of Yi as all kinds of brushless motor common trend. MEMS processing technology will be in ultra-small micro-motor play an important role. Thin, intelligence and integration technologies will increasingly be used in micro-motor. AC variable speed drive will gradually replace the DC speed drive, including the use of full-controlled power electronic devices, LSI and microprocessors, vector control technology. Combination technology pieces, sliced Winding, processing non-cutting technology will promote the development of ultra-small micro-motor.

Printed circuit board: high-density, multi-functional, low-cost

High-density, fine conductor technology, narrow pitch, small diameter hole, surface mount, multi-functional, low cost printed circuit boards will remain (PCB) development direction. With the PCB from the installation package substrate into the substrate, and chip components and integrated, pin grid array (PGA), chip scale package (CSP) and multi-chip module (MCM) of the increasingly popular requests PCB encapsulated terminal miniaturization, high integration package, also requires the substrate to take on new features to meet the high-density assembly requirements. With optical technology, the future should be established to achieve the electrical PCB optical wiring, optical printed circuit boards, optical surface mount technology and modular optical technology unity. With high-speed systems, PCB impedance matching has become an important issue, according to the length of the signal speed and wiring are different requirements distortion down to 10% or 5%, or even 3%. To meet the narrow space between terminals and flip-chip CSP package development, the future goal of the Circuit miniaturization technology should be identified as: the minimum line width / spacing 25/25μm, wiring pitch 50μm, conductor thickness of 5μm the following.

Acoustic and crystal devices: to continue to thin, small-scale development

Audio / Video Speaker | Buzzer should continue to be low distortion, high sensitivity, large dynamic range, wide bandwidth and good transient response playback direction, TV speakers thin, small should continue to develop. Professional speaker should be high-power (200W or more), high efficiency (98dB ~ 100dB) and wide point of direction, and using new materials (such as aerospace titanium, laminated high-density composite cone, etc.), the new magnetic circuit design methods and CAD, CAM and CAT, computer-aided design, computer aided manufacturing and computer-aided testing technology.

Type quartz crystal element continues to be the mainstream product in the category, its size should be quick small, 5mm × 3.2mm is the mainstream product, and is to 4mm × 2.5mm, 3.2mm × 2.5mm, 2.5mm × 2mm, 2.5mm × 1.6mm further reduced, and the small, high stability, low phase noise crystal oscillator should be the direction of development.

Optical Cable: Small diameter, high transfer rate, high value-added

Communication Cable Category 5 cable is still the mainstream product, but the bandwidth up to 250MHz in six categories will increase the supply cable, Cat 7 cable will soon be listed, bandwidth up to 600MHz. Frequency up to 1200MHz 8-class cable is also included in development plans. But recently, Category 5 cable Category 6 cable also can not be completely replaced.

At present, the fiber optic cable products should be small diameter, high-fiber core number, high transfer rate, high value-added and other direction. Optical fiber technology direction: to further expand the transmission capacity of a single wavelength; using dispersion management technology to achieve long-distance optical fiber transmission; improve the nonlinear optical indicators to meet the DWDM technology.

Sensitive components and sensors: intelligent, integrated, digital

Intelligent: Smart sensor is intelligent automatic control system equipment | Instrument inevitable result, smart sensors more convenient and conducive to the bus system, sensor monitoring and control systems or networks.

Micro: the sensitive components and sensors using microfabrication techniques, ion implantation, thin film technologies, products tend to micro-miniaturization. First, small size, structure, geometry of sensitive components to reach micro and nano level; Second, light weight, a single sensor in grams.

Integrated composite of: sensor integration, one refers to the same property by multiple sensors configured in the same plane to form a sensor array; Second, a number of different functions on the same substrate micro-sensor configuration, the realization of multifunctional sensor; Third, the implementation of micro-sensors and micro-devices such as monolithic and hybrid integration.

Digital: Sensors and signal conditioning circuitry to realize the digital signal output, to facilitate and network interface.

Chip type: With the production of SMT technology, there has been a variety of surface mount components (SMC) to meet their technology needs, the main SMC, including chip-sensitive resistors, chip-sensitive capacitors, chip inductors and so sensitive.

Array: a sensor in the production of two or more sensitive to the same unit, in order to achieve lower test error or redundancy design purposes.

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Incremental and Radiation Interaction: electronic components, the two laws of technological innovation

Incremental linkage rule of law and electronic components Radiation Technology Innovation and Electronic Information Industry of the two laws.

Incremental law: Review of China and the world's electronic information industry development history, one can Faxianzheyang a rule, electronic devices of every Yici innovative breakthrough technology, electronic components industry, Ben Shen Bu Jin to produce a cross development, but also promoted the use Xinxing Electronic Zhijie e-machine replacement parts, so that these industries directly related to the electronic machine to achieve a greater development, in order to stimulate the national economy and the world economy and prosperity.

For example, due to the innovative integrated circuit technology, the computer from the vacuum tube computers, computer transistors, integrated circuits, computers, large scale integrated circuit computer, VLSI computer, optical computer development to bio-intelligent computer; to tape recorders from the vacuum tube radio, phonograph , transistor radios, tape recorders, Walkman, MP3 developed to MP4; to make air conditioners from cooling air conditioners, hot and cold air conditioners, AC to DC inverter air conditioner inverter air conditioner development; to make washing machines washing machines from single-cylinder, double cylinder washing machine development to the automatic washing machine; to video from the tape recorder, VCD, Super VCD, DVD, progressive scan DVD recorder development to the disc. As the chip electronic component technology innovation, from analog phones to cell phones, digital phones to the development of third generation multimedia mobile phone.

As the electro-optic component technology innovation, so that light from incandescent, fluorescent, energy saving lamps to the development of LED (light emitting diode) lights. As the heating element technology innovation, from electronics to electric stove stove, oven, induction cooker, microwave oven development to light. As display technology innovations to television from black and white TV, color TV, flat rectangular TV, ultra-flat TV, flat screen TV, progressive scan TV, point by point scan TV, rear projection televisions, PDP (plasma) TV the development of the LCD (LCD) TV. In short, with the innovative technology of electronic components, electronic components directly using the new technology of new products like electronic tide gate, as wave after wave of surging from a Unit, not only by generation of people too late to use, and even the function also difficult for many people timely and comprehensive understanding, and thus greatly expand the market demand and promote economic growth.

Radiation interaction rules: By moving forward, people can also find such a rule, electronic components associated with new technology has enormous effect, a new technology of electronic components tend to open multiple new markets, new markets are also created many new jobs, indirect economic benefits generated is amazing.

For example, network components as technology innovation, new technology gave birth to the Internet network access, online shopping, online games, online advertising, e-commerce, search engine, comprehensive portal, personal portals, e-mail, electronic courseware, e-books, Internet telephony, Internet messaging, Internet chat, network television, movie, online education, network diagnosis, network security, online music, online banking, download hardware | tools, software downloads, site navigation, online recruitment, BBS, network news, network pictures, webcam, web albums, network information, network technology, network training, more than 50 new markets, and each new market needs for a variety of professional services group.

And with the continuous improvement of a new technology and social development, new markets will emerge, and the strong development momentum. Internet-based technologies such as blog, podcast, Wei-off it is.

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Electronic components in the information industry to gradually increase the proportion of

According to authoritative statistics and projections of international, 2007, the world of electronic information industry output value reached 4.65 trillion U.S. dollars, up 9.5%, 9.3% of total world GDP, ranking first in the industry; expected to reach 4.98 trillion U.S. dollars in 2008 , an increase of 7.1%, 9.7% of total world output, and further strengthen the leading position. 2007 World electronic components industry output value reached 446.4 billion U.S. dollars, up 11.1% of the world's electronic information industry, 9.6% of GDP, the world's total output of electronic components 1700180000000; projected 2008 GDP up to the World Electronic Components Industry 541.037 billion U.S. dollars, up 21.2% of the world's electronic information industry, 10.5% of GDP, the world's total output of electronic components up to 2,060,620,000,000. From this, the world's electronic information industry has grown faster than world GDP growth, and in the world to gradually increase the proportion of GDP. Growth of the world's electronic components industry growth rate higher than the world of electronic information industry, and electronic information industry in the world and gradually increase the proportion.

According to national authorities that in 2007 total output value of China's electronic information industry was 5.6 trillion yuan, up 19.9% of the world's electronic information industry output value of 17.2%, ranked after the United States, ranking second in the world, accounting for the total value of 22.7%, ranking first in the domestic industry; estimated 2008 gross output value of China's electronic information industry reached 6.6 trillion yuan, up 18.5% of the world's electronic information industry, 18.9% of GDP, is expected to overtake the U.S. in the world first, accounting for 24.2% of GDP, further strengthen the dominant position. 2007 total output value of China's electronic components industry was 719.6 billion yuan, up 27.3% of the world's electronic components industry, 23% of the total output value, accounting for the national electronic information industry, 12.9% of GDP, China's output of electronic components for the 663 070 000 000, an increase of 15.4%, total world production of electronic components 39%, ranking first in the world; estimated 2008 gross output value of China's electronic components industry up to 933.18 billion yuan, up 29.7%, representing the world's electronic components industry, 24.6% of GDP , the national electronic information industry output value accounted for 14.1% of the total output of China's electronic components up to 859.87 billion, up 29.7%, total world production of 42% of electronic components.

From this, growth rate of China's electronic information industry was higher than the national GDP growth, and in the world, the proportion of electronic information industry and the country gradually increase the proportion of GDP. China's electronic components industry, Electronic components industry growth rate higher than the world growth rate and growth rate of the national electronic information industry, and the electronic components industry in the world, and the proportion of the national electronic information industry in the proportion gradually increased.

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