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Asthma Attacks - Are Air Filters Good in Preventing Asthma Attacks?

For asthma sufferers it is hard to cope on a day to day basis, knowing they might suffer an asthma attack.

They know better how many things they have to sacrifice in order to be at least a little bit safe, the pleasure they are deprived of in order to avoid an attack and the precaution measures they have to take each and every time they want to go out. Yet, their home should be the place where there is clean air, so that everyone is in a healthy environment and comfortable.

For a person who suffers from asthma, the best healthiest environment for them is one where the air that they breathe is clean and clear. This air has to be clean from things like dirt, dust, pollen, smoke or animal hair, as these can trigger an asthmatic attack, and some asthma attacks can be extremely dangerous.

The most obvious way to do this is by cleaning the house regularly, preferably everyday, getting rid of wall to wall carpets, as well as ensuring that fabric items are washed on a regular basis, preferably every week. The surfaces need to be cleaned, not with just any cleaner, but a cleaning detergent that is made for sensitive people.

As effective as cleaning is, there is a high possibility that there will still be dust particles or animal hair in the air. These particles can still manage to trigger an asthmatic attack for a sufferer, and the best method to attempt to get rid of all particles from the air is to filter the air. This only needs to be done only now and then, maybe every three months, but it is a necessary step in ensuring a safe and healthy environment for an asthma sufferer.

There are two ways in which you can keep the air from a room clean. The first one is to buy an air cleaner. Depending on how large the air cleaner is, it will filter the air from a room or from the entire house. Also, the filters can be replaced or cleaned when they get dirty, so that the breathable air is as clean as possible.

The other method through which you can obtain a clean air inside the house is to install an air filter inside the air conditioning or inside the source of heating. This way it will be able to filter more air and reserve all the allergens inside the filters.

If you are suffering from asthma or you have a loved one who is, the best way to ensure that the air in the house that you breathe, is clean and safe and the best way to do this is to filter it. It is better to deal with a clean house and ensure it is safe than to expose yourself or a loved one to allergens, which can cause an attack and threaten a life.

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