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The History and Popularity of Modern Art

Modern art is an art form created between the 1860's to the 1970's and it interprets the styles and philosophies of the era. The artists participating in the modern art forms were, for the most part, the same artists that tended to veer away from the more traditional techniques used to create art. In its beginnings the modern arts met with much controversy from the general public unlike pop art. People ridiculed the entire art form. Eventually the shock of this new art form wore off and though still very controversial it became more accepted. As modern art became more widely accepted like pop art, it began to influence and inspire new and impressionable artists.

Modern art was typically associated with past traditions that have been long since tossed aside. While pop art stayed closer to familiar visions, the modern artists began to experiment with new ways of interpreting ideas. They challenged the materials and the very function of art itself. There was certainly a movement towards the abstract characteristics of art in general. Many newer artists are keeping the modern art forms alive but are currently referring to it as contemporary or postmodern art.

Modern art is wrapped in the heritage of the likes of painters such as Vincent Van Gogh and many other great painters of his time. Both modern and pop art artists managed to revolutionize Paris arts with multicolored landscapes and painted figures. They also had to deal with many critics. Though they seemed to be infatuated with nudity and liberation through nudity, people resented this new modern art, much as they had with pop art. Maybe they were simply afraid of this emotional liberation that was expressed through this type of art.

Apparently the population as a whole began more comfortable with it over time and it has gained popularity, more so than that of pop art, in more recent times. These have become very treasured pieces and can be viewed in many museums all over the world. People buy, sell and trade this kind of art every day. Often they are priced in the thousands of dollars and collectors will pay top dollar to complete a collection. Modern art has certainly found its way into the homes and hearts of many very dedicated people. Even people who can't own a part of the modern art history flock to museums so they can experience the emotional works of art in person. Even the websites with pictures of artists and their treasured art pieces are very heavily traveled by enthusiasts.

If you plan to indulge in the artistic masterpieces created from any period or artist, you should learn all you can about the opportunities available. If you want to work in a museum there are many opportunities available for you to learn about. Of course you don't want to trust all the information you read online so mix up your sources from the internet, people in the business, and from text books written on the topic. The most important things to learn are where to find the items you want to purchase and how to tell if an item is authentic. While it's true that you may want the less expensive, non-authentic version of a piece, it's very important that you know which is which.

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