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Who says Size, Function and Design doesn't count when you have a Travel Wheelchair?

In general wheelchairs have a specific purpose and that is to provide much needed mobile assistance. However Travel Wheelchairs take it one step further by providing comfort and effortlessness unsurpassed. Do you enjoy traveling but find it a hassle due to a lack of storage needed for a wheelchair? Look no further then these beautifully designed, compact yet lightweight wheelchairs. Size, functionality and design are the best in the market. As a wheelchair user it's important to have the ability to move around freely while being able to store away with ease. Then look no further then these unique Wheelchairs. When you think of strong, sturdy and robust frames you would never presume that they would be light in weight. With a carrying capacity of over 200 pounds it's surprising that it weighs less then 15 pounds. Regardless of the range you choose from you can be guaranteed that each chair is built to be robust with the capability to carry large weights. Storage for most of us is limited at best thus with a compact frame and a convenient carry bag it's a wonder we look else where. With these wheelchairs you can have a high-quality product in a small package. The success of these wheelchairs comes through their practical design a vital ingredient. It's necessary to be able to adapt to a number of different situations when you're traveling. Restaurant tables are definitely not wheelchair friendly thus swing-back and fold-up arms assist you well in this regard. Seat belts are provided to enable you to be restrained safely within the wheelchair. There are a variety of options when it comes to padded seating and footrests this of course has not been left out when it comes to the aesthetics of travel wheelchairs which normally in a standard color. These wheelchairs can come in brighter colors meant to be eye-catching and can have a more sleek, streamlined look. Outstanding mobility certainly does not depend on the size of the wheel as this has been so well proven. With the use of great fabrics and specific metals the wheelchair has been given a sophisticated look. If you'd like to travel, then there's no reason that your wheelchair should hold you back. Each wheelchair has been planned with you the user in mind. Nothing more could be asked for, from the lightweight design to the sleek look to the comfort created to suit any situation, it certainly has your best interests in mind. Exploring the world will never be the same with a beautiful travel wheelchair.

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