Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

Forex traders are talking about Pips Dominator

The Pips Dominator team only has room for 25 more people.

I don't except those slots to last too long. So, if you are really interested in this life changing opportunity, you must visit the site now!

==> Visit Pips Dominator Official Website

Many expert and beginner Forex traders are earning mind blowing profits using Pips Dominator.

This revolutionary software is a way different from the other non functioning systems. It uses only the real indicator, the PRICE, and works like sniper dog to hunt for profitable trades.

After claiming your copy, you will be up and running within 3 minutes.

Don't wait any longer…

With superb customer support team and 60 day Trial period, this is indeed the best offer money could buy.

->> Is simple to understand and implement

->> No prior Forex knowledge required

->> Gives surefire profits unmistakably

Designed by professional Forex traders and advanced programmers, this software is based on complex maths and statistics…and its profit potential exceeds that of any human.

Just some of the other features include:

* You can install the software, which takes a matter of minutes (and is clearly explained in the manuals) it's as easy as A, B, C

* You can start with a demo account so as not to risk any real capital (whilst building up your confidence)

* The software finds trades for you and sits on them before leaving them precisely at the right time. It eliminates the emotion and decision making from your Forex trading – there's no room for human error/ indecision.

* The software monitors your trades for you, securing you profits. The Pips Dominator CC (capital conservation) mechanism protects the money that you put on your trades – If a trade isn't going your way, it'll get you out FAST – which really is the secret to making consistent profit in the long run.

==> Visit Pips Dominator Official Website

This software has been a long time in the making and has taken an even longer time to perfect, but the end result is very impressive…The Pips Dominator Team have not stopped there though- there is EVEN MORE value in what they are offering…You'll also get:

* Lifetime email support from a *financially qualified team*. Very impressive. You can ask any question you want 24/7 and get a response from their dedicated financially qualified team. This is exactly why they're restricting their member's area and those with access to the software. They want to provide dedicated support to help you with your enquiries as soon as possible.

* An EXTRA bumper Traders Manual (in addition to the EA manual), packed with vital information and secret tips for the savvy trader. This manual strips away the

mystique of Forex and equips you with the knowledge and skills to be in control of your financial destiny.

* Complimentary upgrades to new versions of Pips Dominator as and when they're released. The Forex market is constantly evolving and to keep on top of it, this revolutionary software will need tweaking from time-to-time. And it won't cost you a cent.

* A *special surprise bonus* revealed for the first time today, please note, this is available for the first few customers only…details are available through the site

… All you need to do now is to grab your copy at the special launch price, before it sells out.

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