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How to Fix Printer Spooler Problem?

Well, the printer driver is one of the causes of communication issue related to software. The main reason being if the driver is not installed properly then the communication between the hardware and the computer doesn't work.

Spooler issue is another major player. Spooler is something without which a printer would not function. There are various types of spooler errors too. How to fix printer spooler problem? Before discussing about that, let's have a look at some of the common spooler errors.

• Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close
• Print Spooler Access Denied
• Print Spooler Access Code is Invalid
• Print Spooler Always Stopping
• Print Spooler Always Stop
• Print Spooler App Error
• Print Spooler Application Error
• Print Spooler Automatically Stop

Well all these spooler errors are fixable though. The basic spooler errors can be rectified by restarting the spooler usually. In case, if the spooler doesn't restart then the command: sc config spooler = rpcss can be tried which usually fixes the issue with spooler not starting. Now the spooler can be restarted and change the startup type to Automatic. There are other ways to fix different spooler errors. Many a times, a few registry corrections can fix the issues too. You can also talk to a remote pc repair company for help.

Then there is something called print processor. The print processor tells the spooler to alter a job according to the document data type. It works together with the printer driver to move the spooled print jobs from the hard disk drive to the printer. The windows operating system comes with a few print processors by default namely RAW, WINPRINT, NTEMF1.0x, TEXT DATA TYPE etc. Moreover the printers also come with their own print processors. One can choose between the windows options or the Printer OEM options depending on their requirements.

Besides these there are other printer related errors and issues which also falls under printer problem.

Faded printing, ghost printing, incorrect cartridge settings, smeared printing etc also are different issue with a printer. All these can be fixed by changing settings in the printer software. By cleaning the cartridges and aligning them dos fix these issues. Of course certain times there are hardware issues on a cartridge or a toner. Some times the nozzles become defective. In such a case the cartridge or the toner needs to be replaced.

Then there are issues where printing is not proper from websites but the printer works fine to print documents. In such cases changing the encoding of the webpage might help. If the issue still persists, then changing the print processor may resolve the issue.
Last but not the least, there are OEM related errors in which contacting the printer manufacturer is the best solution.

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