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Designing Custom Diamond Jewelry

You are ready to pop the question. Or maybe a big anniversary is coming up. Maybe even you simply want to surprise the special someone in your wife with a new diamond ring. Perhaps you were unable to purchase her an engagement ring when you first got engaged and you now want to make it up to her. Whatever your reasons, designing a piece of custom diamond jewelry is a great idea to surprise your special lady. However, there are some things that you absolutely need to consider when you decide to design your own custom diamond jewelry.

Consider Your Price Range

This is the first and most important consideration-your price range. Custom diamond jewelry can run from the hundreds into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. If you are on a tight budget, you may not be able to create your own custom diamond jewelry.

Typically, you will pay for the stone, the set, and the construction of the diamond ring. Sometimes this can equal less than what you would pay for a similar ring in stores, but if you were not going to purchase a fancy ring to begin with, you may be better off purchasing a pre made ring.

When you choose a handmade jewelry like a custom made ring, it can be easy to continue to add more to it than your price range will allow. However, if you have the money and would like to design a piece of custom diamond jewelry, by all means make your own. When you custom design your own piece of jewelry, you can know that there will be none other like it in the world.

Consider the Stone

The stone is the single most important aspect of any ring, be it an engagement ring, an anniversary ring, or simply a beautiful ring. When choosing a stone for an engagement ring, it is best to know what your girlfriend (soon to be fiance!) likes. You would not want to choose a circle or oval diamond only to later find out that she loves square diamonds.

Take her to a jewelry store or have her browse through the jewelry counter at a mall. It can still be a surprise-just walk up to it and say something like "oh I like that diamond!" and see how she responds. Through her responses you should be able to determine what type of stone to put in the custom diamond jewelry that you are making for her.

If you can create the ring and keep it in your budget as well as choose the correct stone for the custom diamond jewelry, you will make your special someone the happiest woman alive when she receives her custom diamond jewelry!

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