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Looking For A New Water Purifier? Here's How To Make The Right Choice

There are no two ways about it. It can be really tough to choose a new water purifier for your home. Apart from the huge number of choices out there, it is also a sensitive decision – after all your and your family's health depends on it. You just can't make the wrong choice here.

The simple and right thing to do is to first be aware of the different kinds of impurities present in tap water. And then find a new water purifier that can remove all of them from your drinking water supply. This would work better than just going by the claims made by water filter companies in their advertisements.

The first and biggest danger present in your water supply is of chemicals. Chlorine is the one found in largest quantities in tap water, because it is knowingly added in the water supply to kill off the bacteria present in it. However, this chemical is also dangerous for humans and needs to be removed from the water before drinking it.

Other chemicals like pesticides and prescription drugs are also found in tap water and can cause serious health problems like cancer down the road. All traces of them should be removed from the water you drink.

Chlorine also reacts with the organic matter present in water and forms a family of chemicals known as THM – Trihalomethanes. They are even more dangerous than chlorine.

Heavy metals like iron and lead get leeched into the water as it travels through the old, rusty pipes of the distribution network, and should also be removed by your purifier.

Now, any common new water purifier may not be able to handle all these different types of impurities together. For example, the popular Reverse Osmosis filters can get rid of organic matter and heavy metals from water very efficiently, but they fail when it comes to chemicals with small molecular sizes like chlorine. These chemicals easily pass through the membrane used inside these filters, and so are present in the purified water too.

Distillers also behave in a similar manner and cannot stop volatile chemicals like chlorine which boil easily along with water.

Both these filters also remove the natural mineral content of the water which our body depends on to fulfill its requirements. Their absence in drinking water can cause health problems down the line.

The best solution is to find a cutting edge purifier that combines the power of multiple purification techniques like Carbon filtration, Sub micron filtration and Ion exchange. This would ensure you get really pure water bereft of all contaminants, with the minerals still intact inside.

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