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Secrets to Attracting Men - Using Laws of Attracting

To get attracted to the member of opposite sex is a natural phenomenon. Human beings have been made this way. Though it is very important to know that what are the laws of attraction and the secrets to attracting men. The vibes that are felt when you are attracted to someone are very strong. It is important to ascertain whether it is love or just a crush. If a person feels the same kind of attraction for every other member the opposite sex, its not love. Love is when the desirability is felt for only one woman or man.

According to the laws of attraction, opposite poles attract. The same goes for human beings too. Hence it is very natural for men and women to be attracted to each other. But if you are seriously interested in one particular guy, you should act quickly so as to give him hints that he pleases you in a special way and also make him notice you.

You must be thinking how can you make him aware of you. You don't have to dance like a damsel or scream to get yourself noticed. You can do this in subtle ways. And what after he starts taking interest in you? Then you must take steps to keep him attracted and hooked to you. Now let us see what are the laws of attraction that must be followed to attract men.

Choose the right guy

You must be very clear about the person you want to attract. You certainly should never misuse the power of luring someone to like you. For instance, you shouldn't try to attract your boss to get a promotion. After choosing the person you like, you should try to find out his likes and dislikes, not of course by asking him, but through some other means. Then you should apply his likes on yourself. For instance, you should wear his favorite perfume or dress up in his favorite color. That will definitely make his head turn around to take a look at you.

Dress sensibly

Always remember this one secret, in an attempt to please him or attract men, you shouldn't overdo things. He shouldn't find you around him all the time. All you need to do is, make him notice you once, then show him that you are busy in your work. This will make him curious about you. You should act very cool and casual.

Keep him waiting

The man will love to chase you after you have successfully made him draw towards you. He will be curious about you and will come looking for you. Then all you have to do is, find a permanent place in his heart. Once you cross the difficult road to attract your man, he is sure to become your destiny. So follow the laws of attraction and make the person you like, yours forever.

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