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Grace Moore

"Analyzing what you haven't obtained as well as what you've is a required ingredient of the career." —Grace Moore

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Woman Who Rocks: Grace Moore

Occupation: Opera singer, actress in musical theater and film

Why She Rocks: Her films aided popularize opera and provide it to a wider audience, and she was a accurate American diva

Nickname: the Tennessee Nightingale

Life Span: December five, 1898 – January 26, 1947

Main Accomplishments and Honors:

She received the gold medal award of the Society of Arts and Sciences for "conspicuous achievement in raising the regular of cinema entertainment."Nominated for Greatest Actress Academy Award in 1935 for her role in one Night of LoveIn 1936 King Christian X of Denmark awarded her his country's medal of "Ingenito et Arti."She was commissioned like a colonel on the staff of the governor of Tennessee (an honorary placement) and is really a lifetime member of the Tennessee State Society of Washington, D.C.Decorated as a chevalier from the French Légion d'honneur in 1939.She entertained our troops throughout Globe War II as an active member of the USO.Enjoyable


I'm not sure if this is accurate, but it have been said that Elvis named Graceland after her.Grace obtained a great deal of flak from the press back in 1938 when she curtsied towards the Duchess of Windsor over a visit to France. Upon her return to the United States, Grace defended the curtsey with the following statement: "She would happen to be a royal duchess long ago if she had not been an American. in the end, she gave happiness and the courage of his convictions to 1 man, which is a lot more than most ladies can do. She deserves a curtsy for that alone."What You have to Know: Regrettably, Grace's existence was cut brief when she died inside a plane crash in 1947, in the age of 48. Her existence story was made into a film, So This is adore, in 1953.

The Grace Moore Encounter: Check out this video of Grace from the 1937 Columbia Pictures film when You're in love. You'll get to hear her sing "Our Song," and you will find also some pretty great shots of Cary Grant.

This really is Grace's autobiography, You're only Human As soon as.

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/art-articles/grace-moore-3014720.html#ixzz0wJ3R6LDy
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