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Pure H2O Water Systems - A Quick Checklist To Find The Best Ones

Have you read about this recently? There are thousands of pollutants present in our water supply, and this is a huge health risk we must mitigate right away for our and our family's sake.

The simple and most effective way to do it is to set up a water purifier in your home so that water is properly filtered before being consumed. However, with the dozens of choices available in the market, it can be a little confusing to choose the right one. Here's a small checklist to make this process easy –

Check if the filter can remove all chemicals from water

This is the acid test of pure h2o water systems. After all, if a water purifier can remove all chemicals from water, then what good is it really?

The common filter types like RO, Distillers and UV filters cannot do this actually. Chemicals with small molecular size and those that evaporate easily like chlorine cannot be caught by these filters and are present in the filtered water too. On the other hand, filters using techniques like ion exchange and sub micron filtration can remove all such chemicals from the water effectively.

Does it remove heavy metals too?

Heavy metals like lead and asbestos are very frequently found in drinking water. If left unchecked, like RO systems do, they can cause brain damage, anemia, hypertension, and even cancer.

Make sure your filter can remove these metals from water.

Does the filter preserve the mineral content of the water?

Water in nature contains some minerals like calcium and magnesium which the human body needs for its proper functioning. If these minerals are stripped off from drinking water, as distillers and RO systems do, then this can cause multiple health problems later.

Quality pure h20 water systems will preserve the mineral content in the water and remove only the harmful impurities from it.

Is it affordable?

This includes both the one time cost (the price of the filter) as well as the running costs (electricity, water, maintenance etc.) RO systems are pretty bulky and expensive to boot. They also waste almost four gallons of water to produce a single gallon of purified water, which can rack up your water bill big time.

You can easily find better water systems that are smaller in size, easy to set up and cost only about 10 cents to produce a gallon of filtered water. What more could one ask for?

So go ahead now and find out those pure h20 water systems. This can do wonders to your long term health and well being.

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