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Blago Verdict - Guilty For Lying To The Feds

Blago Verdict shock in the courtroom today, as the Court read "Guilty", but only one of 24 counts. 14 days after discussion, the jury accepted he was guilty of lying to the FBI. And that's all. The jury is keeping in the other 23, for which the court had to declare mistrial of those 23. Lying to the federal is a huge crime which can be punished up to five years in jail, but the punishment is likely waiting until everything is finished - that cannot be just a moment, because the prosecutor claims that the case is going for a retrial.

The former Illinois governor and reality show star, Blago Verdict said. "I want the people to know I did not lie to the FBI, I told the truth from the very beginning. Defense attorney Sam Adam junior added, "After 18 months, the government couldn't prove its' case.

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Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was much less emotional when he said "The jury did its' job, but we're going to retry this case, you're going to find out he's a fundamentally non-corrupt individual". Selling Barack Obama's former senate seat as an alleged plot of all this.

The first trial is estimated to cost about $ 25 to 30,000,000 of taxpayers. Defense attorneys argue that another trial would not be double the cost to the public. Blago promised to appeal a charge he was sentenced on. Cheers arise from the crowd outside the courtroom as the former governor left. Blago fans has aligned there almost every day of trial.

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