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Time To Fight Back The Darned Causes Of Water Pollution And Stay Healthy And Safe

If you really sit back and think about the causes of water pollution, you will really find thousands and thousands of them. However, one thing is constant and that is the way to fight it.

Let us start our discussion with the causes of water pollution first and then we will discuss about the most effective and efficient manner to handle this, while sitting right there in our homes.

1. The biggest reason for water pollution is industrial waste being dumped unchecked into the natural water reservoirs. There are rules and regulations made to check this but they are not into full affect yet. And this is the reason for continuous rise in the levels of water pollution.

2. Another reason is the plastic bags and bottles which end up clogging the landfills and often end up in water reservoirs as well. This inferior quality plastic used in these bottles is extremely toxic and is one of the major causes of water pollution. Saying no to bottled water and use of plastic can help us in keeping this under control.

3. Pesticides, chemicals and insecticides whatever is used on the crops, it often gets drained along with the water and ends up seeping into the soil and reaching the water table and contaminating it.

4. Then there are water supply companies which add chlorine explicitly into our drinking water. While it is added as a disinfectant and with the purpose of keeping bacterial growth in control, the fact is that chlorine reacts with other organic contaminants present in water and generates other toxic byproducts, which if consumed along with water, can cause serious ailments like rectal and bladder cancer.

5. In fact people who are on medication and prescription drugs also ignorantly end up being one of the top causes of water pollution. When they excrete, the drugs which are unabsorbed by the body are also thrown out of the body which reach the sewage water and contaminate it. Now, while this water does get recycled, there are thousands of drugs which are difficult to even detect, forget about removing them from the water!

As I mentioned before, this list can simply go on and on but the way to fight this devil is a simple one i.e. purifying the water at our homes. If you choose to use an advanced purifier like the one which is based on multiple stages of filtration including carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtration; you are sure to remove all these ghastly contaminates right out of your drinking water.

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