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Watch Three Rivers Season 1 Episodes

The pilot for the Pittsburgh-set healthcare drama was filmed in Western Pennsylvania in March and April '09, making use of the closed Brownsville Tri-County Hospital and the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for hospital interior scenes. Post-pilot recasting resulted in actors Julia Ormond and Joaquim de Almeida departing and Alfre Woodard and Amber Clayton joining the series. Ultimately, the pilot was dropped and a new episode was shot for that television premiere. A high-tech, more visually appealing hospital fixed for the ER and ICU was built on soundstages 19 and 20 at Paramount Photos where by interior scenes have thereafter been produced, even though location shooting nevertheless occurred in Pittsburgh for exterior shots.

Three Rivers is often a medical drama, which premiered on CBS on October 4, '09 and aired Sundays at 9 pm Eastern Time/Pacific Time. The series was fixed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at a fictional hospital specializing in transplants, with Alex O'Loughlin starring as being a well-known transplant surgeon. On November 30, '09, it was announced that CBS had pulled 3 Rivers in the schedule, with no plans to return it. On January 9, 2010, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler confirmed that the sequence had been officially cancelled. On May possibly 22, 2010, CBS announced that 3 Rivers would return on June five to burn off the remaining episodes.

Dr. David Lee, a womanizing surgical resident who's broken as quite a few hearts as he's replaced; Ryan Abbott, the inexperienced new transplant coordinator who arranges the intricately choreographed process of quickly and very carefully transporting organs from donor to patient; Dr. Sophia Jordon, the dedicated head of surgery who has no patience for anybody who hasn't sacrificed as very much as she has for the job; and Pam Acosta, Andy's no-nonsense operating assistant and very best friend. In this higher stakes arena, where every single case is usually a race against the clock, these tenacious surgeons and healthcare pros are the final hope for their individuals.

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