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The Dangers Of City Water Pollution And How To Escape Unharmed From Them

There are no two ways about it. City water pollution has become a huge problem now, no matter which part of the country you live in. Hundreds and thousands of pollutants can be found in tap water, which is nothing less than a direct threat to the well being of your and your family's health.

City water pollution begins right from the first step – the purification process done by water companies. They add in Chlorine into the water to kill the microbes inside. While this does prevent the spread of water borne diseases like cholera and typhoid, it still is a health hazard.

Chlorine is a killer chemical – after all it kills living beings like bacteria – and is dangerous for your body cells too. Over exposure to it can lead to life threatening diseases like cancer.

It also reacts with decaying organic matter present in the water like leaves, bark etc, and forms a more toxic family of chemicals known as THM (trihalomethanes). These chemicals can cause bladder and rectal cancer and lead to anemia in children.

Fluoride is another common group of compounds knowingly added into our water supply. Theoretically, fluoride is supposed to prevent decay and formation of cavities in teeth. However, too much fluoride can be disastrous for your health. It can lead to poisoning in children and Alzheimer's in adults.

Apart from these, there are pesticides and fertilizer run offs, waste material from the industries, heavy metals and traces of pharmaceutical drugs to contend with in your water supply.

You can imagine now the level of risk you are exposed to if you drink this water untreated.

The best way to avoid the dangers of city water pollution is to install a water purification unit at your home. This can provide you really clean water, free from all kinds of chemicals and toxic materials.

Just make sure to choose the right purifier. The usual ones like RO or distillers provide partial protection only from the chemicals. They can separate the simple impurities like dirt and sediment, but cannot remove the really difficult ones like chlorine and pesticides from the water. On top of this, they also remove the much needed minerals found naturally in water and deprive you of the benefits they provide to your body.

Look for an advanced filter that works on multiple filtering techniques like carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtration, and you can be sure the water you get is absolutely pure and safe to drink.

Go ahead and fight off city water pollution now with a quality purifier.

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