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The Best Pure Water Technology For Clean, Healthy Drinking Water

Have you read about this recently? According to multiple studies, thousands of chemicals and pollutants can be found in our drinking water supplies at any point of time. This is a huge health risk most people simply do not take seriously. You need to make sure you are using the latest pure water technology to provide clean and safe drinking water to your family.

The problem is, most water filters out there are based on obsolete and partially effective technologies that just cannot handle the different types of contaminants present in the water.

Let's take the old pure water technology of Distillation. This technique involves removing the impurities from the water by boiling it and collecting the vapors in a separate container.

While this may be good enough for removing dirt and organic matter, it cannot handle chemicals that have a boiling point similar to that of water, like chlorine, for example. It also removes the minerals present in the water which your body needs for keeping healthy. Distillers are pretty expensive too, and cost anywhere from $400 to $4000 for a good system.

Reverse Osmosis filters are the latest rage to hit the market. Their semi permeable membrane is said to be very good for separating the impurities from the water. What they do not tell you is that chemicals like pesticides and prescription drugs – which have a molecular size that is smaller than that of water – can also easily pass through the membrane of the filter. So the water you get is not really pure. De-mineralization is a problem here too.

UV filters is another category of water filters that we need to discuss. These filters bombard the water with Ultraviolet rays to kill the bacteria inside. While that is well taken care of, there is no provision to remove the dirt and chemicals present in the water. That's why it has to be combined with some other pure water technology to purify the water completely. This really jacks up the cost of the system too.

A good alternative here is to look for a filter that can purify the water with a combination of cutting edge and tried and tested techniques like ion exchange, sub micron filtration and carbon filtration. Such a system can effectively remove all types of impurities from the water and still preserve the minerals inside it.

So go ahead and find out a quality purifier containing the latest pure water technology inside.

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