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Students get to do it themselves with help of science

Teach less, so that students can learn more. The objective of doing so is to give students more time to synthesize information, think creatively and hone processes in problem solving. It's the need for a broad-based education for our students. Firstly, a little creativity and real learning take place in the preparation process. The Teacher did a lot of work but he/she did not do much learning outside the teat papers and made little progress in honing lateral-thinking abilities, much less develop creativity. Secondly, the exam is not age appropriate-making 12 year olds concentrate for more than two hours is not an age appropriate expectation. Learning experts the world over concur that even for adults, our concentration and ability to learn or focus drops after the first hour. when a task is not age appropriate students will not be in flow. ( Which is when they learn best ) . Anyone who has prepared students for the science paper knows that the first step to success involves practising to concentrate for two hours , during which they do 30 sums. Thirdly, the science paper contained questions to test thinking and process skills, and they should have been accessible to students with a good grasp of scientific concepts. The syllabus change was not an issue as students and teachers had been prepared. Many teachers had attended workshops and courses on how to conduct activities that would get their students to investigate and analyse science concepts- and be prepared for the questions that test thinking and process skills.

Squeezing a quivering mass of pink slime , turned water and a slime balls with flour and a bonding agent. Students gaped too as they saw a teaspoon of super-absorbent crystals soak up half a beaker of water. But most seemed to prefer making slime balls, as they could take their creations home in a jar. Teachers want students to understand that chemistry is part of their daily lives. For instance, after the experiment on super-absorbent crystals, the students got to cut open a baby's diaper to see how these crystals are used to soak up urine.

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