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Positive Parenting Tips: Where You Can Learn Positive Child Discipline Techniques To Stop The Chaos!

There are really only two major positive parenting tips I will offer you here. There are dozens more that could help you, for sure. The reasons for just giving you these two for now are these:

* If you're struggling as bad as I was, there's only so much you can do at once. Start with these, and, after you have them mastered, go on to more (the links provided will take you to where you can get them).

* The second positive parenting tip is so powerful, that everything else will fall into place after you've mastered it!

Tip number one is simply this. If you have been really down and out as a result of your struggles with your children, you have, in all likelihood, been beating yourself up rather badly. The more serious the problems, the harder you've probably been on yourself. Whether you click on any of the links in this article or not does not matter to me as much as this one thing. You must vow to yourself, and to me (I know you don't know me, but, believe me, I care about you!), that as of right now, you will make every effort to not put yourself down for anything that has already happened.

I can not stress enough how important this is! You may have no idea how powerful the unconscious mind is. Let me tell you, it is very powerful, and it will keep you down, and keep you from taking positive action, and you won't even know it.

One last point about positive parenting tip number one. If you have made mistakes as a parent, if you have not been the perfect parent, that makes you this one thing:HUMAN! There's only one thing that counts other than the here and now, and that is, what you do from here on!

Now let us move on to tip number two. It's a little bit involved, so I'll offer a quick explanation here, and I'll also give you this link, positive parenting tips for u, for you to see the detailed explanation. Also, after you've read this, you will have even more reason to forgive yourself for anything that has already transpired in your parenting life!

Simply put, most, if not all of the positive child discipline techniques that we use, or any discipline techniques for that matter, do not work! That's right, they do not work. They don't work, and yet, we use them because we've been told by every bit of information we've received up till now, that they are what you do as a parent.

I don't mean to keep you in suspense. It's just that I get excited anytime I write about this, because once I learned this, my life changed. The reason the parenting techniques we use don't work, is because they cause fear in our children. Fear causes stress, the stress causes something called cortisol to be manufactured by our body in extra amounts, and the results are:

* Our children become dis-oriented.
* They then act out in all the ways that we've seen through the years!

The gravity of this is enormous. We've actually been causing them to act out. Any time we yell at or intimidate them, or punish them, we cause fear. We even cause fear when we offer them rewards for doing what we ask of them. This really goes on and on because we have taken the way we parent for granted. There's lots of subtle ways that we cause damage.

To get information that will help you focus on the roots of bad behavior in order to make a deep and lasting change, visit this site, positive parenting tips! If you liked this article, you can read more of my articles, as well as get links to many different parenting resources. Just go to my blog at parent effectiveness training! No matter what you do, don't give up until you've found a program that works for you. Good luck, and God Bless!

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