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What Primary Factor Influences Your Behavior?

Your level of self-esteem is the primary factor that influences your behavior in EVERY moment of your life! What is irritating are the key emotional moments that diminished self-esteem can hurt the most.

Over 85% of us experience some form of loss of self-esteem. But, for most poorest self-esteem occurs in certain situations or settings. Self-esteem comes from how:
Others treat us (Family, friends, spouses, teachers and so on)
Self-esteem is based on feeling confident and competent in life challenges
Self-esteem is also based on knowing and using our unique talent and strengths
GREAT NEWS…..Self-esteem is mainly learned…we are not born with it!

Our daily behaviors strongly impact our self-esteem. Having strong productive relationships and the ability to get along well with others is of importance for a strong level of self-esteem.

All too often, we react emotionally to what others say or do. Our reactions followed by the emotions of fear, anger or sadness, in return we give up our personal power. This reaction is often sourced in fear and low self-esteem.

Raising Self-Esteem will guide you through your consistency circle. (This is a full circle)
Make better choices
Develop better habits
Build better character
You are more valuable
Attract bigger and better opportunities
You will want to give and contribute more
Receive bigger better rewards

If you apply the Law of Attraction…you know the emotional energy that you give anything, you in return draw it to you. Living a life you want, you attract the opportunities, people and resources that align to you.

The foundation of Self-Esteem consists of 3 factors:
Unconditional Worth ~ you are important, worth it, valuable
Love ~ feeling, attitude, decision, skill
Growing ~ moving into the desired direction
All this = Self-Esteem….

Many people become frustrated because they try to start at the growth and forget the first two. Without a secure base our self-esteem topples.

Some key values that form a foundation for self-esteem are:

Safety & Love
Happiness & Security
Belonging & Peace
Freedom & Adventure
Intimacy & Integrity
Communication & Respect
Abundance & Relief

When we honor the values we are happy with the life of meaning and our authentic self-esteem. What is authentic self-esteem? It means we feel good about how you see yourself. From birth and continued throughout our life we come across countless experiences that enhance or erode our self-esteem. When we diminish our self-esteem we simply do an observation that we somehow do not measure up. From that point on our lives unfold from our experiences to our expectations. We judge ourselves, we minus out our ability to give and to receive love and achieve the success and abundance we deserve. When our beliefs of "lack"(relationships, materials, wealth, happiness) we trigger those thoughts and feelings we fear most.

The lower our self-esteem goes the less likely we are to act in a way that will achieve positive feedback. Whether an event occurs or someone said something to or at you we decide that we do not measure up. By identifying how we have lost confidence we can stop the low self-esteem.

There are 3 simple steps to get you started on re-training your subconscious mind. It helps to have a life coach guiding you through this process to really achieve greater results.

1. Be clear about what you REALLY want and be very specific

2. Consistently be aware of and weed out limited beliefs

3. Reprogram the subconscious mind (catching- canceling and restating) or FLEE or FILL as I like to call it. (you can catch my new video on Flee and Fill on YouTube or my web site
www.dawnhogans.com or www.youtube.com/dawnhogans)

The process of catching-canceling and restating or FLEE and FILL limited beliefs will occur numerous times in a day. Every time you follow this process you are retraining the subconscious.

You are now in a position to upgrade your quality of life. Your quality of your life will be consistent with the choices you make from this point forward.

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/goal-setting-articles/what-primary-factor-influences-your-behavior-3196291.html#ixzz0yW6oFWtu
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