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How to avoid problems when mounting the LCD-TV

After finally managing to make room to mount the new LCD television on the wall of my life, I sat back to admire my new toy. Beautiful as they hang in the air looked, I realized that I need to go do something about the dangling wires. The tubes blacks and reds that pop from the back of the TV were hanging like unwelcome snakes cream from a tree branch, right in the middle of my wall color and carpet.
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After looking for my situationhalf an hour, I realized that I am one of two ways. Or I could learn to live with the wires, as (it might have been painted the entire living room in a darker color, in combination with the lines of rubber-like) or I could buy something stick to them.

I had already spent a small fortune on TV but I do not much fancy the task of painting my living room a whole different color just to cover a bit 'of unsightly cables. Take what I thought it was morereasonable of the two options that the computer jumping up to try to find some shelving and furniture that I could put in under the TV. It would be the wall of something big, is because the TV was above me, and I would take home box DVD player and DVB-T, then gave the Xbox and Playstation think.
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After a week of scouring the web (I live in a rural area, so choose furniture stores are minimal), I finally found something that seemedalmost ideal. Measurements fitted perfectly and the color of the wood is perfectly in line with the rest of my living room furniture.

After purchase and payment for the work I've been waiting anxiously for their delivery. Taking a day off work for the estimated arrival I was sitting at the door and waited. A few hours later a truck pulled out and a huge hairy-looking man emerged from holding a clipboard. When the formalities were I helped bring the field on my door, thankedand left.

After a few hours after installing the new system I pushed on the carpet and under the TV. They fit perfectly and looked brilliant. The lacquered wood create a comfortable reflection from TV in it polished surface.

I sighed and stepped back to admire my work, a cup of tea and sat down with the remote. It 'was then that I discovered a problem

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