Minggu, 05 September 2010

Importance of Websites to Call Center Companies

The prevalence of online users is going up with the times. More consumers are using the internet to look for products and information related to various services. They prefer checking up the website of the clients than relying on telemarketing agents to provide them with information. That is why call center companies are approached by business firms to build a website for them. Many BPO units providing online lead generation services are also doing website building and optimization. This is added to the usual call center services that they are providing. The need of the website for the client's business can hardly be undermined. However, there are some steps that they call centers need to follow before getting a website online.

Since the websites will be used for lead generation, they have to be made user friendly. It will be a losing task if the users come to the website and the call center company is not able to convert that traffic into sales. There are various reasons why users don't do business with the client because of a website. It could be that the website is too heavy for them to upload. Internet bandwidth is expensive and no user would like to use it to upload pages of the client's website. Instead, they will prefer moving over to a rival company! That is why call center companies have to be very careful about the kind of website that they build.

A case in point is the use of flash designs. Many call center services use flash designs and logos on the client's website. Some of them go as far as to use them as pop-up ads! Such web designing approaches are completely out of sync with the process of online lead generation. Flash designs take a lot of time to get on to your local computer. Even then, it does not serve any purpose. It does nothing for the client or the sales lead generation. Call centers in USA and Canada do not use flash designs at all unless they are specifically asked to do so by the clients. The job of the call center companies would be to make sure that clients realize what they are going to miss out on should they stick to the decision of having flash designs.

Another pet problem with websites is the navigation. When users come to the client's website, the last thing they want to do is dig around for information. They would like to have explanatory labels that help them locate information quickly. Call center services have to design the website in a way that has easy, smooth navigation. The web designing also has to provide space for lead generation forms and comment boxes. These forms can be filled up by the users for submission. Similarly, there must be options for the users to write emails and get in touch with the client's company. The inbound call center agents attend to these emails and revert back with the information that they are looking for.

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