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Lithium War Over the World

Since June, a number of international auto companies and electronics companies are using large-scale lithium battery joint investment competition. This includes the Toyota and Matsushita, Nissan and NEC, the public and Sanyo, Bosch and Samsung, they believe that lithium batteries in the coming years will gradually replace the nickel-metal hydride batteries, lead the direction of development of hybrid vehicles. At a time when Chinese auto companies are working to develop the nickel metal hydride battery assembly of hybrid cars in order to focus on display during the Beijing Olympics.

According to report, the stability of lithium batteries due to fears from the "15″ begins, in the new energy vehicle development process, not to focus the direction of lithium, but chose Ni-MH battery.

June 26, the National 863 Program, "Energy-saving and new energy vehicles," major projects team leader Ouyang Ming Gao said in an interview, in lithium batteries, the domestic and foreign advanced level yet. Alone no problem in terms of battery materials, the performance of a single cell is not worse than the advanced international level. But the composition of the battery pack, its stability, consistency of production, service life, there are still big problems.

Lithium War

According to public reports, in order to reduce risks and improve technology industrial efficiency, a number of international car manufacturers and electronics manufacturers have chosen the way of co-energy lithium battery of new car development.

Toyota and Matsushita's Panasonic EV Energy joint venture company will build two hybrid battery manufacturing plant, from 2009 production of lithium batteries, and Toyota are scheduled to assemble the first car in 2010 sold plug-in hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid power car battery can be charged by domestic supply.

A global leader in lithium battery production – Sanyo Electric Co. will start mass production car by the end of 2009 lithium batteries, jointly developed with public control. In addition to the general public, the Sanyo is also with Ford and Honda to develop lithium batteries. Sanyo's goal is to 2015, occupation of the global car market with more than 40% share of the lithium battery. Sanyo also can be used to speed up the development of a plug-in hybrid electric cars lithium battery, and strive to begin selling the product in 2011.

Nissan and NEC announced joint production of lithium batteries, and plans to launch in 2010 assembly lithium battery electric vehicle.

General Motors and South Korea's LG Chemical Company's CompactPower companies and Continental Automotive Systems signed a contract two lithium batteries.

Japan's GS Yuasa, Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has invested 3 billion yen (about 190 million yuan) build a Japanese lithium Energy (LithiumEnergyJapan). Mitsubishi Motors will begin selling in 2009, hybrid vehicles, and in mid-2010, sales of pure electric vehicles.

With the formation of the capacity of these investments is gradually released in 2012, the lithium is likely to replace the nickel-metal hydride batteries. Vice president of Geely Automobile Research Zhang Tong told reporters, according to his understanding, this year, Mercedes will have lithium batteries for hybrid assembly of a type listed.

China line

Previously, the stability of the domestic industry are generally considered poor lithium use may occur because of spontaneous combustion temperature is too high, the actual trial in domestic enterprises, also have occurred in vehicles equipped with lithium burning case, therefore, not be lithium batteries as a key R & D direction, but chose Ni-MH battery. It is understood that "10

Five "period, the nickel-hydrogen battery R & D investment is much greater than lithium batteries. However, large multinational corporations mean that domestic investment in lithium-related technology may have to re-route options?

Domestic research and development of hybrid type, such as FAW Pentium hybrid, SAIC Roewe 750 hybrid Chery A5 hybrid, hybrid, etc. Long An Jiexun are using nickel metal hydride batteries.

However, even technical line to adjust the short term is difficult to catch up with international advanced level.

Zhang Tong said that according to his understanding, the international advanced level of control on the lithium battery has been sympathetically, about to break through the bottleneck stability. According to the business community to reflect the domestic lithium battery materials, batteries monomer / component processing technology, control of key technologies such as batteries still awaiting a breakthrough. Moreover, the issue of consistency of production has not fully resolved, does not have the production capacity.

So far, China has no battery joint research and development companies and auto companies situation. "Eleventh Five-Year" Plan 863 "energy saving and new energy vehicles," major projects, the participation of lithium battery research and development of enterprises and research institutions include: Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, Suzhou Star Constant Power Co., Ltd., Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd. and CITIC UNITA solid for the new Energy Technology Co., Ltd..

Zhang Tong said that in the lithium battery field, Chinese enterprises still have a chance. Because our country had to develop consumer electronic products for the lithium battery industry has laid a good foundation conducive to the development of battery in the field.

A welcome change, industrialization has become the "during" the main direction of development of lithium batteries. "Energy saving and new energy auto project," the general members of the Group, Tongji University Dean of Zhuoping car told reporters that the company take lithium battery R & D projects have also been asked in the "Eleventh Five-Year" end of the formation of a certain amount of production capacity.

Zhuoping that reliability will require substantial funding reform process, additional equipment. "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the central government will invest 60 million yuan Li-ion battery development, the company also asked to assume the project inputs in accordance with the ratio of 10 times the matching funds, so that the total investment will reach 600 million yuan. According to report, "15″ period, the lithium battery research and development on the national allocation of funds, only 800 million with local matching funds, only about 16 million yuan.

Although the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of the input greatly increased, but compared to the huge multinational investment, domestic investment remains low. It is understood that only a company's lithium batteries Sanyo project investment reached 800 billion yen (776.7 million U.S. dollars).

Cross or follow?

The face of new energy vehicles and the overall status of the development of the backward, the industry began to rethink some of China's automobile industry development strategy by leaps and bounds.

In 2000, just returned near Wan Gang told the State Council put forward the development of clean energy vehicles, China's auto industry to achieve leapfrog development strategy. The basis of this theory is: in the field of electric vehicles in this new and foreign in our starting line similar level of technology and industrialization gap between the relatively small, vigorously develop a new generation of industrialization as a vehicle to promote the domestic automobile industry by leaps and bounds development of strategic initiatives, there may be a new round of competition in the world automotive industry occupying high ground, to obtain a favorable position to improve the international competitiveness of the domestic auto industry.

Early 2006, when he was "15″ electric vehicle major science and technology projects of the overall team leader, said Wan Gang, Dongfeng, Chang'an, Chery and FAW hybrid electric car from 2006 onwards the market. Chery said in 2007 to achieve the industrialization of hybrid vehicles to achieve 30 000 production.

However, to date, our country has not a mass production hybrid vehicles. By this time, to hybrid Toyota Prius has been known in the global sales of 1 million.

June 26, the National Development and Reform Commission spokesman told reporters that the domestic development of the current line of cars followed the international advanced level is because we in this area beyond and innovative strength is still insufficient. While still upholding the direction of the simultaneous development of multiple technologies, when the direction of adjustment of international development, they can promptly adjust, and will not touch. The hybrid vehicles are on the domestic rate of industrialization is not optimistic.

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The direction of electronic Components Technology Innovation
by Meggie on Sep.06, 2010, under electronics news

The direction of electronic Components Technology Innovation

To speed up our pace of technological innovation of electronic components, electronic components, technology innovation to increase efforts to improve the level of technological innovation of electronic components, electronic components by the producing countries into power, we must understand our country and the world status of electronic components and technological development, market demand, the gap at home and abroad, borrowing from the successful experience. Explore the following key trends in innovation of electronic components.

Capacitors and resistors: chip-based, high-capacity, long life

Ceramic capacitor capacitor in the world market will remain dominant, small size, large capacity, high voltage, high frequency interference and the array of ceramic capacitors will be the development direction, while the products will be ceramic chip capacitors and tantalum capacitors mainstream.

Small size, large capacity, long life, high temperature, low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and other aluminum electrolytic capacitor is still the direction of development. Chip tantalum capacitor products continue to lead to smaller, high-capacity, low impedance, low equivalent series resistance direction, functional polymer tantalum capacitor production and application will be further expanded, tantalum powder CV value will continue to increase. Metallized plastic film capacitors demand will grow for the information and communications equipment, plastic film capacitor market will continue to expand. High frequency, to meet safety standards, high temperature, small size, chip type plastic film capacitor will be the direction of development.

Chip resistor resistor will continue to be the mainstream product, its size will continue to shrink, 0603 type (0.6mm × 0.3mm), will go into large-scale application stage. High resistance, low resistance and high voltage chip resistors needs to expand, the film chip resistor production and application will be further expanded with 2, 4 with a combination of type 1005 chip resistors to debut. High-power, small size, high stability, high precision metal film resistors will continue the development direction, while it will reduce the current noise and increase the added value of digital technology to the development of a metal film resistors, new applications, the precision type, ultra-precision products can not replace the chip resistors, and therefore, it will still have a certain market space. Wirewound resistors to the security of (fire), high precision, small size, direction and low resistance is the note of a trend.

Inductors and Transformers: Small, lightweight, high efficiency

Coils, inductors, chip products market will be driven, technological innovation should be very small, fine, composite direction, chip products should be winding type stacked-type developments in two directions simultaneously.

Electronic Transformer development should be small, thin, lightweight and high efficiency center. Pulse transformer in the field should be small size and surface mounting direction. In the product structure, ring core transformer demand will grow, EI-shaped core transformer demand has decreased, while the growing demand for ferrite core transformers, laminated silicon steel transformer type sharp decline in demand. Flyback transformer outlook, HDTV, large screen, wide screen TV and computer monitor flyback transformer used in the demand will steadily expand. Power | Regulator transformers bright future, computers and peripherals and communications products for the transformer to develop a large market.

Connectors: Small space, high-density, high frequency of

The development of the connector should be smaller, high-density, high-speed, high-frequency direction. Miniaturization is the central connector spacing smaller, high-density core to achieve a large number of. High density pcb (printed circuit board) connectors effective way to reach a total of 600 core items, special devices up to 5000 cores. High-speed transmission is the modern computer, information technology and network technology required time scale of signal transmission rate up to MHz frequency, pulse time to reach sub-millisecond, thus requiring a high-speed connectors. To meet the high-frequency millimeter-wave technology is the development of RF coaxial connectors have access to millimeter wave frequency band.

Switch should be small, thin, lightweight, surface mount, energy saving, high reliability, multi-functional, composite direction, and improve heat resistance, sealing, touch and environmental resistance.

Relay: portfolio, high reliability, small size

Relay in the size and dimensions should be continued miniaturization and chip type. Functions that a single relay switch to the combination of the traditional functions of relay development, assembly by the SMT (surface mount) to the micro-assembly (MPT), microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) direction.

Universal relay should continue to a small, thin plastic and direction. Low-altitude, high sensitivity, high reliability printed circuit board relay with a relay is still the common market mainstream. Reed Relay market continues to expand, the product should be open to the plastic-type direction. High I / O insulating plastic reed relays concern. Application of solid-state relay will be more extensive, the product should be highly reliable, small size, high resistance to shock and high inrush current interference direction. Relays should be dual-use military direction, compatible with IC TO-5 relays and 1 / 2 relay lens cover is still small sealed relay market focus, but should be of high environmental adaptability and high reliability direction development. Multi-contact group, there is still a heavy load of dual-use relay market.

Special Electrical Machines: intelligent, high torque, low power

Micro-motor should continue to the large torque, small size, Gao control accuracy, Di-power, low noise, long life and low cost direction, but also to the Ju You control Gongneng the intelligent direction of Yi as all kinds of brushless motor common trend. MEMS processing technology will be in ultra-small micro-motor play an important role. Thin, intelligence and integration technologies will increasingly be used in micro-motor. AC variable speed drive will gradually replace the DC speed drive, including the use of full-controlled power electronic devices, LSI and microprocessors, vector control technology. Combination technology pieces, sliced Winding, processing non-cutting technology will promote the development of ultra-small micro-motor.

Printed circuit board: high-density, multi-functional, low-cost

High-density, fine conductor technology, narrow pitch, small diameter hole, surface mount, multi-functional, low cost printed circuit boards will remain (PCB) development direction. With the PCB from the installation package substrate into the substrate, and chip components and integrated, pin grid array (PGA), chip scale package (CSP) and multi-chip module (MCM) of the increasingly popular requests PCB encapsulated terminal miniaturization, high integration package, also requires the substrate to take on new features to meet the high-density assembly requirements. With optical technology, the future should be established to achieve the electrical PCB optical wiring, optical printed circuit boards, optical surface mount technology and modular optical technology unity. With high-speed systems, PCB impedance matching has become an important issue, according to the length of the signal speed and wiring are different requirements distortion down to 10% or 5%, or even 3%. To meet the narrow space between terminals and flip-chip CSP package development, the future goal of the Circuit miniaturization technology should be identified as: the minimum line width / spacing 25/25μm, wiring pitch 50μm, conductor thickness of 5μm the following.

Acoustic and crystal devices: to continue to thin, small-scale development

Audio / Video Speaker | Buzzer should continue to be low distortion, high sensitivity, large dynamic range, wide bandwidth and good transient response playback direction, TV speakers thin, small should continue to develop. Professional speaker should be high-power (200W or more), high efficiency (98dB ~ 100dB) and wide point of direction, and using new materials (such as aerospace titanium, laminated high-density composite cone, etc.), the new magnetic circuit design methods and CAD, CAM and CAT, computer-aided design, computer aided manufacturing and computer-aided testing technology.

Type quartz crystal element continues to be the mainstream product in the category, its size should be quick small, 5mm × 3.2mm is the mainstream product, and is to 4mm × 2.5mm, 3.2mm × 2.5mm, 2.5mm × 2mm, 2.5mm × 1.6mm further reduced, and the small, high stability, low phase noise crystal oscillator should be the direction of development.

Optical Cable: Small diameter, high transfer rate, high value-added

Communication Cable Category 5 cable is still the mainstream product, but the bandwidth up to 250MHz in six categories will increase the supply cable, Cat 7 cable will soon be listed, bandwidth up to 600MHz. Frequency up to 1200MHz 8-class cable is also included in development plans. But recently, Category 5 cable Category 6 cable also can not be completely replaced.

At present, the fiber optic cable products should be small diameter, high-fiber core number, high transfer rate, high value-added and other direction. Optical fiber technology direction: to further expand the transmission capacity of a single wavelength; using dispersion management technology to achieve long-distance optical fiber transmission; improve the nonlinear optical indicators to meet the DWDM technology.

Sensitive components and sensors: intelligent, integrated, digital

Intelligent: Smart sensor is intelligent automatic control system equipment | Instrument inevitable result, smart sensors more convenient and conducive to the bus system, sensor monitoring and control systems or networks.

Micro: the sensitive components and sensors using microfabrication techniques, ion implantation, thin film technologies, products tend to micro-miniaturization. First, small size, structure, geometry of sensitive components to reach micro and nano level; Second, light weight, a single sensor in grams.

Integrated composite of: sensor integration, one refers to the same property by multiple sensors configured in the same plane to form a sensor array; Second, a number of different functions on the same substrate micro-sensor configuration, the realization of multifunctional sensor; Third, the implementation of micro-sensors and micro-devices such as monolithic and hybrid integration.

Digital: Sensors and signal conditioning circuitry to realize the digital signal output, to facilitate and network interface.

Chip type: With the production of SMT technology, there has been a variety of surface mount components (SMC) to meet their technology needs, the main SMC, including chip-sensitive resistors, chip-sensitive capacitors, chip inductors and so sensitive.

Array: a sensor in the production of two or more sensitive to the same unit, in order to achieve lower test error or redundancy design purposes.

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Incremental and Radiation Interaction: electronic components, the two laws of technological innovation

Incremental linkage rule of law and electronic components Radiation Technology Innovation and Electronic Information Industry of the two laws.

Incremental law: Review of China and the world's electronic information industry development history, one can Faxianzheyang a rule, electronic devices of every Yici innovative breakthrough technology, electronic components industry, Ben Shen Bu Jin to produce a cross development, but also promoted the use Xinxing Electronic Zhijie e-machine replacement parts, so that these industries directly related to the electronic machine to achieve a greater development, in order to stimulate the national economy and the world economy and prosperity.

For example, due to the innovative integrated circuit technology, the computer from the vacuum tube computers, computer transistors, integrated circuits, computers, large scale integrated circuit computer, VLSI computer, optical computer development to bio-intelligent computer; to tape recorders from the vacuum tube radio, phonograph , transistor radios, tape recorders, Walkman, MP3 developed to MP4; to make air conditioners from cooling air conditioners, hot and cold air conditioners, AC to DC inverter air conditioner inverter air conditioner development; to make washing machines washing machines from single-cylinder, double cylinder washing machine development to the automatic washing machine; to video from the tape recorder, VCD, Super VCD, DVD, progressive scan DVD recorder development to the disc. As the chip electronic component technology innovation, from analog phones to cell phones, digital phones to the development of third generation multimedia mobile phone.

As the electro-optic component technology innovation, so that light from incandescent, fluorescent, energy saving lamps to the development of LED (light emitting diode) lights. As the heating element technology innovation, from electronics to electric stove stove, oven, induction cooker, microwave oven development to light. As display technology innovations to television from black and white TV, color TV, flat rectangular TV, ultra-flat TV, flat screen TV, progressive scan TV, point by point scan TV, rear projection televisions, PDP (plasma) TV the development of the LCD (LCD) TV. In short, with the innovative technology of electronic components, electronic components directly using the new technology of new products like electronic tide gate, as wave after wave of surging from a Unit, not only by generation of people too late to use, and even the function also difficult for many people timely and comprehensive understanding, and thus greatly expand the market demand and promote economic growth.

Radiation interaction rules: By moving forward, people can also find such a rule, electronic components associated with new technology has enormous effect, a new technology of electronic components tend to open multiple new markets, new markets are also created many new jobs, indirect economic benefits generated is amazing.

For example, network components as technology innovation, new technology gave birth to the Internet network access, online shopping, online games, online advertising, e-commerce, search engine, comprehensive portal, personal portals, e-mail, electronic courseware, e-books, Internet telephony, Internet messaging, Internet chat, network television, movie, online education, network diagnosis, network security, online music, online banking, download hardware | tools, software downloads, site navigation, online recruitment, BBS, network news, network pictures, webcam, web albums, network information, network technology, network training, more than 50 new markets, and each new market needs for a variety of professional services group.

And with the continuous improvement of a new technology and social development, new markets will emerge, and the strong development momentum. Internet-based technologies such as blog, podcast, Wei-off it is.

Market Links

Electronic components in the information industry to gradually increase the proportion of

According to authoritative statistics and projections of international, 2007, the world of electronic information industry output value reached 4.65 trillion U.S. dollars, up 9.5%, 9.3% of total world GDP, ranking first in the industry; expected to reach 4.98 trillion U.S. dollars in 2008 , an increase of 7.1%, 9.7% of total world output, and further strengthen the leading position. 2007 World electronic components industry output value reached 446.4 billion U.S. dollars, up 11.1% of the world's electronic information industry, 9.6% of GDP, the world's total output of electronic components 1700180000000; projected 2008 GDP up to the World Electronic Components Industry 541.037 billion U.S. dollars, up 21.2% of the world's electronic information industry, 10.5% of GDP, the world's total output of electronic components up to 2,060,620,000,000. From this, the world's electronic information industry has grown faster than world GDP growth, and in the world to gradually increase the proportion of GDP. Growth of the world's electronic components industry growth rate higher than the world of electronic information industry, and electronic information industry in the world and gradually increase the proportion.

According to national authorities that in 2007 total output value of China's electronic information industry was 5.6 trillion yuan, up 19.9% of the world's electronic information industry output value of 17.2%, ranked after the United States, ranking second in the world, accounting for the total value of 22.7%, ranking first in the domestic industry; estimated 2008 gross output value of China's electronic information industry reached 6.6 trillion yuan, up 18.5% of the world's electronic information industry, 18.9% of GDP, is expected to overtake the U.S. in the world first, accounting for 24.2% of GDP, further strengthen the dominant position. 2007 total output value of China's electronic components industry was 719.6 billion yuan, up 27.3% of the world's electronic components industry, 23% of the total output value, accounting for the national electronic information industry, 12.9% of GDP, China's output of electronic components for the 663 070 000 000, an increase of 15.4%, total world production of electronic components 39%, ranking first in the world; estimated 2008 gross output value of China's electronic components industry up to 933.18 billion yuan, up 29.7%, representing the world's electronic components industry, 24.6% of GDP , the national electronic information industry output value accounted for 14.1% of the total output of China's electronic components up to 859.87 billion, up 29.7%, total world production of 42% of electronic components.

From this, growth rate of China's electronic information industry was higher than the national GDP growth, and in the world, the proportion of electronic information industry and the country gradually increase the proportion of GDP. China's electronic components industry, Electronic components industry growth rate higher than the world growth rate and growth rate of the national electronic information industry, and the electronic components industry in the world, and the proportion of the national electronic information industry in the proportion gradually increased.

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