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A Review of the Lassco Wizer Spinnit EBM-S Single Spindle Paper Drill

Punching holes in paper can take a long time if you're working with a lot of sheets. Luckily, there are devices such as the Spinnit EBM-S Single Spindle Paper Drill from Lassco Wizer to help you out. This device can process hundreds of sheets at once so you can get your work done in a flash. Here are this machine's strengths and weaknesses for your consideration.


* The EBM-S is a tabletop drill that won't take up very much room at all. Its footprint measures 12" x 13.5", which is about the size of a lot of printers. This is a great device to have around if you're tired of punching your paper with a regular three-hole punch.
* This drill can bore through up to 2 inches of paper. Two inches is just about equivalent to a ream of paper that contains 500 sheets. It would take a very long time to punch that many sheets by hand.
* The EBM-S has a backgauge and a sliding guide system that makes it easy to drill multiple holes. Keep in mind that you'll need to drill one hole at a time because the device only has one spindle.
* This device has a pull-down handle that's easy to grasp. The handle is D-shaped so it's perfect for everyone, right- and left-handed people alike.
* Unlike some of the other drills on the market that need to be shipped by truck, this machine can be shipped via UPS thanks to its small size. This will help you save money on shipping costs.
* The EBM-S is reasonably priced so it's a great choice if you need a high-quality drill but are working with a limited budget. Also, it comes with a one-year warranty you can use if the item winds up giving you problems.


* As mentioned above, the EBM-S is a single spindle machine so each hole needs to be punched separately. A three spindle device is what you should get if you want to punch more than one hole at once. However, those machines can be quite a bit more expensive. They also tend to be much larger than this product.
* This device weighs 62 pounds so it's on the heavy side. You should get some assistance if you ever need to move it.

The Lassco Wizer Spinnit EBM-S Single Spindle Paper Drill is a good little machine and is one of the best devices of this type available. This device is small enough to fit in a tight space but is powerful enough to bore through hundreds of sheets of paper at once. Due to this machine's small footprint, it would be a good choice for offices, copy rooms, and schools. This drill has a lot of user-friendly features including its sliding guide system and the D-shaped handle. It's also affordable. Just keep in mind that it only has one spindle so you can only drill one hole at once. If this sound like the machine that's right for you, take a look at the EBM-S today.

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