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How to Approach Women in Bars, Clubs, and Anywhere Else You Might Go

The approach is definitely something that most guys allow to get the best of them. And when you are a little too hesitant to approach women, you are going to put a lot of restrictions on yourself. After all, how are you going to meet new women if you cannot go over and make the approach? You're not, unless you somehow get lucky and they all just are magically drawn to you, and the odds of that happening are not really that good.

The most common places for guys to go and hopefully approach women are bars and clubs. Truth is, you should work on getting used to approaching women anywhere, because there are so many more opportunities outside of these places. And most of the time, women are going to be a lot less hesitant when you approach them outside of a club.

Just the other day, I was at a miniature golf course, just having fun with some friends, and as luck would have it, a group of college girls ended up right behind us. Of course, I did not let that opportunity slide by, and by the time we reached the 18th hole, they were playing with us and ended up going out for drinks later that night.

Point is, you need to be able to make the approach anywhere that you might go if you want to become really successful with women.

Here are 3 tips on how to approach women in bars, clubs, and anywhere else you might go:

1. You need to relax and not take it so seriously.

I see a lot of this in guys that have a hard time approaching women. They make it out to be this big deal, like approaching a girl is some kind of big event. You need to relax and not be so taken aback by the idea of walking up to a woman and starting a conversation with her. Most of the time, the worst that will happen is that you talk for a little bit and end up with nothing but that experience. That's usually about the worst of what will happen. No big deal there, is it?

2. You need to make women laugh when you talk to them.

It's the easiest thing to do to automatically make them feel comfortable with you approaching and talking to them. Especially in non bar and club situations. Crack a little joke and get something started. When you can make a woman laugh, she no longer really thinks of you as being some guy that she does not know. She thinks of you as being the cool guy that made her crack a smile.

3. You need to be able to "up the ante."

If you want to have the interaction be MORE than just a simple conversation, then you need to up the ante. What I mean is, you need to keep the conversation flowing with her, build attraction, and then have a reason to ask for her number or to hang out with her. When I was at the golf course, I ended up making a bet that it would be guys versus girls and whoever won, would buy the other group drinks. You see what I did there? No matter what, if we won or lost, we still would end up having drinks with them. Luckily, we won, and they DID pay for the drinks.

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