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Smart Electric Guitars for Children

Millions of families all throughout the United States spoil and pamper their children by buying them tons of toys. This is a good thing, especially because children need to experiment a lot, and they need to see as many aspects of real life as they can while they are still young if they are to get a head start in life. And since toys are usually miniature representations of stuff in the real world, they are perfect if you want to prepare your little one for adulthood. Many homes have special storage places for mountains of toys, each more interesting than the others. One type of toys has particularly sparked my interest: electric guitars for kids.

Well, sure, I admit, it is because I play the guitar too. I played in many bands, even participated in a large concert once. That's why the guitar is special for me. Now let's get to the point. What are these things? Are they worth having around? Do they add any value to your child's playtime?

Kids electric guitars come in various shapes and sizes, and they perform different functions. For example, there are the ones that are realistic, with chords, tone knobs, pickups, tuning pegs and the whole "shabang". The only thing is that they are child size, so a kid can easily wield them and carry them around. These are perfect for kids who are serious about learning to play the guitar.

Then, there are the guitars that are designed for younger kids. Those are plain old electronic toys. They look like real guitars, except they are really small, have no chords, and they play music on speakers. To a guitar enthusiast, they might look like they are worthless, but wait a minute. Actually, they are perfect to introduce the concept of guitar playing to very young kids, and so they can ultimately be the trigger that a child needs to fall in love with playing and with music in general. Playing with this kind of guitars is loads of fun even for adults, and the cool thing is that they teach you the basics. For instance, when you play a song in "learning" mode, the frets where you need to put your finger actually light up to have you learn play the song by yourself.

Electric guitars are definitely things your kid should have. Who knows? Your kid may be the next Yingwie Malmsteen and you don't even know it.

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