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Telemarketing Support to Direct Marketing

Clients who go for direct marketing methods for their lead generation make it a point to have a call center on board. Consumers have a very immediate reaction to the direct marketing plugs on the radio or on TV. They are most likely to call up as soon as they see the ad, in case they are interested. The clients need a BPO cover to handle all these calls that are going to stream in the moment the ad goes on air. You may ask why their existent in-house answering service team cannot handle the calls. The answer is that the call volume will be extremely high and it will require the expertise that phone answering agents come with. The calls need to be received and processed for maximum utilization. The costs incurred by a client to go for direct marketing is pretty high. So the optimization of resources becomes a key factor.

Direct marketing is the process of using a radio or TV advertisement to make the consumers aware of a new product or the launch of a new brand. Such ads are seen by a large number of people because radio and TV are media that penetrate deep into the masses. The clients generally inject a phone number to the ad copy. Consumers are encouraged to call this number for further details. This number directs the calls to an inbound call center desk. The composition of the answering service team is a tricky task in itself. Because the client spends a lot on the direct marketing ad, they are more likely to ask for fewer call center agents on the job. But the BPO unit has to point out that the call volume in such campaigns is very high. If they move with a shortage of manpower, there will be complications.

For example, the telemarketing agents will have to work at a feverish pitch. They may not be able to provide ample time to the calls that will come in. Consumers will ask a lot of questions because they are curious. The lead generation opportunities that the clients are aiming for may go untapped if the agents are not responding to this curiosity with the right telemarketing services. If the BPO agents serve the customers with the required time, they may end up leaving the callers with a longer hold time. Hold times are never good for sales lead generation. Callers give up and hang up the call. You may argue that such calls can be tracked back and contacted, but the leads cools off by then.

After brainstorming over this telemarketing puzzle, BPO experts ask clients to also use a website in their ad copy. Online users are on the rise anyway. When the consumers see a website link, they may pay a visit and leave a comment or a query. These can be answered by the inbound call center team. This takes the pressure off the call lines and the task of the call center gets divided into two different but productive channels.

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