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Women - Reclaim Your Youthfulness With Proper Exercise

As the years pass us by there are some unmistakable changes to our body and the way we feel about ourselves and our life. Some of those changes involve a loss of physical strength and a busy day can leave us worn out. Sometimes we have to make a couscous effort to eat less so we can maintain our weight as we notice more soft fat tissue where there used to be firm toned muscle.

You have every right to wonder what is happening. It is easy to dismiss it as simply getting older but is this really the problem? Or is there something else conspiring to make you feel older than your years?

While it is easy to lay the blame for these unwelcome changes on aging and accept that they are inevitable, getting older it is not the culprit. Physical inactivity is a major contributing factor, our modern sedentary lifestyles.

Even if we think we are being active with household chores and rushing around being 'busy' this is not considered proper exercise that strengthens, builds and maintains our muscular system. There is simply not enough of this type of activity in our modern lives anymore. We have to replace it with intentional exercise if we wish to hold off the aging process.

Without proper exercise the human body weakens, ages far quicker, gets fat easier, and becomes vulnerable to disease. But the good news is it is so easy to prevent and even reverse the changes we think are because of the aging process.

Woman who strength train on a regular basis as their primary exercise activity are stronger, leaner, firmer, younger looking, have greater bone density and have more disease protection than those who do only 'cardio' activity only.

The fact is it is the loss of unused muscle tissue that causes the body to grow old quicker and accumulate fat more easily and strength training exercise
is the key to reversing both of those negative body changes.

Muscle tissue is metabolically active; meaning it needs fuel (calories) to maintain itself. Even when you are asleep your muscle tissue is responsible for more than 25 percent of your calorie use. Adding just a couple of pounds (you would not even notice it) of lean muscle tissue will increase metabolism by up to 10 percent.

Your metabolic rate (the rate your body burns fuel) will not only be boosted and rapidly burning off excess body fat and but your body's proportions will be smaller. You will also get a bonus of increased energy, feeling younger and more energetic.

Strength training women report improved mental and emotional well-being which combines to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Sleeping better and feeling happier about their appearance were also mentioned along with better self esteem and more self confidence.

No other diet plan or 'cardio' type activity can ever achieve all these benefits or comparable results. Just 2-3 sessions each week done correctly with enough intensity (degree of effort) will improve how you look and feel, what you can accomplish each day and how you look for the rest of your life.

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