Jumat, 03 September 2010

Some Aika Stories(aika money)

Since the first CBT on March 6, Aika has been deeply loved by players. And your players could enjoy the cheapest aika money service here. And the Pran develop system has attracted more players both male and female to join. And now, Aika officials will launch a special moving video for Pran, as a reward to all the players who have largely supported the first CBT of Aika. Pran is the fourth creature of "god AIKA", in order to help human beings resist enemies.

Pran's Taboo: It is said that in the spirit world where Pran lives, they absolutely can not fall in love with their own masters, otherwise it will be subject to the punishment from God AIKA. And the video tells us a true story of Pran.

When the Pran wizard called Elaine, that was taken by a young warrior from Pran bred room, then the adventure of Elaine began. Elaine gradually grew up to be young girl and started to face the difficulties with the owner. When Pran fell in love with the master.

Elaine was led by the warriors in the world of Aika, and they continued the adventure on the continent, Elaine began to slowly fall in love with his brave owner of justice. However the warrior as her guardian did not feel that. And when the warrior got acquainted with and finally fell in love with a beautiful woman dual gunner, Elaine is quietly behind to bless them. Finally, Elaine can not find flavor in her master's eyes, and how will the story of three people develop. You can enjoy Aika moving MV "My name is Elaine". Would you like to buy professional Aika powerleveling? If so, please come here and our website will never let you down. Just feel free to contact us at any time.

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