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A Low Battery Charge Do Not Blow Out Blind In One Eye

Last Sunday, Mr. Jiang in a



Stalls to spend 13 yuan to buy a piece of mobile phone batteries. At 22 o'clock on the the 18th over, he fell asleep before the usual charge the phone, the result an hour later, he was bombing explosions woke up. The result: his right eye to see fried collapse of the charger, battery explosions, while the left eye was bleeding, could not see the light.

Fried collapse of the cell phone, the battery explosion

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Mr. Jiang

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He carries only 70 yuan, about 6 km bike, run around in two hospitals, "self." Although the rescue operation finally accepted, but doctors said frankly: left eye and eye from the middle split the contents of the logistics out, seriously injured, no doubt the basic blind. Can do is to secure the right eye was not involved in infection. "You report them is a good thing to remind you Do not buy a counterfeit cell phone batteries!" Mr. Jiang said.

Last Sunday 13 yuan to buy a new battery

Was actually on the explosion in three days

Yesterday evening, reporters at the Armed Police


Corps Hospital Eye Centre 8 met Mr. Jiang. His left eye was tightly bandaged, covered with a bloodshot right eye. "I have no money, do not intend to litigate, but you report them is a good thing." Although the tone calm, but his party still tears streaming from his right eye down the remaining.

47-year-old Mr. Jiang in Guangzhou, a



Repair shop when the girl on duty. "I use


Very old a cell phone, original battery very good use, I use three or four years, but then to die, and I began to frequently change batteries. "He told reporters, to buy more batteries is" to spread the goods ", each only took ten dollars, of course, and the results are not very good. Last Sunday, he Jiefang Road and


Road at the junction of a cell phone accessory stalls and spent 13 yuan to buy a piece of mobile phone batteries. "The other side told me three months of shifting."

"Four or five times I have full power, and last night I fell asleep in the factory dormitories usual pre-start charging, the charger from the head about a half meters. The thinking of sleeping on the pull, the result of careless sleep . again bomb explosions woke up was awake. "Mr. Jiang, who recalls that the first reaction is to see what an explosion and found the battery had been broken inside, it all blown out, pillow melting the charger also. "At this time I did not feel severe pain, but touched his face and eyes, has a face full of blood, and I soon found myself left eye can not see, and even light can not feel. After a while children began Pain. "

No light perception left eye bleeding

His bike to run around the two hospitals

Mr. Jiang did not call 120 emergency calls. "I'm afraid long traffic jam, waiting time, simply riding a bicycle to their own." Strong Renzhaojutong, attend to blood, can only rely on his right eye view road, ride his bike started for Mr. Jiang from the hospital in time Longdong recent quarters . "I stepped on a hard bike, 10 minutes. To a doctor for a check there, said: 'No, you hurt too heavy, go to another hospital it.' I went, armed police hospital in time."

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