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Google Reputation Management

Google is the most often used search engine in the world and there is a reason for this. It is the best i.e. the public widely agrees that searches on Google provide fast and highly relevant results. With this comes trust. When people trust the results of a search engine, it means that whenever your company or your name shows up in results, you want those results to be positive. Google Reputation Management is all about keeping your positive information on the top pages and eliminating or relegating negative comments buried past page 10 or worse.

Google Reputation Management gets its roots from Search Engine Optimization (SEO).SEO is a sophisticated system of processes that work together to increase the rankings of websites based on keyword searches, SEO is driven by content including articles, blog posts, press releases and more to increase the indexation and syndication rates to generate higher rankings though generation of high quality and high quantities of Backlinks. However, in the absence of SEO, any negative comments, falsehoods and smears can show up first.

If you are not engaging in active SEO and you notice negative comments, false comments or attacks, what can you do? If even one negative remark is on the Internet, it might show up either first or near the top of Google results, with potentially damaging consequences for your reputation and your company's bottom line. Google Reputation Management services provide a solution to this problem by utilizing a well crafted process to eliminate, confront and effectively push down the negative comments.

The reasons for negative feedback may vary, and can include a disgruntled ex-employee who puts negative reviews on peer sites or community forums; a competitor who wants to malign your reputation to gain an edge in sales; or someone who dislikes you personally might try to bring down your reputation through the use of unfavorable content in a blog or online comment. It could also be from a dissatisfied customer. In this case, the customer should be contacted as soon as possible so the issue can be resolved. This is an essential part of Reputation Management. Setting Google Alerts on the company name and monitoring reviews is also an important step to addressing the complaints.

Google Reputation Management services seek to effectively address any and all online activity that can negatively affect your reputation and keeps your business at the top of search engine rankings. While SEO is the proactive and better choice over the long haul, when negatives occur online, you have little choice but to address it in a reactive way with Google Reputation Management services.

Reputation Management is really an outgrowth of SEO. For prime ranking in the major search engines you need a constant stream of content. The only way to guarantee negative comments are effectively relegated to rarely visited search pages is through SEO processes involving content. SEO companies have the knowhow to conduct keyword and topic research to move your company to the top of search engine rankings and stay there. The process is not done overnight and it is ongoing. There is never a break in Search Engine Optimization; you need proactive processes focused on relevant content to effectively compete with any negativity that develops.

SEO processes such as a constant stream of quality content, positive press releases, active forum participation, as well as syndication to many different types of sites including the social Media and social bookmarking sites work together to compete for top page visibility and, at the same time, keep negative comments and tactics out of the public eye.

If you are seeing negative comments on page 1, you either don't have quality SEO results or no SEO at all. You will need immediate Google Reputation Management Services.

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