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Free Laptop Repair Videos

What do you get in this package? You'll see in full 960x540 HD video:Grab A Copy Click here

* How to replace a motherboard
* How to replace an LCD Screen
* What to do when the laptop keeps shutting down
* How to fix DC power jacks
* The crucial difference between a bad screen and a bad inverter board
* How to replace hinges
* Where I buy all my parts
* The best way to go about taking a laptop apart
* How to solder
* The art of fixing AC adapters
* How to handle a laptop that has had liquid spilled in it
* what to do when a laptop overheats
* how to replace CD/DVD drives, RAM, processors, hard Drives and wireless cards
* and much, much more!!

Grab A Copy Click here

These videos have been years in the making. These are not your low quality, inexperienced YouTube videos you've probably seen in your travels. Steve Cherubino is a laptop specialist who has had people send him laptops to fix from all over the world. These are real repairs from a real technician who has owned his very own computer repair shop in Philadelphia PA, and has taken apart and repaired hundreds of laptops!

Once you click the Buy Now button below you will have access to these videos and be able to download and watch them instantly!

I don't know about you, but in this day and age, with the Internet at our disposal, I rarely make a purchase without seeing what end-users have to say about the product. I 'd like for you to read what people are saying about these videos...

If you are not happy with this purchase for whatever reason, you may request a refund within 60 days of purchase. I'm certain you will be satisfied, but I believe in great customer service so I will accommodate you however I can.

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