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Be a performer in an Interview

Preparation For Performance

Write your resume effectively. Describe your skills, experience and objectives like a summarized story so that the HR can evaluate your skills in short time.

Organize and categorize your portfolio and it should blend to your resume.

Do some stuff under your privilege by using your unique art & style e.g. illustrations, Presentations

2d/3d show reels etc.

Try to forward your resume direct to the companies or job consultancies on their available e-mail address. You are also open to ask directly to your friends in your network also request them for recommendations.

Performance at Interview Call

If you receiving any interview call be polite and answer the questions calmly. By chance if you confused with any word or interview related question you can request the caller to repeat by saying pardon and blame yourself that "I couldn't hear you clearly".

Get Ready to Perform

It is recommended to collect information in advance about the company's market values, major players, objectives and status so that you can frequently answer the question during interview process.

Dress well when you go for interviews and practice to answer the unexpected questions that may be put out by the employers. Don't let them consider you as unyielding, or violent, let them feel you are easy going, Flexible, skilled, knowledgeable and deserving candidate for the job.

Performance for Evaluation

At the scheduled interview, try to fill all the fields in the query form and try to match all information according to your resume. HR will consider you by judging similarities between query form and your resume. Don't pass wrong information and say no if you don't have right information related to the question.

When you receive documents related to your online interview process make sure that the listed themes are relevant to your criteria. It is quite possible there could be much content listed in your received document regarding to your online skill performance. Don't be bothered, concentrate on an particular content, sequence or theme and try to do best and on maturity level so the concerned person can evaluate your performance

Always be in negotiation when employer asks to know about your salary expectations don't tell them directly your desired amount and confirm yourself what is their decided range for this post you can also negotiate your salary by describing your advance knowledge and skills bring into their knowledge how these skills beneficial for the company's system process and future progress.

Though we can't define any fixed theory how to get a job but it is totally depend on individuals and company's requirement, situation, policy or circumstances. By being habitual to attend seminars, events, job fairs enhance your chances to win a job.

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