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6A implementation of the new national standard washing machine market had not posted signs Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/business-ideas-arti

Washing machine
What kind? For managing identity can be considered to differentiate the. August 29, the reporter from the China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute, Beijing Botian Certification Co., Ltd. and Asia
Co-organized the "electric washing machine to implement the new national standard 6A cum first certified product certification ceremony" was informed that the national standard GB/T4288-2008 "electric washing machines for household and similar purposes" (referred to as the new national standard washing machine 6A) in 2009 September 1 officially implemented, it is a comprehensive assessment of the importance of the national standard washing machine, washing machine through 6A-certified products will
Gold posted a unified end-6A certification logo. At present, Haier, Siemens, Little Swan, Midea, Bosch,
, Guider, dozens of new music's first 6A high-end products have passed the certification.
Vice President of China Household Electrical Appliances Research
Miyahama that the upcoming September 1 implementation of the new washing machine 6A state standards, compared to the clean, moisture, noise, water consumption, cleaning uniformity, trouble-free operation time this project was carried out 6 and classification of each project is divided into A, B, C, D four levels, six indicators are all A-level results, namely 6A washing machine. Relatively "new 6A" the concepts of 6A is derived from the old "electric washing machines for household and similar purposes," the 2003 version of the national standards. The revised and upgraded standard and will enhance the technical level on the washing machine industry has played a positive role. The concept of the new 6A, will also become consumers in our washing machine, in particular, an important basis for high-end washing machine.

In the implementation of the standards, the Chinese household appliances and the Beijing Institute of Certified Botian Asia Co., Ltd. jointly launched the "6A washing machine authentication" on sale of washing machines will be consistently posting 6A gold "6A" certification logo. Vice President of China Household Electrical Appliances Research, Asia Beijing Botian Certification Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Wang Haizhou, said, "6A" certification for our products for household washing machines show content for consumers to purchase an irreplaceable role to play in order to enhance China's household washing machine product quality and international competitiveness has played a positive role in promoting.

Household appliances, according to the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Centre Inspection Minister Lu Jian introduced a new washing machine canceled 6A power index detection, increasing the uniformity of testing clean. "Wash increase uniformity, in order to more fully and accurately reflect the extent of washing clean clothes." Washing machine washing process is a complex work process, the original 6A standard rate which is only an indicator of clean washing clothes reflect clean degree, but it can only reflect the degree of washing clothing and a clean overall average, washing clothes for the single state can not articulate. The evenness of the wash to reflect the results of every piece of clothing that is clean and wash the distribution level, is to demonstrate the effect of machine washing the important indicators. That is, the limit under the new standards, a good washing machine should be clean all the rated load, will wash and clean than to maintain uniformity in an ideal range.

Consumers Association
Zhang, deputy director of the Department of Consumer guide sees it, the original 6A standard, the new 6A will be more scientific and more reasonable, more comprehensive and better quality for the consumer purchasing advanced technology and good reputation of washing machines to provide a more complete , objective, impartial guidance.

According to report, home inspection and classification of electric washing machine has started, there are already many very good product to the 4A, 5A. "Because after all A-is an international advanced level, and the six main performance is restraining each other. Simply put: clean high and uniform cleaning high, water will inevitably high; lower water content, the greater noise. Therefore, to achieve true high-grade, need to improve product design, manufacturing tech, manufacturing units must have good technical quality. "Jian-Guo Lu said in an interview.

After the implementation of new standards, 6A washing machine washing machine manufacturers are likely to be chasing the target and display a symbol of strength.

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