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Expand Screw Industry

"At present, constraints jintang industrial economy is a major factor in the development of industrial land and water resources, if we can solve the two problems, by 2008 o. bridge puts up a time when there will be a big leap Jintang." Participated in the Urban four-five meetings of the NPC National People's Congress, Standing Committee Dinghai District, Golden Town appointed secretary of Zhejiang Hai recently described the current economic situation Jintang industry.

Golden Town industrial economy in order to create well-known screw presses, known as "China Screw town" reputation. Last year, the town industrial economic output reached 18.4 billion yuan, an increase of 23% in the region's industrial economy was ranked first. One screw manufacturing accounted for 64% of the total industrial economy, occupy 70% of the national market share of the screw. Wang Zhe Hai said: This year I submitted the General Assembly, the motion is mainly called on the government to further intensify efforts to adopt preferential policies on the three major island of Jintang overall planning, especially in the land policy, given the enterprise a certain concessions in order to expand production needs, for the next five-year plan to lay a solid foundation. He said that in recent years, Golden Town, the rapid development of non-public ownership economy, with more than 300 screw manufacturing enterprises, and now, some lathe production plant close to each other, an urgent need to expand the construction of plant reproduction.

Wang Zhe Hai said that another constraint is water. Jintang as the islands, already scarce water resources. And because of geographical reasons, what distribution is extremely uneven: Dafeng is relatively water-rich, while the Lek Hong Kong and mountain lake are dry. In recent years, due to the rapid development of industrial economy, the demand for water increased significantly over last year's Jintang 800 million cubic meters of water this year is expected to reach more than 1100 million cubic meters, if you do not take effective measures, will i. on the production and life a certain extent. Wang Zhe Hai said: I hope the Government to expeditiously implement the integration of urban and rural water supply projects, the best this year, you can start to relieve pressing business. Golden Town will co-ordinate the planning, full use of existing water resources on the island, the river turned the water storage, improve water utilization.

On the hot issue "bridge economy" that Wang Zhe Hai, said: frame-pass bridge in 2008 when the bridgehead to play a role in Jintang no doubt, in order to meet the bridge economic times, we are increasing infrastructure construction. This year has begun on the construction of large Pukou and Xiao Li Ao two container terminals, large Pukou existing 5 berths to the 2008 will build two terminals. As a strategic location, then, to land and container will be transported through the bridge more quickly and conveniently. Xiao Li Ao was mainly good pass water, electricity, access roads and site formation work, the economy lay the foundation for the bridge.

Wang Zhe Hai said: will I pass the bridge frame 15 kilometers of the Zhenjiang city not to mention the emergence of CMO, in addition to boosting local consumption, thermal envelope, as well as prosperity, because everyone Chimei a good impression, many Taiwanese firms simply hitch a ride, play the Taiwan card in Zhenjiang big business profits. Hsu Wen-lung in the past has been known as the father of acrylic ?? Taiwan, it appears there are successful experiences in Zhenjiang Chi Mei, he wanted to be the father of the whole of China acrylic ?.

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