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Employ VoIP phones for better business communication

The field of telecommunications is a dynamic. With the ever-increasing advances in technology, the products and services on offer also change rapidly. The new systems of communication have proven to be more efficient and utility- driven. This has made their popularity soar and enabled them to replace the conventional modes employed.

VoIP phone system is one of the latest offering on the block, which are though, similar to analog phones, but operate via PSTNs (Public Switched Telephone Network). The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allows the users to make calls over the internet; all one needs is an active broadband connection to launch a call.

VoIP phone system, likeits traditional counterpart, not onlyis similar in appearance but carries most of its features as well, like call waiting, redial, speed dial, flash, mute, space for storing contacts, volume control etc. Incorporation of traditional features provides for comfort and ease of use.

However, since these phones are specifically designed to make calls over the internet, they are also accompanied by VoIP gateways that convert analog signals into IP, for transfer over a phone network.

VoIP gateways are used to convert incoming analog signals to digital packets. Therefore, they allow calls to be received and transferred over the regular PSTNs; they also connect traditional phones to an IP network. These gateways therefore, have one port to connect to the IP network and another to the various analog phone lines.

Depending on the type of lines they connect, VoIP gateways have been divided into analog units and digital units. Analog units are employed to connect up to 24 analog phone lines to it. Alternatively, the digital units allow one or more digital lines to be connected with it.

A VoIP phones system provides for a number of advantages over the regular analog phones as well. Since the calls are made via the internet, the costs incurred are much less than the usual telephony. Not only this, the taxes that are applicable on the phone calls made over IP networks are negligible, further lowering the total costs.

The convenience that a VoIP phones systemprovides is unmatched. The users just need an active broadband connection to start a call with these phones. Various specialized features too are available with a VoIP service provider. These include voice mail, call waiting, three-way calling, call forwarding, caller ID among others.

An additional advantage with a VoIP phoneservice is that it does not require the users to change numbers on relocation. Again, the only necessary condition is the availability of a high-speed internet connection. Hence, VoIP phone services not only prove to be more efficient but highly affordable as well

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