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Once upon a time, 480 lines, 540 lines or 580 lines of analog high-definition camera to proclaim, when the emergence of megapixels digital camera, high definition between the two machines have a qualitative change, CIF, D1 such term is gradually 720P, 1080P by instead, in the end how much clarity will increase? Put it this way: the top 625 simulated camera also scan lines, and look at the current network of ordinary megapixels digital camera can easily achieve the 1000 line, which is essential to upgrade. Building Network HD Video Surveillance System will lead to network bandwidth, video storage space, image decoding capabilities and other aspects of progress, and hence the price is compared to the previous analog equipment extremely expensive, so in the end from the current Environment View, all applications in which high-definition monitor environment?

Traffic public places As liquidity is very high, a large concentration of personnel, Crime Rate of traffic in busy public places, in particular, need to use high-definition video monitoring to achieve full, comprehensive Security Prevention. In fact, from around the world have deployed the application point of view, high-definition video surveillance systems do play a very important role in the London Underground and Bus Case of car bombings so far we still remember, in just 13 days, the police announced who burst out of the last action before the facilities to monitor image and appearance, which depends mainly on the HD is all over the area video surveillance systems. It is understood that in London alone there are 1800 high-definition camera station control, the London subway, there are more than 6,000 cameras in operation. High-definition video surveillance has become a security track safety and the provision of crime information The most important and effective tool.

Traffic in major cities in China have also installed high-definition video surveillance system, Xiamen City, 500W high-definition cameras on the first time Motor Vehicle To capture red light violations in half during the test run, the system in eight junctions accurate, clear and capture more than 2,000 illegal vehicles, vehicles running a red light, red light intersection, day or night, or under the influence of bad weather as long as you ran a red light can shoot a very clear face plate and the driver. According to "Nanfang Daily", a Guangzhou Metro stations and 64 trains on a total of more than 2,000 installed video surveillance equipment to monitor the point spread to every corner of the station, the MTR subway stations in recent years, video surveillance system successfully passed all kinds of criminal cases uncovered more than 200 cases. Beijing to ensure Olympics Peace that has opened the eight subway lines, 123 stations, also equipped with more than 4200 high-definition cameras for 24 hour monitoring, equally effective playing a security role, and the World Expo HD monitoring system, and even hair can be clearly seen .

We also see that the public sector is still high-definition video surveillance has been more widely applied, but the application of the breadth and depth of application, there is still a long way to go. I am pleased that the security video surveillance and the whole field of new technologies, new features are speeding up video surveillance to promote mass transit better and more efficient.

Financial sector Financial sector is also the main force in high-definition monitoring system. As a high-risk industry, the criminal activities for the financial industry has never stopped, and rapid, unexpected, hidden features, how to key positions and key period in the rapid and accurate capture the details of the scene as a bank security department important issue, and high-definition video is the most direct means of settlement.

Present, many banks have set up a high-definition monitoring system, which 24-hour "duty" to monitor the scope, clarity of the original probe has a larger raise than the long distance range, in aid of both high-definition can take clear pictures of the facial characteristics.

Hospital Medical Industry

Success through a clear monitoring images captured lie Yituo, against the hospital through the remote monitoring illegal activities in public places, by monitoring scheduling maintenance of the rule of security so security is becoming a major highlight of the hospital, was more and more adopted by hospitals.

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