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From the first day I enter the home appliance industry, we have often heard some of the older generation talk about household electrical appliance enterprises are Marketing
Oriented enterprises, and the choice Ages and marketing approach, all channels driven model will be taken first, so in that time, I understand the importance of home appliance industry of its channels. Channels appliance industry development model: from the 80s of last century when the demand exceeds supply, the department store, delivery of the five companies are sending buyers to the manufacturers to pick up, and later developed into a number of small family-run shop in the wholesale and agent, to the early 90s up to the big agency, until the late 90's self-built channels for the manufacturers, to 2000, the agency adopted after strong professional agency should develop into a major professional home appliance chain Marketplace Generation. It can be said appliance industry channel model, as the market changes, the change has not stopped. Appliances channels all the time full of variables, we can see the importance of its home appliance business, as each manufacturer in a different channel models to find patterns conducive to their own channels. We now have a mainstream channel model home appliance industry is nothing more than the four models plus a combination of punches. A loose-level regional agency Successful appliance business today often rely on this level through the regional agency, such channels can be said that the main body of Zhan Zhao appliance industry sources. But now the advantages no longer exist, but may be due to the aging of a channel Competition The disadvantage. Because the household electrical appliance enterprises in the past using a large area, large area dealers system, set up a typical pyramid distribution system in the development of large area dealers can not synchronize with the enterprise development plan is expected, lagging behind the development requirements of enterprises, they will form a constraint power. In addition, the typical pyramid distribution system will lead to terminal Sell Price poorly controlled, despite the company introduced a competitive product, but Dealers Mercenary operations, loss of competitiveness of products may result. So this mode the terminal will often appear high prices, leading to the sale of competitive products in the terminal, ultimately affect the sales improve. 2, control channel self-built channel model Throughout many appliance companies, after years of development, the introduction of the first channel mode, again based on this innovation, deepening of channels, control and guidance, the establishment of a large number of branch offices and work Department, the product flow, velocity and flow control. Therefore, the late '90s, household electrical appliance enterprises have made Channel Management , "The winning end," and spread the branches and offices open to the 23 market presence in the management of sales channels and building of the terminal. For example, some 23 cities, there are also manufacturers of office. However, as long as the cooperation of manufacturers and distributors did not end the day, we can not control the channels one day, the initiative will be of interest to maximize grip in his hand. Moreover, although the "self-built channel model," conquering a city not a small effect, sales increased, but the resulting human and material resources to pay such costs, as well as agents on the dispute has become a heavy burden on enterprises. Three manufacturers alliance, become a "community of interests" The birth of this channel model derived from the heating appliance market competition, profit margins shrink, so the relationship between companies from the early policy of competing interests, control, distribution-based, and change the picture, in order to seek maximize the benefits of cooperation and development tied to the interests of manufacturers, to set up joint-stock companies shares a channel model. Although this model can reduce duplication of resources between firms and manufacturers of disputes, can contribute to a common vendor Brand Bigger and stronger in all regions. However, no one model of development along with competitive situation, are bound to form a black hole phenomenon, because manufacturers of each other for different purposes, so that common interests will face the current challenges of the new situation, manufacturers are considering long-term development of enterprises, businesses always seek maximum benefits. To this end, the recent use of home appliances will produce the most successful of such models Gree dare to challenge States United States Dispute, because if you choose the country United States lost a lot of agents on the interests of the country instead of its sales in the United States will lose even Air conditioning Dominant position, but this will also bring a chain reaction. Four major professional home appliance chain stores Professional appliance chain store sales for each person is a headache today also face it, although it is consistent with there are different "concentrate on" the characteristics, also play down the home appliance manufacturers in the retail sectors, the sales work to the professional socialization of household appliances distribution companies do. In theory, this is indeed a perfect path of development, but also the concerns of today's home appliances business real, this area is not strong enough, so the country the United States, Suning And other predators it will not extend its reach into three markets or Countryside Market??? This new profit growth point, but ah!

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