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I bet you heard this old saying before. I usually take it one step further though, writing is even more powerful. As a writer you have the ability to set peoples hearts on fire, get them excited about your ideas and steer their lives and your writing may last forever, igniting more and more fires in the future. As a writer your work has power over people.

And it's true, just think of yourself. How often as a child your cheeks had burn with excitement when you read another novel by your favorite writer. And then later on in life, when you discover editorial and non-fiction writing, your ideas would be shaped by the words you have read in your local paper, academic book or simply a publication you picked up somewhere.

But have you ever dreamt of having such influence on people as the writers that set your heart on fire? If so, then a career in freelance writing could be something to consider.

I am not going to tell you what it takes to start your freelance writer career though, I already wrote about it here and I urge you to head over there to read that aricle. Instead I decided to write about all aspects of this fascinating job, what it means to you and your life if you become a freelance writer.


Freelance writing is a business
Contrary to a common belief, freelance writing is a business. You are your own boss, of course, you can set your own rules. You can avoid all the office politics you probably hated in your job but there are some aspects of the business you cannot escape from: invoicing, administrative tasks, bills. You will also have to manage copywriting and all other legal aspects of your work.

You can make your own hours
To me this is one of the best aspects of working as a freelance writer. I am one of those people whose most productive times of the day are early in the morning (it's 5am as I write these words here) and late at night. As a freelance writer you can set my own hours and thus work only when you know you will get the most work done.

It is a location independent job
As a freelance writer you are free from your desk. Often, maybe in your current job even, you feel chained to your desk. You would love to work from somewhere else, a sofa in other room or a coffee shop around the corner. Or maybe a different city too. When you work as a writer you can choose where you work from. Your location no longer matters. As long as you have your laptop with you and an internet connection, you can work from anywhere.

You have more time for family or your own projects
How often have you been frustrated by the long hours you had to work, be away from home, your family or some stuff you wanted to be doing at that time? As a freelance writer you no longer have that problem. You can stop and spend time with family whenever you feel like to or move to working on your personal projects and finish a client work later on.

As you can see, when you start working as a freelance writer, everything changes. What you knew about work and career is no longer relevant. Instead you can pursue a new career, with no limits as to what you can do, achieve and with no one telling you which direction you should take.

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