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Kitchen and large enterprises to do public good article to build an international brand

Vantage "1 +2 student", 10 000 and the "recall inline"
Sponsorship "delicious Chinese", United States of support nutritious breakfast

Wide selection of public enterprises are activities to promote
Overall strategic development. This reporter noted that the Chinese kitchen in the field not only has "Vantage 1 +2, Physics and Chemistry Student" is a typical student volunteering, there have been beautiful
Microwave ovens
Support the school's "nutritious breakfast project" and the million and the "
Inline Water Heater
Recall action. "In addition, a large kitchen appliance company involved in community work is also a big issue. Concerned that the Chinese kitchen call attention to charitable enterprises degree, changed the pattern of previous branding, public image combined with the brand image to build international brands to become an important way.

Industry observers point out that charity is not only a success today, interest in the centuries of social behavior, but also market the product under the brand sublimation, the brand's long-term development of great significance, which, many
Related to charitable activities have been adopted for the enterprise
Solid brand barriers. The participation of Chinese enterprises must speed up the pace of public service activities.

Contrast, domestic companies paid more attention on philanthropy as well as foreign enthusiasm. In fact, many multinational companies, such as
Procter & Gamble
And other charitable activities through relevant, in their own
Corporate Culture
Brand in the branded charity, to increase the thickness of the brand. Chinese companies chose to short-term welfare activities as marketing carrier, charity shows a sudden and short-term. It also decided to mark its brand vulnerability of the masses.

Overall, from the public and brand, marketing and strategy, enterprise and responsibility, brand strategy and international development point of view, kitchen and build brand Vantage's "1 +2, Physics and Chemistry Student Project", is the charity typical of the more successful cases. It created "a store two children out of school funding," the unique charitable grant mode. It can be said Vantage start "a +2 student project", from the perspective of marketing strategy, marketing strategy and the successful completion of the combination of public brand first transformation. As this project continue to push forward with the development, channel development and further improvement of the ringing service Huadi Cheng charitable kitchen brand. As president of Huang Vantage are said, when a company sent to a certain height, public brand and corporate philanthropy has become a responsibility back to society.

Industry analysts pointed out that the gradual loss of the domestic market, low end brand, high end brand space broad, brand promotion to enhance the background, the charity for the international brand strategy is of great significance. Some analysts said there have been international
, Motorola, LG, P & G and other famous enterprises to join the charity. In the domestic, industrial
Force gradually revealed when the local brand strategy and brand image philanthropy also makes people whom applauded.

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