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Village outskirts of Beijing became the company's lettuce supply base Read more:

In late November, have entered into the middle of winter, "Beijing's most beautiful village" big Hongshiwo Town, Fangshan District, vegetables Kawamura canopy is spring, hot topic, from Japan, India and South Africa nearly 20 countries, more than 30 Bit R & D plant vegetables brought together experts with a lively discussion of the different languages ... ... This is a vegetable processing business in Asia Pacific will be the iceberg.

Vegetable processors in the region will be organized by the OSI China, HusiProduceCo. (May Nonay food company)??? McD's sole supplier of contractors in China held in Beijing, the first time. Can Nonay Food Co., Ltd. is a 30-year history of production and processing of fresh vegetables, a U.S. company, entered China in 1995. This conference aims to discuss lettuce growth under different geographical conditions and nutritional value and taste for the world to provide the best variety. Kawamura is a big Hongshiwo

Town, Beijing, new rural pilot village level, is famous for the organic vegetable base. In recent years the development of the village as the leading greenhouse vegetable industry, and gradually formed a breeding, production and marketing chain of the vegetable industry, at present, has developed more than 600 greenhouses, buildings, plant area of 1200 mu, with, including lettuce, mushroom, mushroom, tomato, cucumber, squash, beans and other 16 varieties of vegetables. To further broaden the vegetable markets, improve production efficiency and added value of leading industry, with organic vegetables in Southern Kawamura brand, the positive development of lettuce cultivation. South Kawamura lettuce, crisp, taste good, pollution-free, nutritious characteristics favored by consumers. Since 2006, South Kawamura started the company each year to the distribution of organic lettuce can Nonay 4,000 tons, thus, Nanhe organic lettuce on the ocean-side table. Currently, the village has planted 30 acres of organic lettuce, lettuce produce 4,000 tons of high quality, production value reach 16 million yuan, lettuce were planted every household income 50,000 yuan. To protect the quality of vegetables, the village has hired technicians in strict accordance with the company's unified product can Nonay standards in the production of the vegetable farmers face to face technical guidance to ensure the quality of lettuce. Warm simplicity of morals, strict and orderly management and excellent product quality, won the "foreigner" was unanimously praised, at present, can Nonay food company has officially entered the South Kawamura.

In addition, the South Kawamura also play a leading role of radiation, and the surrounding eight villages form a vegetable growers, "a gang of one" Helping pairs, formed the core of the vegetable industry Nanhe circle. Nanhe "food bundles" periodic in-depth to big shanty in other villages cultivated vegetables, pest control, management and maintenance of technical guidance, "hands" to teach novice vegetable farmers grow vegetables. And through its own sales channels and marketing networks, vegetable farmers in other villages to actively contact the sales channels, contact order business, promote vegetable farmers get rich.

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