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Diamond paste- the best way to polish the surface and edges of all metals Read more:

Diamond is the hardest substance and it is a well-known fact that diamond can only be cut with the help of Diamond powder. Diamond dust is pounded in a mortar to make a diamond cutting blade and the powder then is used for the wheels on which diamonds are ground.

It is necessary to examine the crystal and decide the shape in which the diamond should be cut, before starting to cut the diamond. As diamond is very precious stone and one must be very careful so that there are no flaws in the outcome. After that polishing is the next step which is done on wheels making about two thousand revolutions in a minute the polishing is done when the diamond is moist and also olive oil and diamond dust is use for the polishing purpose. Some stones are preferred to be as sharp as a knife some are required to be less sharp and accordingly, the stone is polished.

Diamond paste is a compound that is used for polishing and is made from particles of the powder and some other kind of liquid. Without binding also, diamond powder is a kind of paste and comes in a small spray bottle. At times diamond paste is manufactured in different sized grits and particular colors. This paste is recommended for polishing various metal surfaces. It not only polishes the smooth surface of a metal blade but also sharpens the cutting surface surfaces made of aforementioned materials can also be polished using the paste. It can be called diamond lapping paste when it can polish the sharpest edge of any metal. The size of the grits in which diamond paste is available s measured is measured in microns. Diamond paste can also be used with polishing clothes and a product called diamond polishing extender fluid helps in evenly distribution of the paste on the polishing cloth. A material called strop and be used for polishing with diamond paste. A strop is a hand-held, flat, paddle-like tool, made from synthetic material. The paste is applied to the blade of the tool and then the surface is polished.

Not all surfaces can be polished using normal diamond pastes and therefore special pastes called polycrystalline diamond pastes are used to polish them. These pastes differ from the normal mono crystalline pastes .There is a difference in their grit particles. The particles in mono crystalline are flatter in shape and long edges whereas in polycrystalline paste the particles are spherical in shape.

In today's market it is difficult to find out perfectly cut stones. Producing perfectly cut diamonds costs a bit high. However the customers are aware of the importance of the stones and are ready to pay the higher costs for the perfectly cut stones.

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