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Canton Fair Phase II prices the day before yesterday welcoming the opening of brand shoes supplier

EU restrictions on Chinese shoes "imminent", the Canton Fair opened two days ago, immediately became the focus of footwear exhibition. Part of the footwear exhibitors, this year's export price of Chinese shoes in general rose 5% -10%, compared with the quality brand shoes, without fear or restrictions on EU anti-dumping; number of small and medium footwear manufacturers say that, or Fair Competition for the price I am afraid hastily prices buyers not buy it.
Raw materials prices led brand shoes prices
Canton Fair Pazhou exhibition in the second phase of discovery, the export price of major brand shoes Zhangshengyipian. One of the representatives of Wenzhou shoes, Zhejiang "Aokang" Export Department Mr. Lien said the brand exports to the EU about the brand for 40% of total exports, the EU's pre-import licensing control measures have little effect on the brand; In addition, continuous price rise of raw materials impact on the shoe manufacturer, the brand this year, export prices will rise about 10%. Chamber of Commerce to accept even the President believe that this increase procurement, because the general average price of men's footwear exports to be 17-18 U.S. dollars / double, in the foreign retail price is 80-100 dollars / double, buyers generally will not be around one U.S. dollar The increase is disputed. He said that the brand is taking the high-end shoe line, the high average price of shoe exports, there was no anti-dumping issues.
Mr. Lien admitted to the Fair's many shoe enterprises have clung to the "Pathfinder" mentality, the EU calls on China to safeguard the high case, under the Single European customers may be cautious attitude. Kangnai International Trade of Miujing Li said that exports of shoes this year prices is irreversible, even if the European Union to trade restrictions, I believe the impact on the high-end brand will be minimal.
Although major brand footwear manufacturers to claim that price increases, but this year's trade export business of various small shoes may still be continuing price war. The day before yesterday, in charge of a trading company in Shenzhen who said the Fair Competition or the price, especially SMEs, fear most is to get any orders, they dare not say prices. Insiders observe that there are quality brand shoes and brand advantage, them prices, merchants are acceptable, but the face of fierce competition in export markets, SMEs will not lightly prices. But withstood the pressure not raising their prices even lower prices, companies may have to reduce the quality to absorb the pressure created by rising raw materials, customs data, China's shoe exports have shown a decline in average price signs, which may lead to a new round of EU trade sanctions.
Average price decline in exports is a dangerous signal
Customs analysts believe, from the 1st quarter of this year, Guangdong's export situation, the implementation of the licensing control footwear accounting for more than the proportion of total exports to the EU Liu Cheng, and export of various products showed high growth momentum in exports of some products price decline is a dangerous signal, the European Union to take action at any time will be Chinese shoes.
(Also Reuters) yesterday afternoon, Deputy Mayor of Guangzhou, Mr Chen to the second phase of the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou, visited Mission exhibitors.

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