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Liaocheng in Shandong specialized in the production inland ships

Liaocheng Xin Hang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., formerly known as Liaocheng Xin Shanghai Ship Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is a marine seal and rudder parts of professional manufacturing facility.

The company covers an area of 7,000 square meters, its building area of 4,000 square meters, has fixed assets of 300 million yuan, mainly more than 30 sets of production equipment. Company's existing staff of 65 people, all kinds of engineering and technical personnel 18 people, among them, senior technical titles eight people, junior titles 10. Company's advanced production equipment, strong technical force, complete testing methods is the country's two qualifying units of measurement. Equipped with technology, quality control department, production department, marketing department, supply department, Finance Department, test center and other departments, the main products are various types of marine stern shaft seal, bearing on the rudder and lower rudder bearing, white alloy bearings, rubber bearings, intermediate bearings, storage compartment such as stuffing, and pipe joints.

The company produces a variety of accessories have been shipped more than 500 sets made in the major domestic shipyards are widely used, has been generally well received and recognized the user to achieve zero complaint of the serious problems of quality. Shanghai Ship Design Institute, 701, 708 so and the Yangtze River ship design institute of the company's products to give a positive recommendation, and to help make improvements designed to make use of the product performance continued to improve. Proved through practice, I produced the stern shaft seal device can withstand a variety of eccentric shaft vibration and stern generated by alternating load reached the international advanced level. 2003, the company has a one-time investment 60 million yuan, the introduction of SMA-II-type built-in flow-type water lubricated stern shaft seal. The device is in line with national military standard GJB2479 - 95, and has made "BV" Factory form of a certificate for my company's products into the international market and create the conditions.

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