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Make Custom Greeting Cards for Everyone

If you are the type who likes to write, take pictures, and make designs, you may want to use your mad creative skills to create custom greeting cards. Although greeting cards are quite inexpensive and widely accessible, a custom-made one can make the receiver feel more special and well loved. After all, creating a one-of-a-kind greeting card from total scratch entails huge amount of time and effort. The process of conceptualization, actual design, and the task of printing the greeting card is enough to make anyone feel highly important. The design process involved in creating a custom greeting card requires a creative eye, keen concentration, and utmost commitment. All these are a feat nowadays when you can simply opt for an electronic greeting card which are dime a dozen over the internet.

Simply put, sending an electronic greeting card does not invoke the warm, fuzzy feeling of getting a printed one that bears a handwritten message, sent via mail and delivered on your doorstep. While these electronic greeting cards may be immediate in delivery and sometimes entail zero-cost, it can seem impersonal. There is no personal touch, a hint of personality, or even a signature. You will not able to see the sender's handwritten message, the nuances of writing longhand and the unique turns of the pen. For a person who likes the sentimental and the nostalgic, they long for these aspects, quite simple and familiar as they are, in a greeting card. Greeting cards are meant to be pleasant surprises; the thought of opening an envelope and reading a greeting card is simply priceless.

Opting for an electronic greeting card can also appear thoughtless. It may seem that you have forgotten someone else's birthday or have failed to remember a special occasion. In lieu of an actual greeting card, which can take time to prepare and send, you send an email with a generic greeting and a graphic design chosen without careful thought. In today's social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, you can send immediate greetings that can be posted on their profiles and read by their contacts. Though these can be practical methods of expressing your sentiments and sending your messages, they seem impersonal. Moreover, the greetings you send and the messages you post can disappear with just a few mouse clicks, a press a button, or when you or the person on the other end discontinue the account.

Greeting cards are supposed to be expressions of our sentiments. They should be able to manifest our sincerest feelings to another person's and should not just be a product of someone else's imagination, say a graphic designer's or a creative writer's. Greeting cards are widely available. In book stores and gift shops, for example, you can easily spot a greeting card for sale at an affordable price. But they all appear generic and mass produced– with the same cover designs and same lovely messages. Greeting cards have been a long-running tradition, a custom that has been passed on to many generations. If you want to continue this age-old tradition, you may need to put priority on customizing it. Otherwise, it is not different from the rest of its mass manufactured clones.

So if you have got plenty of time to spare and is willing to exercise your design skills, create custom greeting cards for your loved ones – family members, friends, or partners.

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