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How much potential business market space?

After 115 hours of flight, Oct. 17, carrying the two Chinese astronauts in Shenzhou-VI spacecraft landed successfully in Inner Mongolia grassland. Successful launch of Shenzhou VI and return, a symbol of China's aerospace industry across the new milestone, and makes the Chinese people unprecedented growth in national pride. China's economic expansion has the potential to scientific research to formally move a complete comprehensive national strength into the. Expected around 2007, China's spacewalk astronauts will achieve, all have said: The new wave of "space fever" about forming.
A total of 2020 respondents from all provinces and cities across the network involved in the survey, which accounted for 65% of male respondents, 35% female respondents. 90.6% of respondents aged 18 -35 years for the mainstream of society, among them 26 -35 years of age accounted for 46.4%. 29.8% of the respondents monthly income in 1001 yuan -2,000 yuan, 22.9% of the dollars in 2001-3000, with an average monthly income is 2830.9 yuan. In addition, the college education of the respondents accounted for 91.6%.
"Shenzhou VI", which symbolized the Chinese people once again to a state space of the new high mark in the space on. Jiucheng people to support the state invested heavily to exploration and development of space industry, 86.1% of respondents were optimistic about China's space on the prospects for other industries driving the economy. Eight adults that purchase goods at the special concern "aerospace products," which makes 44.5% of the companies interested in China's aerospace industry in the future for different types of sponsorship. "Shenzhou VI", had created an "space fever."
Directly call 900 000 000 "value!"
86.1% were optimistic about space effect
It is learned that the Shenzhou ship cost cost 900 million yuan, 110 million U.S. dollars off the contract, all funded by the Government. This expenditure for the country, 93.5% of the people think that "very worthwhile" (52.2%) or "comparative worth" (41.3%). It is said that China's space project to date has invested several billion dollars. For some people, "so much money should be spent on poverty-stricken areas of the building and education," saying that most (72.5%) respondents said "totally disagree" (15%) or "no" (16.4% ). The reason for 74.5% of people think that the state's support for the aerospace industry, investment, does not diminish the poverty-stricken areas of the building and investment in education, only 12.8% of people think that would be affected. Shows that China's space industry, won the overwhelming majority of public support.
Clearly, the public was attracted by the positive effect of the space industry a high degree of confidence, and give them great support. Someone has calculated the radiation in the lead related industries, the area of the space into a dollar each, would generate eight yuan to the whole community driven efficiency of 14 yuan. As a result, 86.1% of respondents "very optimistic" (30.3%) or "relatively optimistic" (55.8%) China's space on the prospects for other industries driving the economy (Figure 1). Only from the current "Shenzhou VI" Souvenirs of a term, economic benefits are beginning to bear: 47.9% of the respondents said they plan to buy "Shenzhou VI" related souvenirs, and 10.3% of people have purchased.
Eight adult value "space card"
44.5% of the company wishing to sponsor the "seven gods"
"Aerospace" brand charm how? Otherwise an account entrepreneurs mind. As early as in the "Shenzhou", the Mengniu became the "China astronauts special milk"; "Shenzhou VI", the Kelong, FIYTA, Guangdong phoenix aluminum and a number of private enterprises have also crowned as the "Shenzhou VI" sponsorship Business list. Although 56.4% of respondents said these "China's space-specific products" favorability "remain unchanged", but made it clear that people who favor the increased degree of up to three percent (29.2%), this population is sufficient to cause business attention. When asked "to buy goods, in similar products among different brands, you will first select the 'special product of China's space'", 18% chose the "definitely" and 64.1% said they would "be reference ", but made it clear that" no "and only 16.5% of people can be seen," Aerospace "brand influence is considerable, at least 82.1% of people will be affected more or less shown in Figure 2.
The survey specifically relevant person in charge of enterprises had additional questions. Participating in the survey respondents, 4.6% of the people as chairman and general manager-level business executives, 13.3% of people with marketing, advertising, media and other department heads, 23.6% of the production, technology and other department heads. These survey of business executives, although the "Shenzhou VI" series of publicity advertisements 5 seconds, set of sowing bid 2.56 million yuan, but still 34.6% of the company officials said is willing to put these ads. Further inquiries revealed that, 17.1% of companies interested in negotiating to make its products as "aerospace products", 27.4% of companies would like to sponsor the development of spacecraft, launch, the two together, namely: 44.5% of respondents wishing to sponsor the "seven gods "and even more after the spacecraft (Figure 3).
"Space fever" around the corner
78.4% were looking forward to flying
Many media said, "Shenzhou VI" The successful launch and return, heralding a new round of "space fever" set off. For the "Shenzhou VI" space tourist after the very occasional, 29.9% of the respondents said they are very interested, 43.1% of people choose to "go free", shows that 73% of the people to "space around effect" is quite happy to acceptable. 55.3% of people said, "willing to consider" their children or relatives of the proposed candidates and space technology-related professional (or their candidates), 21.1% said "very willing", only 5.5% chose "do not want."
"Shenzhou VI" success, has greatly enhanced the national sense of national pride, 77.4% said "definitely" improve, 21.3% chose "some extent" to enhance the overall positive assessment of 98.7%. Have supported this belief, it is not hard to understand, although the space industry is a key high-risk enterprise, but still 78.4% of respondents said that if conditions do not consider all their own, their very willing to become an astronaut, this proportion is much higher than fear of danger and choose "no" the proportion of 13%.

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