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Advanced Metering Infrastructure for Water Utilities

Advanced Metering Infrastructure for Water Utilities: Market Drivers, Technology Issues, Deployment Case Studies, Key Industry Players, and Market Forecasts

water scarcity is a looming issue that will affect nearly half the world's population by 2030. In the United States, the problem is even more near term, with 36 states expected to face water shortages by 2013. At the same time, water utilities around the world are hard pressed to deliver water efficiently. Non-revenue water is the difference between water pumped, treated, and supplied to the distribution system versus water that actually reaches customers. For developed countries, non-revenue water often runs around 20% of the total. Developing countries lose as much as 50% of treated water to distribution system leaks, theft, and poor measurement techniques. ( )

Such trends are pushing North American water utilities to adopt smart water metering, a technology that adds consumption data collection and communications to water meters so that utilities and their customers can track usage and minimize waste. It believes that other water suppliers around the world are likely to adopt this technology in the next few years. In the interim, utilities are deploying systems that can migrate to the fixed-network meter reading methods that deliver smart water consumption data.

This report examines the worldwide market for smart water metering, including an in-depth analysis of market drivers and barriers, technology issues, and key industry dynamics. Case studies are provided for major smart water meter deployments, and key industry players are profiled, including an analysis of their relative strengths and weaknesses. The report includes detailed market segmentation and forecasts through 2016.

Key questions addressed:

* What is smart water metering, what technologies make water metering smart, and how do definitions differ around the world?
* What environmental, societal and operational drivers will motivate utilities to adopt smart water metering?
* What policy initiatives will impact adoption?
* Who are the key industry players and what do they bring to the marketplace?
* How large is the market? Where will this technology take off first? Where will it be in five years?

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