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Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass is Good Choice for Lawns and Sports Fields Read more:

Tifway 419 features a dense canopy that spreads rapidly and recovers quickly from injury. Experts call it one of the most durable hybrids in the Bermuda grass family. Its tolerance of short mowing and resistance to disease make it a versatile grass that is also excellent for roughs and fairways. Landscape professionals prefer the grass because it performs well in a variety of climates and soil environments.

A cross between Cynodon dactylon and C. transvaalensis germplasma, Tifway 419 has a deep green hue and leaves with a medium-fine texture. It also possesses growth habit that is medium to low and grows rapidly, which means it quickly establishes roots after planting.

Tifway 419 performs ideally in warmer climates and will likely become dormant following multiple winter frosts, however, it bounces back to life as the temperatures increase. This durable grass has the ability to survive drought seasons and times of low water availability, making it ideal for locations with limited access to water.

High traffic is no problem for Tifway, because it recovers well and maintains a healthy appearance thanks to quickly regenerating stolons and rhizomes. While weeds may grow in the midst of Tifway grass, proper maintenance will allow it to withstand use of herbicides and even treatments for pest control when necessary.

The soft, lush grass of Tifway 419 makes it a perfect carpet for children at play and a variety of sports and games. With the right kind of maintenance and care, Tifway can outperform the highest quality turfgrass, making it ideal for golf courses and parks requiring a beautiful appearance and high functionality.

A NTEP trial conducted in 2001 revealed that Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass outperformed the popular Tifsport grass. More and more landscaping professionals are identifying Tifway 419 as the go-to grass for sports fields as well as residential and commercial lawns.

While all hybrid Bermuda grasses develop thatch as time passes, Tifway 419 builds thatch faster than some other grasses. However, with careful maintenance including a consistent mowing schedule in the season of high growth, an appropriate fertilization routine, core aeration and verti-cutting, the thatch overgrowth can be kept to a minimum.

Whether you are a golf course superintendent, homeowner or business owner or a landscape professional, Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass has proven to be a good choice for a variety of sports fields and locations.

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