Rabu, 21 Juli 2010

Change our throw-away society with mobile phone recycling

We live in a competitive world and products are launched and then disappear into obscurity on a daily basis. No where is this truer than the mobile communications
industry where we have turned into a society of mobile phone fanatics hungrily waiting for the next new gimmick to hit the high street. Our throw-away society has led to us replacing handsets on at least a yearly basis leaving millions of discarded mobile phones lurking in cupboards and dusty corners.

Throwing out old handsets however is not the way forward. Recycling mobile phones is by far the best way. Not only are you doing our environment a favour, you could be earning yourself some extra cash. Mobile phone recycling companies offer money to anyone who wants to sell their mobile phone. You can check on the website whether the model is of interest to the recycling company and how much money you may be able to earn.

These companies make use of old and unwanted handsets. Used phones are recycled appropriately and then sold on at a reduced rate. Alternatively they are donated to charities that help the underprivileged. As each new wave of mobile phones hits the market, another wave of old phones is discarded. The most important part of the phone is its battery. Rechargeable batteries contain a cocktail of chemicals which are harmful to the environment. Mobile phone recycling ensures we do not impact the environment negatively.

These days it's normal to expect money in return for an old handset and you can sell mobile phones to specialist recycling companies. These companies will take old phones in return for money which is dependent on the exterior and interior condition of the phone. At Mazuma Mobile we offer an efficient mobile phone recycling service and provide competitive rates for old handsets.

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