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Network & Internet Marketing Tips

Network & Internet marketing, also recognized as multi level marketing (or MLM), comes in many, many forms. One of the most fashionable network marketing methods is advertising by brochure, and one of the biggest companies using this method is Avon, the worldwide cosmetics company.

The Avon rep distributes her leaflets around the locality, collects them again in a few days in concert with the orders, and, at the close of the 3 week campaign, she passes her commands to Avon. After a few days the guidelines arrive, she (or he!) delivers the guidelines, collects her money and, later deducting her commission, pays the remainder of the money to Avon.

If you are distributing leaflets in this way there is a useful way to double the money you make.

Around ninety five percent of the period taken to sell through direct mail is spent roving from dwelling to residence. Once you get to the residence, as an alternative of placing one brochure in the postbox, try two unique ones! It takes very little further work and can result in double the sales.

It seems so obvious yet so few people do this, there are certainly not any in our area or wherever my acquaintances and relatives live. Instead people send just the one, maybe feeling some sort of loyalty to the company producing the brochure.

Of course there is no point delivering two brochures that sell the same or comparable things. But there are diverse ones to be had: Avon is well proven for its cosmetics, and there are various other ones: Vitamins, household goods etc.

Two diverse brochures will bring you more money, and don't disregard your down lines: Your team members will be happier if their income boost and they will be more likely to stay in your team. Think double!

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